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El who left the hotel, increase his speed to the extreme.

At night, unless someone is using Observation Haki, even animals with strong dynamic vision can only see a black afterimage that passes.

Logically speaking, El's exaggerated high-speed movement should have caused quite a bit of movement.

For example, Shave (Soru), one of the Six styles (Rokushiki), which is to step on the ground at high-speed dozens of times within 0.36 seconds to generate an explosive force, allowing your body to move instantly.

However, this explosive force will cause large sound and damage to the ground, which is the regular characteristic of the high-movement speed teleportation.

El's high speed is also a kind of teleportation in martial arts style, but the disruption he caused is not big, it's like when a cat is walking, the sound is so small that it can be ignored.

So when an enemy who doesn't have Observation Haki fights him, they can only wait to die in despair.

At El's current speed, he quickly left Birka's urban area and entered the wilderness area.

It is different from the wilderness on Four seas, where some land will be full of trees and flowers.

The land on Birka is a pure white cloudy land without any plants.

The so-called wilderness is just an uninhabited ruin that is full of a historical atmosphere that came from an unknown era.

should he passes by these old ruins with Nico Robin, he bet she can't walk and take her eyes off of it.

El speculates that it is very likely that Enel picked up the Goro Goro no Mi at this place.

In fact, El really guesses right.

Before Enel became a Devil Fruit user, Enel have lived a very miserable life for the past 20 years.

Because he has no wings, he was shunned by the residents of Birka.

When a person is shunned by everyone, bullying by peers will follow.

Enel, who was shunned by everyone, did not even dare to enter the city.

Without a job, he can only pick up things to eat in the wilderness, and he has not felt full for many years.

His body lacks nutrition at the best age, he doesn't even have the ability to hunt because of his skinny body.

There may be countless orphans like him in Four seas, but there are very few in the sky islands.

Maybe because the world pities him when Enel felt that his life was dark that he even doesn't know when he would starve to death.

He suddenly found a blue and white fruit with a spiral pattern in a crack in the ruins.

Although the taste of the fruit was extremely unpalatable, for Enel at that time, this fruit could make him live an extra day.

Especially after eating that fruit, Enel found that his body seemed to be different from before.

For example, when he was emotional, his body would flash with lightning.

Although when the lightning appeared, his already weak body became, even more, weaker, but the appearance of lightning gave Enel the ability to hunt some smaller beasts.

After many years, he finally felt the feeling of being full again.

As a result, the dark life of Enel finally ushered its first light before dawn.

He can finally live a life where he can fill his stomach every day.

However, due to the severe lack of nutrition, Enel can only use the arm-sized lightning bolt at present, he only hunts smaller animals each time with it.

He doesn't dare to fight the bigger beast yet, so he doesn't even find that his body, once he encounters an attack that breaks his defense he would automatically trigger an ability called "Elementalization".

So Enel, who doesn't know his full ability, has no idea about ​​using his ability to take revenge on those who bullied him.

Perhaps one day in the future, when Enel finds out how outrageous his elementalization is, or if he has a strong physique and he can easily create a lot of lightning and be as fast as it, would be on the day of his revenge.

After taking revenge, Enel, who has been bullied for more than 20 years, will also become the God of the Sky Island with absolute strength and a twisted mind.

Of course, the premise is that El did not intervene, when a butterfly from another world fanned its wings and set off a storm, countless people, including Enel, had their fates changed dramatically.

And today is the day that Enel changes his fate.

He has just climbed out of the dark abyss, and he has not become the God who controls the lightning and rules the sky.

Instead, a pair of hands pushed him back deep into the abyss.

The push this time even made him lose his life.

"Spear Of Elbaf, Ikoku!".


In a place that is not far from Enel's residence, a huge shock wave formed by a distorted airflow broke the silence of the night.

The huge shock wave is like a transparent white beam of light that penetrates and smashes all obstacles ahead and accurately falls on the building that can barely block the rain and wind.

Lying in the building, Enel, who was sleeping and having a beautiful dream, was submerged by the transparent white light together with his home.

In an instant, Enel's sleeping face instantly turned into a distorted look with his mouth open and his eye rolled back to his head.

The dazzling blood he sput from his mouth was also annihilated by the shock wave.

If it is only Hakoku sovereignty, then even if the power of this Hakoku sovereignty is several times or dozen times stronger larger, it cannot hurt Enel in the slightest.

It's a pity that this transparent white beam of light contains a lot of Armament Haki that can hit the body of the Logia type devil fruit user.

Unless they have Observation Haki that can predict the place where the armament attack is and use elementalization in advance, otherwise even the top Logia Devil fruit user, their body doesn't make any difference from the ordinary person in front of the Armament Haki.


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