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Ryuma Shimotsuki, the Dragon Slayer and Sword God from hundreds of years ago, how powerful is his swordsmanship The answer is that no one knows.

Because in addition to the feat of slaying a dragon, there is also a legend that is circulating.

That legend is that no matter who the opponent is, Ryuma Shimotsuki will cut them down in a flash.

Through this legend, it is not difficult to see that, the speed of Ryuma Shimotsuki in swordsmanship is amazing.

Then How fast is he El wasn't from Ryuma Shimotsuki era, so he didn't know, But El, who is full of confidence in himself doesn't believe he will be inferior to Ryuma Shimotsuki in the future.

But now, El has seen someone faster than him, and he has no confidence in the future to be able to surpass it.

What does in a blink of an eye mean Kuina explained the meaning of this idiom in her own way.

Outside the suburbs of Birka, Kuina stared at a beast a hundred meters in front of her, and slowly assumed a posture of unsheathing her sword.

The next moment, the girl's figure disappeared.

What they see was like a dazzling blue and white meteor, which flashed from the eyes of El and the other two girls.

Immediately afterward, the sound of flesh being torn apart came into their ears from afar.

A hundred meters ahead, the beast that did not notice the four had its body sliced into two pieces, the cuts are so smooth and straight.

Kuina has not yet grasped the breath of all things, but she still slashed the beast into two pieces with one attack.

The electric heat contained in the sword even cooked the cut meat of the beast.

From this, it can be seen that in addition to the speed, Kuina's sword just now has powerful penetration, cutting, and lightning damage.

with just one attack Kuina's style of swordsmanship has been formed.

"It's so fast, is this the strongest devil fruit on logia type"

"If Sister Kuina has the Armament Haki, this sword would kill me!"

Looking at the Kuina who appeared a hundred meters away in the blink of an eye, Carina and Nami's faces are full of horror.

No wonder they were so shocked, just like what Nami said.

If they are Kuina's opponents who haven't the Armament Haki yet, except for Nami, Carina's head has already been separated from attack just now.

Just like the trash fish killed by El.

"What a powerful ability..."

Kuina teleported back to the three and was also amazed at her own change: "After unfolding the electric field, in that field, I can teleport without hindrance or turn into lightning and move at a high speed.

Is this the power of the Goro Goro no Mi"

"This is only just the tip of the iceberg from Goro Goro no Mi."

El smiled and said, "You only have the Electric Field now.

after you have mastered the Radio wave and awakened the Observation Haki, you will find out why the Goro Goro no Mi is the strongest in Logia type devil fruit."

"In addition, you can use electrotherapy to condition your body.

No matter how much you train in the future, your body won't leave any hidden wounds.

"Especially electrotherapy, it can help you speed up the absorption of nutritional supplements.

From today onwards, you don't have to worry about overdosing, you can use two or three bottles of nutritional supplement a day like me."


"This is too overpower, I feel it's more Outrageous than my Baku Baku no Mi!"

After listening to El's explanation, Nami and Karina were stunned.

They were all deeply shocked by the comprehensiveness of the Goro Goro no Mi.

"Don't be envious, the more powerful Kuina is, the more powerful the three of you are."

Speaking of which, El pretended to be 'sad' and said: "Once you use the "three heads and six arms", you are an inexplicable monster that masters the two natural disasters the fire and lightning, not only with lightning-like speed and destruction but also you can burn and devouring anything and take it into its own."

"From now on, you don't need my protection, because I'm already the weakest existence in the team hahhh"

Seeing their Nii-san showing a rare cuteness, the three girls couldn't help but laugh loudly.


Even if you become the weakest, I'm still your wings, Nii-san!" Carina threw herself into El's arms and hold his waist, then said with a smile.


Carina, you are slow...

I'm one step ahead of you, I'm Nii-san's first wing!" Not to be outdone, Nami hugged El's left arm and said with a smile.

"El, I can finally share the pressure for you" this time, Kuina plucked up her courage to hug El's right arm, her head rested on his shoulder, and she whispered: "Please use me to your heart's content, I will be the sharpest sword in your hand!..."

"hey-hey then I'm welcome" El grinned and hugged the three girls hard into his arms.

With Kuina becoming a Devil Fruit user El's reason for coming to the grand line finally ended completely.

Who said that only Carina, Nami, and Kuina can use "Three Heads and Six Arms" As long as Carina is around, El and Kuina can use "Three Heads and Six Arms".

Once the "three heads and six arms" are activated with Carina and Kuina, El can also use the ability of the Goro Goro no Mi.

Not only that, but his physical energy will also be superimposed with Carina's physical energy, plus the knowledge he has from being a traverser, his use of Goro Goro no Mi will even surpass Kuina, the Goro Goro no Mi user.

"Three heads and six arms" is now not only the trump card of the three girls but also the biggest trump card of the entire team.

With this super trump card in hand, even in the face of those super powerhouses, El has the confidence to escape.

Without the threat of a powerful enemy, El can finally slow down and increase his strength while taking low risks, and wait for the opportunity to get his favorite Devil Fruit.

Therefore El not only became more cheerful, he even became cute in front of the three girls' eyes.

The three girls, who were hugged tightly by El, also noticed this change and smiled happily.


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