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"Little devil, hand over what you have, or big brother will beat you up~~"

"you have sword, such a dangerous thing, leave it to this brother for safekeeping!"

Looking at the three eight-year-old kids in front of them, these gangsters did not take it too seriously.

The two thugs with chains and mace in their hands walked out of the group and threatened El with their self-proclaimed 'kind' smiles.

"Stupid bastard, thank yourself because this is your lucky day."

El shook his head and hold the hilt of the sword at his waist.

Then, as soon as he thought about it, Life Return(Siemei Kikan) immediately improved the strength and control of his body to the extreme.


In the next second, whether it was Carina and Nami next to El, or the gangsters in front of them, they all found that El in their eyes disappeared like a gust of wind.

But some guys with good dynamic vision seemed to see an afterimage, passing through them like a shooting star.

When El reappeared, he was standing behind the gangsters, in a posture of sheathing his sword.

As the sword returned to its sheath, a sound of clothes being torn suddenly sounded from the gangsters.

Their tendons and hamstrings were cut mercilessly.

And the murderer who cut off their tendons and hamstrings was naturally El.

The idea of ​​those gangsters was to simply rob the three of El, and a few others saw the appearance of the trio and wanted to sell them to the rich, but they didn't have the idea of ​​killing the trio to make money.

In addition, the land is different from the sea, and El, who has decided to recruit Carina and Nami, does not want to let the two girls who were not afraid of him just now have a brutal and bloodthirsty impression of him.


During the three years of practice, he was used to killing animals with one blow and this is the first time he chose to release water and did not kill these gangsters.

However, as the price of wanting to rob and kidnap them, El cut off their tendons and hamstrings of these gangsters, so that they can never do something evil again in the future.

The life return(Seimei Kikan) allows El to perfectly control his body, he can increase his speed and strength from zero to MAX with a single thought.

That is to say...

As long as his body meets the training conditions and has a training method, El can theoretically easily learn all kinds of martial arts in the world.

this perfect control, combined with El's swordsmanship talent in the world, led El to become a swordsman who comprehends "cutting" to a very high level at a young age.


what level of "cutting" can be considered an extremely high level

Is it cutting through steel

Is it a flying slash

No, neither!

Whether cutting steel or flying slashes, both cut off something.

A swordsman who understands these two skills can only say that his "cutting" has reached a certain level and is very powerful.

But these two kinds of cutting belong to the cutting of the "hard" attribute, not the cutting of the "soft" attribute.

So what is a "soft" attribute cutting

Take the words of Zoro's master, that is, Koushirou "In this world, there are two kinds of swordsmen...

One is a swordsman who can cut everything, and the other is a swordsman.

A swordsman who cannot sever anything."

Koushirou, who said this, was still in front of Zoro, demonstrating that he wanted to cut a piece of paper with a real sword, but he failed.

And this kind of swordsmanship, which is inferior to even beginners, is the highest swordsmanship.

This supreme swordsmanship can also be called a cutting that combines both hardness and softness.

A swordsman who comprehends "cutting" to a very high level is an existence that can cut everything if he wants to cut, but can't cut off even a piece of paper if he doesn't want to.

And such an existence can be called - "Master Swordsman".

Koushirou who is holding the world's sharpest black sword and slash down violently, but he didn't split Zoro in two and he didn't even cause injury to him.

Another example is Mihawk, who perfectly controlled his strength when he slash Zoro.

They are all Master swordsmen who have mastered the combination of hardness and softness and have reached the pinnacle.

El's "cutting" dared to be described as a very high level because he also mastered this skill.

In other words...

It is precisely because he has mastered this skill at this age that he can say that his talent is simply a Born to be a swordsman who is favored by the world.

If it weren't for the scope of his Breath of all things, he would be able to reach the level of Mihawk and Shanks, and his sword would be able to cut off icebergs with a single wave, even without Armament Haki.

However, as El's body continued to grow, the range covered by the Breath of all things continue to expand, he would naturally be promoted to a master swordsman and he was able to not cut off the paper when doesn't want to.

That's the reason why those bastards only broke their tendons and did not spill any blood because El used the combination of hardness and softness to cut off tendons, without even breaking their skin.

"Ah ah ah ah ah..."

Their tendons were cut off in an instant, and the severe pain caused the gangsters who were used to bully the weak and fearing the strong to let out a miserable cry.

All of them are bowling all over, lying on the ground, and constantly rolling around.

Apart from screaming, he could not even hear any other words.

"...Let's go!"

With the sword back in its sheath, El turned around and waved at Carina and Nami.

"Oh...oh oh..."

The two girls, who were still in a daze, were pulled back to their senses by El's voice, and subconsciously responded.

Immediately, the two girls, who were completely sober, nodded quickly, looked at each other, and trotted towards El with indescribable shock and excitement.

In front of El's unstoppable ability to read people's hearts, the thought of the two girls resounded in his mind - developed!

That's right, the thought of the two girls at this time is that they have found a treasure and they are going to develop!

The cyan slash at the first encounter, and the speed at which their naked eye couldn't even catch a trace of afterimage just now...

El's golden thighs are thicker than they thought.

As long as they hug this golden thigh, they no longer need to do chores for those pirates, and they can quickly earn a lot of money.

Maybe, she can rely on the power of this 'nii-san' to buy the village back, or defeat those fishman, this is Nami's though right now.


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