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"Jewel Tree Adam You're going to use Jewel Tree Adam"

Inside the reception hall of the Galley-La company, Iceberg receive the four of them in person then he looked at El in surprise "I didn't expect you to know so much about the grade of wood at your age."

"You guess it right, can you get Jewel Tree Adam" El asked.

"Yes, yes, but..."

Looking at the design drawing that he just drew according to the request of the four, Iceberg reminded them "The ship you want to customize is in the maximum length and height of this type.

If the two-masted sailboats are made of Jewel Tree Adam, then its cost will be very high."

"Can you give me an estimate" El continued.

"Jewel Tree Adam is very rare and must be bought in the black market, and the black market I don't if you're even been there, the prices of the things there are very high"

Iceberg did some calculations and gave a price.

"If the whole ship is made of Jewel Tree Adam from the inside to outside, the cost of purchasing Jewel Tree Adam from the black market plus our labor cost, you will probably need to spend 1,500,000,000 Belly.


"no problem."

El nodded and said very generously: "I will give you 1,600,000,000 Belly, help me buy an extra 100 million belly of Jewel Tree Adam, and keep it in the warehouse for spare use.


"Well, happy cooperation!" Iceberg did not expect that the few children in front of him would turn out to be so rich.

Are these the foundation of the two supernovas who became famous at the age of eight, and who have the strongest Logia-type Devil Fruit

Iceberg, who was slightly amazed in his heart, stood up with a smile on his face and shook hands with his biggest client since opening.

After signing the contract, the four returned to their ship and brought in sixteen boxes that had not been deposited in the bank.

Each box contains 100 million Belly.

All of a sudden their 1,600,000,000 is gone but they feel no pain whatsoever.

Before they had no money, but they still live on.

Now that they are rich, and there are countless golds on the sky island, of course, El and the three girls will no longer feel pain.

In fact, the original plan of the four was to order a large three-masted sailing ship.

However, after driving the medium-sized ship that was snatched for a while, The four dismissed this idea.

It is too difficult to operate, and there is too much space, they are not used to it.

The space of a large three-masted sailboat is larger than that of a medium-sized two-masted sailing ship, and it would even feel more uncomfortable to live in.

Therefore, the four customize a medium-sized ship that has reached the extreme in every aspect, as their future home.

In order to not change homes and let their home be destroyed, El chose to use Jewel Tree Adam as the material, which cannot be damaged even by a cannon.

As long they get a combination lock, they don't need to bring valuable things when they go to the island in the future, they also don't have to worry about having people going to their ship and stealing their things.

"When will the new ship be completed" El, who paid in full, ask about the date of the new ship's completion.

"At least three months are required." Iceberg gave a reply.

It's not the same as when Thousand Sunny was created when Iceberg got a lot of subordinates and his knowledge and experience were more advanced.

There's also Franky to help around, now there are not many good subordinates around and their customized ship is much larger than the Thousand Sunny.

"Okay, then we'll come back in three months" El didn't urge, just nodded, then he left with the three girls.

After walking out of the Galley-La company, the four came to the most luxurious hotel on Main Street, opened a suite in it, and planned to live in the Water 7 for a while.

On the big bed, the four sat in a circle, each holding a pen and a book full of grocery lists was placed in the center.

"By the way, I want to buy a set of singing equipment."

Carina bit the pen with a thoughtful expression, then her beautiful eyes lit up, and added another line to the list that was already full.


The new ship hasn't left the shipyard yet, but the three girls are already thinking about what to buy and how to decorate their new home.

El just wrote what he wanted and handed the pen to Nami next to him.

Then lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling and wondering what to do.

In fact, El was in a tangled state of choosing between two things at this time.

What makes him so tangled is related to the new weapon he wanted.

The Sandai Kitetsu were scrapped because of the failure to make Devil Fruit weapons, El's current sword is borrowed from Kuina.

Because Kuina developed the lightning version of Spear of Elbaf and she has not yet mastered the Armament Haki, the ordinary sword will turn into a pool of molten iron after using her technique.

El must find a new weapon for himself as soon as possible, and return the Wado Ichimonji to Kuina.

Just like Kuina's lightning version of Spear of Elbaf scrapping sword, El's Spear Of Elbaf-Hakoku sovereignty also scraped the sword after using it.

When he defeated Enel in seconds, it was fortunate that his weapon was Wado Ichimonji, otherwise, the ordinary sword would have been broken after a single blow.

Even if it is covered with Armament Haki, it only increases the number of times it can be used times.

It must be a famous sword, and at least it must be a famous sword-like Great Grade Swords (O Wazamono), that's suitable for swordsmen like El and Kuina, otherwise, it would be fatal if their sword suddenly broke while in mid-flight.

The reason why El was entangled was not that he didn't know where to find the famous sword.

On the contrary, El, as a traveler, knows that there are two places where there are famous swords that are not inferior to the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

One of them was at their next stop, the special sea area that will pass to get through Sabaody Archipelago - the Florian Triangle.

That sword is the previous sword of Ryuma Shimotsuki, the ancestor of Kuina, who was called Sword God by Wano citizen - Shusui.

Shusui is the national treasure of the Wano Kingdom.

Even after hundreds of years and there is no new owner, it still ranked among the famous swords of the "Great Grade Swords (O Wazamono)".

As one of the rare black swords in the world, Shusui is undoubted as famous as the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

After all, this ranking is based on users' fame and Ryuma Shimotsuki was the world's No.

1 swordsman in that era, and Shusui was also a black sword similar to Hawkeye and belonged to the strongest black sword of that era.

In the sea area that is not far from the water 7, there is also a black sword on the level of Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono), which does not need to be tempered with Armament Haki, but El is still in a tangled state.

Because compared with the black sword, he has been used to the Sandai Kitetsu, he also likes the sharpness of the Sandai Kitetsu, and he is more inclined to cursed sword as his new weapon.

And El just happened to know that on a certain island, there is a cursed sword that is equally as good as the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

It is a pity that the difficulty of obtaining that sword is much greater than that of obtaining the black sword.

"Carina Nami, Kuina, how about we travel around to relax"

After struggling for a long time, El suddenly spoke to the three girls as if he had made up his mind.


"This period of time we have been going all over the place, I think it's time to relax."

"I agree after such high-intensity training every day, we should also relax our body and mind."

After listening to El's words, the three girls raised their eyebrows and hand in favor.


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