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Under the protection of Bubbly Coral, Carina is able to cross the White Sea smoothly.

After she flew out of the white sea, El suddenly shouted loudly: "Carina, continue to fly upwards, I sensed the fluctuation of human activity.


Carina also responded loudly.

Her huge wings stirred up again, and Carina's flight speed was not affected by the lack of oxygen at high altitudes.

In just a few minutes, Carina rushed into a cloud again.

After creating a huge bubble again, the Bubbly Coral in Nami and Kuina's hands was completely used up.

However, there were more than a dozen Bubbly Coral like this in El's backpack.

When Carina broke through the white cloud again, they saw the blue cloudless sky and the sky island floating in the clouds.

"Is that the sky island"

Flying over the White Sea, Carina looked ahead, among the pure white clouds, there is also an angel of various colors, making her exclaim with a surprised expression: "I didn't expect that there are islands and humans in10,000 meters above the ground.

This is too romantic!"

"Carina, take us down first," El speak up.

"Ok, Nii-san."

Carina nodded, then flew down onto the pure white sand.


After the three got off from Carina's back, a cloud of white smoke suddenly emitted from Carina's body.

After the smoke dissipated, Carina return from 5 meters tall to her original height.

Opening her mouth, Carina released the pterosaur from the Baku Baku space just like how she ate it before.

"You fly in that direction, there is an island there"

El patted the pterosaur whose face was full of spirituality and horror, then pointed to one direction of Sky Island and threatened: "Wait there, we will find you later, don't think about running away, or I will stew you.


Hearing this, the pterosaur nodded like a chicken pecking at rice, then flapped its wings and flew towards the direction El pointed to, which is the original island of gods, The upper yard.

"Let's go, let's collect some information first."

After watching the pterosaurs leave, El took the three girls and walked toward the city of Angel Island.

He said that he was going to collect information, in fact, El has fully released his Observation Haki and instantly enveloped the entire Angel Island.

Not counting the Upper yard and Shandora, Angel Island is just a small sky island.

And El's Observation Haki, as early as in the East Blue, can definitely cover this entire small island

In front of El's Observation Haki, all the auras on Angel Island that fluctuated, were like light spots, appearing in El's perception.

Their strength represent how bright the light was.

'not here' Just perceiving for a moment, El turned off his Observation haki and secretly think in his heart.

In some powerful spots of light, he did not find the current God of the Sky Island, Gan Fall.

That is to say, the current God is probably not on Angel Island, but on the other island of God like "upper yard", or some other place,

Thinking of this, El decided to inquire to see if there was a way to go to Birka.

If not, he will read Gan Fall's memory to see if this amazing "God of the Sky Island" knows the existence of Birka.

The most prosperous place on Angel Island is a street called Lovely Street.

The place where the four landed was Angel Beach on the edge of Angel Island, and they had to go through Lovely Street to go to the main marketplace.

On the way, the four came across many residents of Angel Island.

"Heso, Welcome to Angel Island, Vearth people."

"I haven't seen Vearth people for a long time, I wish you all the best and happy travel"

Seeing that the four of El have no wings, and their skin is not as dark as that of the Shandia, the residents of Angel Island knew their identities at a glance.

Different from the period of Enel's rule, the sky island at this period is very friendly to Vearth people, and there is no need to pay entry fees.

When passing by, the Sky Island people also took the initiative to greet them with a very enthusiastic attitude.

"Nii-san, do they all know that we came from the sea ten thousand meters below"

"Vearth people, this is what the sky island people call us, huh".

"It seems that we are not the first batch of people to come to the sky island, before us, many people have come here."

The three girls sighed.

The Sky Islander they met on Lovely Street, has enough enthusiasm.

But when the four of them came to Main marketplace, they got used to it.

After randomly buying a local map at a stall, the four underestimated the enthusiasm of the Sky Islanders and found out why they were so enthusiastic.

"Is this heaven"

Holding a map of sky Island in one hand and a purse in the other, Nami said with a dazed expression: "50 Belly coins, he actually exchange so much money for me."

Carina also sighed slightly: "I didn't expect that the currency used by Sky Island is not Belly, but something called extols, and our one Belly is actually equal to 10,000 extols here."

"The most common 50 Belly coin is worth half a million extols"

"Even if we didn't take out all the money from the bank, we should be one of the richest people in the sky island now, right"

"The grand line is indeed an incredible route.


After sighing, the four followed the directions on the map and came to the sailing tool shop on Angel Island.

After entering the door, Nami refreshed her worldview again.

Unlike the sailing tool stores in the sea, the sailing tool store in Angel Island specializes in selling sky island specialties.

Among them, are the remains of particular shellfish called Dials, making the girls beautiful eyes sparkle.

It's amazing, they feel like they've come to another world now,

Unlike the three girls, who were full of novelties, El went straight to the point and asked the owner of the sailing tool shop if he knew about the existence of Birka.

And the boss's reply made El's expression change.

The boss not only knows Birka, he even has a map to Birka.


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