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Birka is a small island located on the same level as Angel Island in the southern land.

Just as Enel knew about Angel Island, The residents of Angel Island also knew about the existence of Birka.

To be precise, the citizens of several sky islands around Angel Island both know each other's existence

In addition to Angel Island and Birka, there are also the other sky islands, the upper yard that was washed up hundreds of years ago...

Several sky islands, including Angel Island and Birka, are located on a route called the High West.

The High West route is the second method to reach the empty island besides the Knock Up Stream.

Correctly speaking, starting from the High West route is the best way to enter the sky island.

Taking advantage of the Knock Up Stream is the most dangerous method with a very low survival rate.

After learning all of this from the boss's mouth, El paid for the map of Birka.

At the same time as the three girls also bought two wavers and various kinds of Dials.

After buying these things, the four went to buy some food and water and set off for Birka.

As for why El knew about Birka and the purpose of going to Birka, the three girls did not ask any questions.

Because when El was on Lovely Street and marketplace, he deliberately touched the local residents more than once in front of them.

These behaviors were all considered by the three girls that El had read their memories.

In such a hurry to go to Birka, he doesn't even have any interest in finding more information about the golden city and could not wait to go to another sky Island.

Of course, Carina found it strange.

Is it really their luck to get some important information just by touching a few people

But Carina didn't ask too much, she just needed to know that no matter what El did, it wouldn't hurt them.

It was also because the three girls became more considerate that El gradually stopped pretending too much.

El will confess and 'apologize' to the three girls when he can freely control his ability.

Although the Wavers of this era is only equipped with an ordinary breath dial, rather than an extinct jet dial, but the speed was still much faster than their ship.

The distance between Angel Island and Birka is not really far from each other.

The two waver drove into a cloud path, and after going all the way, the four took only half a day to arrive at Birka in the southern place.

Just like Angel Island, Birka is also a pure white beach, and then there are buildings of various colors.

After stopping Waver on the beach, the four went straight to the city.

It is also one of the sky islands in the high west route, and the people are only slightly surprised for seeing the four of them, and there is no exclusion.

Speaking of which, El couldn't help but sneer.

For the Vearth people, who have no wings, they did not face any exclusion, but for the wingless Skypiean, they are full of rejection.

With such double-standard behavior, it's no wonder that Enel, who has been bullied by them for more than 20 years, when he has strength, the first thing he does is to destroy his own hometown.

Since it was already getting late, the four found a hotel to stay and El use all his strength to release his observation Haki.

It didn't take long for El's face to look a little ugly.

In his Observation Haki that covers the entire Birka, there is a very strong and unique aura that fluctuates, among the countless light spots.

After zooming in on his observation Haki, a scrawny young man who lived in a wilderness place far away from the crowd immediately came into his 'eyes'.

That young man is the big boss of the Skypiea Arc.

The one who ate the Goro Goro no Mi, Enel.

"Fortunately, this aura should not have been a devil fruit user for a long time."

As if he had discovered something, El heaved a sigh of relief and said secretly.

Possessing this level of aura fluctuation, but still a skinny figure, it shows that the opponent has just become a Devil fruit user not long ago, and he doesn't even know that he ate a Devil Fruit.

Otherwise, anyone who knows a little bit about Devil Fruit and knows how incomprehensible elementalization is, will not continue to live in the 'wilderness'.

So El speculates that now Enel should still don't know how to use the ability of the Goro Goro no Mi and he has not mastered and developed the incomprehensible abilities such as the Electric field, Radio wave, Electrotherapy, and Electrothermal Therapy.

In the original manga, Enel mastered the Observation Haki, also known as Mantra, as well as the design drawing of the Maxim ark.

It should be after knowing how powerful his own ability is and how incomprehensible his own strength is in Bika, he decide to go somewhere else.

That is to say....

Now is the best time to kill him!

Thinking of this, El did not hesitate at all, and directly under the doubtful eyes of the three girls, he opened his backpack and took out the seastone handcuffs inside and tie it to his belt and said to the three girls "I'll go out, Carina, while it's still not dark and the shops outside have not closed up yet, go out and buy a big box, and then wait for me to come back in room"


The three girls responded subconsciously.

When they came back to their senses, El had turned into an afterimage and left the room through the window.

"Big box, it seems that Nii-san is looking for devil fruit user on the island."

Carina's beautiful eyes flashed a gleam of light, and the corners of her lips rose slightly: "I say why he suddenly changed and didn't want to explore the truth about the city of gold, but came to this sky island called Birka, turns out to be he wants to hunt someone here."

"Really The sky island located 10,000 meters above the sea level will also have a devil fruit." Nami asked curiously.

"I don't know either, after all, it's the legendary treasure of the sea"

Carina shrugged and said with a smile: "No, what I can be sure of is that Nii-san is so anxious that he can't even wait for the next day that he brought us here on the same day, and he kept looking for the devil fruit user.

The devil fruit of the other party must be very strong"

"Maybe, the other party's devil fruit ability is the same as my Baku Baku No Mi, and it's the top on the paramecia type or the same level with your devil fruit nami."


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