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The legendary city of gold is even more exaggerated than the four imagined.

The amount of gold is so large that Carina and Nami, who have recovered from the shock, have no sense of excitement at all.

Because even if they were able to swallow all the gold and take them away, they would have no place to put such an astonishing amount of gold when they go back to the Four Seas.

If you don't spit it out, after twenty-four hours, all the gold will be digested.

So Carina and Nami had to reluctantly give up most of the gold.

In the end, the four only took a piece of gold Pillar that is weight is calculated in tons.

If you bring it to the Four Seas and sell it, you can earn at least tens of billions Belly.

"Don't be so sad, When we run out of money, we can just come back here and get some."

Returning along the same path, El looked at Nami who was sullen and comforted with a smile.

"That's right, but thinking about not being able to take all this gold, and thinking that there may be other people who may come and take the gold here...

I feel very distressed." Nami complained.

Carina also loves money but she is not as sentimental as Nami, and she said with a smile: "if the money is enough, just use your and sister Kuina's devil fruit ability and we will worry about money at all in the future."


Nami still said unwillingly: "After returning to the Four Sea, we must customize a large ship that can hold more things."

"You are a navigator, you have the final say."

El rubbed Nami's little head to satisfy her willful request.

"Hehehe thank you, Nii-san"

Seeing that El agreed with her proposal, Nami immediately happily threw herself into El's arms, stood up on tiptoe, and kiss El's face hard.

"Little dwarf, you're secretly taking advantage of Nii-san"

"What, you're only a few centimeters taller than me"

Carina patted Nami's head, and the two girls started fighting each other.

In this atmosphere, the four quickly walked out of the forest and returned to the place where they place their waver.


Just when El was about to ride back to Angel Island.

As if remembering something, he look to a certain place in the upper yard and said, "I almost forgot about that fat Bird."

"Yes, without the pterosaurs, it would be difficult for us to return to four seas." the three girls also woke up.

So, the four returned to the forest and searched for the traces of the pterosaurs in the upper yard.

With the help of the observation Haki, the four soon found the pterosaur on top of the long vines, which was incompatible with the upper yard, and it look very melancholy.

Seeing the four, the pterosaur also showed a surprised expression.

Apparently, it's not used to staying in this place

"you work hard and wait for a long time, after we go back we will let you go"

Carina patted the pterosaur crying with joy, then she opened her mouth and ate the very cooperative pterosaur into the Baku Baku space.

After eating the pterosaur, Carina is not in a hurry to change her body because the four are not in a hurry to return to the Four Sea.

They first rode their waver and returned to Angel Island, then head to lovely Street for shopping.

When they first arrived, Carina and Nami were very interested in the dials.

During the few days they were playing ln Birka, they also saw various functions of dials and they deeply fell in love with these Sky Island specialties.

Before returning to the Four Sea, they planned to buy a batch of all kinds of dials for an emergency.

The three girls only stopped shopping when they stuffed the large backpack with dials and returned to the beach.

Carina also eats their Waver into her Baku Baku space and then she transforms into a five-meter-tall pterosaur, then she flies into the white sea with El and two girls on her backs.

Two more Bubbly Coral were used up, and Carina went all the way and pass through the white sea without any hindrance, and returned to Four Sea smoothly.

For a hours, the four had been on the sea and could not find any trace of their ship.

Therefore, Carina flew towards the island that she saw at an altitude of several thousand meters.

That island is the other part of the upper yard, the island is called Jaya, four hundred years ago, Jaya Island was a medium-sized island.

After a part of it was pushed up by the Knock Up Stream and sent to an altitude of 10,000 meters, the remaining part of the island was only as big as a small island.

This island is also a very famous place in the route it belongs to.

Ordinary people and merchant ships do not even dare to approach it, and must use the eternal poser to deliberately avoid it.

On the top of Jaya Island, there is a town called Mock Town, this is a lawless town where all sorts of pirates gather.

When Carina landed, The four were on the coast and saw a large number of ships with pirate flags

"With so many pirate ships here, we won't be entering the base camp of a certain pirate alliance, right" Seeing this scene, Nami smacked her tongue slightly.

"Don't worry, there is no one in this place that can hurt you and Kuina" El said.

After the three of El landed, a cloud of white smoke emanated from Carina's body, releasing her transformation state.

Carina then released the pterosaur from the Baku Baku space, patted its body, and said "go, you are free now."

Looking at the familiar blue sea, the pterosaur suddenly revealed a humanized moved expression, then leaned over and rubbed its head on Carina, then it flapped its wings and fly into the sky.


However, just as the pterosaur flew away from the coast, the four suddenly heard the piercing sound of the gun being fired.

They saw on a pirate ship not far from the coast, a man holding a gun, looking excited after pulling the trigger that was aimed at the pterosaur that was flying away from Jaya Island.

A bullet passed at the flying pterosaur and almost hit it.

Seeing this scene, the brows of the four couldn't help but frown.

just when El held the handle of his sword and was about to shoot.

"El, let me come!" Kuina's voice suddenly interrupted El's


H saw Kuina, who had never fought with the enemy from the time she followed El to the sea, except to help with the aftermath, came out on her own initiative.

"Then I'll leave it to you Kuina." Looking at the transform temperament her whole body emits.

Kuina, who had the same sharp breath as him, El put down his palm and nodded with a smile.

Standing in front of the three, Kuina looked at the irritated pirate because he missed his shot and he continued to aim with regret on his face.

Pulling out the ordinary sword around her waist.

Kuina held the sword in both hands and assumed the same posture as when Charlotte Linlin used the Spear Of Elbaf, Ikoku sovereignty.

Blue and white electricity emerge from Kuina's body.

Especially on the hands holding the handle of the sword, it shines even more with a piercing blue and white light.

The change on her hands also changes the ordinary sword, it

became a blue and white laser sword.

Boom ————!

In the next moment, Kuina slash her sword at the pirate ship that was hundreds of meters away.

A thick lightning bolt in the form of Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) roared out in front of Kuina, its speed is so fast that even if El's Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) and Hakoku sovereignty is combined it cannot be compared to it.

In an instant, the blue and white lightning spanned a distance of several hundred meters and hit the pirate ship with great precision.

Then an incomparably gigantic mushroom cloud suddenly rose up from the port coast of the Jaya Island.

This sword attack is Kuina's judgment of God, The Goro Goro no Mi version of the Ikoku sovereignty.


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