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El didn't despise Enel because he was currently at his weakest stage at this time.

On the contrary, El gave Enel the greatest attention and resorted to the strongest trick he had learned this month, which was the Spear of Elbaf of The Ancient Giant Tribe - Hakoku sovereignty.

Moreover, he also instilled a lot of Armament Haki into the Hakoku sovereignty, not worried that he would accidentally kill Enel with one blow.

As a traveler, no one is clearer than El, how baffling the ability of Goro Goro no Mi.

The Electric Field, Radio wave, and Electrothermal Therapy are the three of the four major abilities that will not be mentioned for the time being.

The ability of the Electric Field alone is enough to make the devil fruit user invincible in front of any enemy.

Also being the Logia type that is best at teleportation, Pika Pika no Mi needs to emit light before being able to teleport along with the refraction of the light.

During this period, if someone breaks the refracted light, the teleportation of Pika Pika no Mi fruit will also be interrupted.

But the teleportation of those with the Goro Goro no Mi is completely different.

They only need to release the Electric Field to teleport freely and ignore any obstacles to appear anywhere covered by the Electric Field.

If nothing else, since they can't beat you, they can just teleport to the end of the Electric Field, and then continue to release the Electric Field and continue to teleport.

Unless someone can remove or dispelled the electric field, even the strongest man in the world can't chase those Goro Goro no Mi User.

In the original manga, if Enel doesn't want to fight Luffy, even with protagonist halo he won't be able to touch the corner of Enel's clothes.

Although Enel at that period likes to show off on his enemies.

To prevent Enel from comprehending the electric field when he corners him to the wall, El deliberately waited until Enel fell asleep, and used his strongest blow to defeat Enel in one blow.

When the Hakoku sovereignty that spread for several miles, slowly disappeared.

An incomparably huge gully suddenly appeared above the ruins.

At night, it may seem that the visual impact is not strong, but in the daytime, if an ordinary person passes by here, they will be scared to sit on the ground by this shocking gully.

Fortunately, the shock wave spreads in distance, otherwise, if it would go through the ground then the pure white cloud and ground will definitely be blasted out into a bottomless and irreparable crater.

In the gully, lies a dead body, but El knew that the body was only in a state of suspended animation.

If the final blow is not dealt to the corpse, then an ability called Electrotherapy will forcefully pull back Enel, who was already one step into the world of the dead.

Moving swiftly, El took out the sea stone handcuffs hanging around his waist and handcuffed Enel's hands.

Only by sealing Enel's Goro Goro no Mi ability can El truly feel at ease while carrying the body.

El quickly returned to the original road before Enel died completely.

In just ten minutes, El brought Enel back to the room through the window.

"Nii-san, are you back"

"This person the devil fruit user you hunted"

At this time, the three girls had already bought back the big box and were waiting for El's to return.

After seeing El coming back, they immediately gathered around and looked at Enel on El's shoulders.

El nodded, then put Enel on the ground, pinched his neck, and crushed his throat.

After completing this process, El threw Enel's body into the big box, he turned to look at the three girls, then smiled and said: "Kuina's Devil fruit is about to be obtained."

Hearing this, Kuina's beautiful eyes suddenly lit up.

"What kind of devil fruit is it"

Carina asked curiously, "Is it the paramecia or Logia type"

Of the valuables things they deposited in the bank, there was two Zoan type of Devil Fruits, so carina never think that the devil fruit that El prepared for Kuina would be Zoan type devil fruit.

She don't even know that in the Zoan type, there are mythical zoan that are even rarer than the logia type devil fruit.

"It is Logia type devil fruit, and it is even the strongest devil fruit on this kind, the Goro Goro no Mi"

El begins to lie about his experience, and sighs "To be honest, I didn't expect that this trip to the sky island would have such a big harvest!"

"When I touched the bodies of the previous residents we encounter, I saw from a certain person's memory that he had been to Birka, and he met a person who can lightning, I had already guessed that it might be a devil fruit."

"After we came to Birka and I use my observation Haki, I sensed a very strong fluctuation of aura."

"It wasn't until I come to confirm it, that I finally determined this person's devil fruit.

It was in the database of the CP organization, which had disappeared for several eras, and had become the legend on the sea, the Goro Goro no Mi."

After finishing speaking, El opened the oversized backpack full of food, took out fruit from it, put it in the big box, and said to Carina: "Let's talk about it later, Carina, grab his fruit ability first.


Carina nodded, then opened her mouth to eat the big box into the Baku Baku space.

In less than a minute, Carina vomited the box again.

When he opened the box, there was no change in Enel, but the fruit beside his body changed.

At this time, the fruit from the sky Island has turned into a devil fruit with its peel color of blue and white, and its peel is full of spiral patterns.

This Devil Fruit is the Logia Type - Goro Goro no Mi.

"Kuina, this is the devil fruit that I promised to you last year, especially prepared for you"

Taking out the devil Fruit from the box, El handed it in front of Kuina, he grinned and said: "Eat it, you will not only break the girl's physical strength limit, but you will also become on our team wih one of the most unfathomable abilities in the whole world

"Thank you, El..."

Huina took the Devil fruit that El handed over, not as tangled as Nami last year, but after pondering for a few seconds, she looked at El firmly and said, "I won't let you down, I will never let you down.

I will be the sharpest sword in your hand!"

After finishing speaking, Kuina opened her mouth and bit the Devil Fruit in her hand.

after swallowing it, Kuina's eyebrows slightly frown.

But....that's all.

after swallowing the fruit in her mouth, a blue and white electric light flashed in Kuina's beautiful eyes instantly.

At this moment, the girl named Kuina has completed her transformation...


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