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With the confidence of being not afraid of anything, the four began to slow down and enjoy the fun of adventure.

Before becoming wanted, El actually had the mentality of taking risks while improving his strength.

After becoming wanted, El's action obviously became hastier.

Originally, he planned to use the knock-up stream to help him reach the sky island, but he change the plan and they return to their first stop on the grand line and little garden to get Bubbly Coral and pterosaur then chose to abandon their ship to go on the sky island.

After arriving at Angel Island, El was, even more, hastier, he did not want to stay on Angel Island and go to Birka with the three girls.

Similarly, he couldn't wait for a second, and that night, he went to find Enel and knock him down with one blow.

El's life has been rough this month, and his often rushing things to get done.

The reason that made him so rough was the 80 million bounties that were offered by Mary Geosie.

The closer the ship was to the end of the first half of the grand line, the less secure El felt.

No one can guarantee that they will not encounter a big man from the navy headquarters on a certain island or at sea.

He even feels more insecure about whether the other party will act on a whim and arrest their group.

Although El is a monster, he has not fully realized his talent into strength.

He, who is only nine this year, is not the opponent of those big men who has experienced many battles.

Without the strength to fight back or the ability to escape from the first-tier powerhouse, El would never feel safe.

After all, if he is caught to impel down this time, it will take at least nine years to get out.

So, how could El allow this kind of accident to happen

This is why being familiar with the plot is a good and bad thing for the traverser.

The good thing is that El knows the truth of this world, and he has the ability to strategize and calculate at a young age.

The bad thing is that he knows too much, and before he has the ability to deal with all crises, the invisible pressure will weigh on his heart and now, El's psychological pressure has completely gone.

The reason is that the three girls have already laid a perfect foundation, as long as they don't die prematurely, they will definitely become a super powerhouse at the level or even surpassed the fleet admiral in the future.

Even if he hasn't got the Devil Fruit he likes yet, in the face of an unsolvable crisis, El can combine with carina and Kuina, and use the ability of the Goro Goro No Mi to either fight back, or run away with the three girls.

Now he doesn't need to worry about facing an invincible enemy.

Now El has not only recovered from pressure but also become more cheerful and lively.

At this point, the three girls have a deep understanding.

Because their Nii-san became more energetic than usual.

In general, El no longer hides the identity of being LSP in his previous life, as if to respond to their confession that day.

On the grounds of physical examination, he examines their physical growth and notices a bulge in Kuina's flat surface.

Kuina, whose appearance was slowly developing, also allowed El to do bad things to her, and the relationship between the two improved rapidly.

Since their flat surface has still not changed, Carina and Nami often puff out their faces.

Three days later, the four, who spent a few days in Birka, returned to Angel Island.

Next, they started to explore the truth about the city of gold on the sky island.

When El brought the three Girls to the island of God's upper yard, the beautiful eyes of the three girls suddenly widened.


is there a problem with my eyes"

"there's actually a land from 10,000 meters above the sea level!"

"Unbelievable, how did it come up here"

The three girls were amazed.

"Come on, let's find the city of gold."

El put his hand on Carina's shoulders while facing the direction of the forest and said, "According to the information I have collected, this island called "upper yard" existed hundreds of years ago."

"This island was originally called the Jaya, by the Shandian, but four hundred years ago, those Shandian were driven away by the God of the Sky island"

"Now this island is also the place where the God of the Sky Island have lived"

"In order to retake their homeland, the driven Shandian have fought against Angel Island for generations and have not yet reconciled." Hearing this, the three girls nodded suddenly.

"This island is so big, will there really be a city of gold" Nami asked curiously.

"Some rumors about the city of gold can basically be determined to be real."

El nodded and continued: "I have seen a lot of gold from the memories of those Skypiean, and more importantly, these Skypiean are actually not interested in gold."

"The legendary city of gold is located over this island."

"Very good"

This time, not only Nami, we're excited but also Carina.

"This time, we are really going to make a fortune!"

With Baku Baku space, Carina and Nami are not worried that they will not be able to take away a lot of gold.

As long as the gold is spat out from the Baku Baku space within twenty-four hours, Carina is not afraid that the gold will be digested.

So, Carina and Nami were filled with enthusiasm.

It is believed that after seeing gold, they will jump all over the place, just like a dog that sees bones.

Although this metaphor is very special, it does apply to carina and nami who love money.

Before Enel ruled the sky island and used a lot of gold to make the Maxim ark, the gold on the upper yard was indeed everywhere.

Because at this time, the big python called "Master of the Sky" only ate a small part of the gold...

after a while, El found a ruined city full of historic atmosphere and passage of time which is all made of gold, Looking at the various sculptures made of gold and even the pavement of the building is also made of gold.

the picture of a dog jumping all over the place he imagine did not appear, because the two girls including Kuina opened their mouths wide at this time, they were completely shocked and left speechless by this sight.

Skypiean who has no sense of value in gold may never be able to appreciate the feeling of the three girls.

But anyone from the Four Sea who came here and saw such scenery would have the same reaction as the three girls, or even worse than them.

Because of the glittering light of gold, it is even more visually striking than the image of Bellies banknotes.


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