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"This devil fruit is fake, right!."

"Does that devil fruit really exist How many years has it been since it disappears"

"Except for the three Logia users in the navy, I can't remember how many years there has been no high-level Logia type, devil fruit user on the sea."

"It has disappeared for several eras, and gradually became a legend, but it is still popular in the devil fruit encyclopedia, known as the strongest devil fruit, the Goro Goro No Mi suddenly appeared in this era, which means that the great pirate era is about to become descent"

"It's a pity that this devil fruit was eaten by a little girl.

It's really wasted! If you let me eat it, I will definitely become a powerhouse in the Grand Line!",

"Hey, this little girl, she turned out to be a crew member of "Young Swordsman" El, who became famous some time ago and was able to wield flying slash at the age of eight!"

"Tsk tsk, this little girl...

From the looks of it, she is no more than thirteen years old at most.

Two underage super-geniuses really make people look forward to their future!"

"I hope they would have never entered the grand line, otherwise I will definitely let them experience whats the feeling in tremendous gap in strength is"

if you listen to the topics on the four seas and the first half of the grand line most of them are discussing about Kuina ages.

Then the topic on the grand line is all about the Goro Goro No Mi.

Just as someone said, since the three logia users in the navy headquarters appear, on this sea there's has been no other appearance of a high-level Logia-type devil fruit user.

After many years, a high-level Logia-type devil fruit appeared again on the sea, and it was also the strongest Logia-type devil fruit, so it was not surprising that the whole world would be stirred.

You must know why Ace in the year 1517 of the Sea Circle Calendar, clearly has not yet entered the Grand Line, but he already become famous in the sea, attracting the attention of the hegemonic forces including the Whitebeard Pirates, and also received an invitation from Mary Geoise to join the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

The reason is very simple, because Ace is a high-level Logia-type devil fruit user who has not appeared for many years.

Although in El's previous life, there's a saying that "Mera Mera no Mi, even the dog won't eat it".

Because Mera Mera no Mi gives people a weak feeling after the person who ate it was arrested not long after.

But Ace was still growing and he have not entered the golden stage in all aspects.

If Ace was in the time of the three vice-admiral and developed smoothly to the year 1520 of the Sea Circle Calendar then with his talent and devil fruit, he would definitely be able to compete with the three vice-admiral.

A person with The Mera Mera no Mi fruit can make a splash on the sea.

Then the Goro Goro no Mi at the apex of the Logia type, which disappeared for many years, reappeared in this sea.

It is no surprise that it caused a sensation in the world.

Not only the major forces in the Grand Line are discussing about Kuina, but even the navy headquarters are also discussing this rising new star.

Especially when they learned that the other party turned out to be a "young swordsman" El's companions.

They had to re-determined the threat of El's team and issued a new bounty order to El and Kuina the next day.

Yes, El was brushed up in Kuina's light and his bounty was increased.

["Young Swordsman" El, bounty:120 million Belly, regardless of life or death]

["Lightning Sword Sorcerer" Kuina, bounty: 100 million Berry, regardless of life or death"]

Two supernovae appeared in the first half of the grand line and their bounties were scattered all over the world.

Kuina has also become the first super rookie who has reached 100 million Belly for the first time in recent years and directly enters the ranks of supernovas.

On the other hand, The young swordsman El was promoted to the rank of supernova by the Navy because he was the captain of the fleet, Otherwise, El still needs a few battles full of exposure before he can have a bounty of this level.

This is the reputation of the strongest Logia-type devil fruit, Goro Goro No Mi


East Blue, Shimotsuki Village.

"This is miss Kuina's face!".

"Sister Kuina's face actually appeared in the newspaper, Ohh there is a reward order, which looks beautiful!"

"One hundred million...

so many Zero.

Sister Kuina is so powerful!"

Today's Isshin Dojo is very lively.

All the students surrounded a boy with a newspaper while shouting excitedly.

In the courtyard of Isshin Dojo, a boy with green algae head also temporarily ended his practice and hold a newspaper while dripping with sweat, he look at the girl on the cover, with a firm expression on his face

"Kuina, I will definitely not lose to you."

"Wait for me on the sea, I will definitely find you and complete the agreement of the 1,888th battle with you!"

"The world's strongest swordsman must be me!"

After speaking, Zoro carefully put away the newspaper, then got up and continued to do his training.

Looking at his high-spirited disciple, Koushirou, who is not far away, showed a gratified smile on his face.

Immediately, he looked at the bounty order in his hand.

Looking at the portrait, a girl wearing a red and white witch costume holding a blue and white laser sword, with a blue and white electric spark shrouded all over her body, Koushirou whispered: "Since this is your choice, then use your own style of swordsmanship and prove yourself to your father who once looked down on you."

Koushirou was not angry but delighted that Kuina chose not to be a pure swordsman.

The Goro Goro No Mi, he is very aware of the power of this devil fruit.

When Kuina becomes Goro Goro No Mi user, not only will her strength undergo earth-shaking changes, but she will also become one of the most difficult people to kill in the Sea.

As long as his daughter is safe and sound, Koushirou, as a father is satisfied.

Not only that, but Koushirou is also full of expectations for the future of Kuina.

With her unique style of swordsmanship, Kuina can go further on the road of swordsmanship.


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