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Just when the four returned to the island shelter by the black market.

Last year, the "young swordsman" El, who became famous on the Grand Line, was offered a bounty as high as 80 million Belly for the first time and without news report at all.

El is not the first person to be offered such a high bounty without any report at all.

Last year's "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock and in the manga, Luffy's 100 million Belly also doesn't include any report.

The former is as mysterious as El.

In addition to knowing that the other party is the captain of the Nine Snake Pirates.

All the pirate and merchant ships encountered by the Nine Snake Pirates will all be looted while leaving a large number of strange stone statues on the ship and there is no more information.

And as for Luffy's 100 million Belly, that's because Mary Geoise wants to maintain the prestige of Seven Warlords of the Sea, one of the three major forces, but because Crocodile has indeed committed an unforgivable crime of usurping the country, Mary Geoise chooses to publicize to the outside world that Smoker defeated Crocodile, then secretly raised Luffy's bounty.

It was not until the Judicial Island incident that Mary Geoise had to put the blame on the Buster Call destroying the Judicial Island to the head of the Straw Hat Pirates, causing them to shock the whole world in one fell swoop.

therefore when some major forces learned that the Young Swordsman, El was offered a bounty, and the first bounty amounted to 80 million Belly.

They knew exactly what Mary Geoise's integrity was...

They quickly guessed that El must have hit Mary Geoise or the navy's face, and it was a scandal that couldn't be publicized, so nothing was reported when El's bounty was issued.

Therefore, the major forces are full of intense curiosity about this young swordsman who is famous once again in the world.

The forces and people who can see through Mary Geoise's intentions are only very few.

Most of the people, just like what El said because there was no report in the newspapers, they had no idea about El's strength at all.

Countless hyenas with problems in their brains, seeing that El is so young and has a huge bounty of 80 million Belly, immediately began to search the world for his traces.

I believe that the peaceful life of the four will cease to exist in the future.

The identity of the four suddenly changed from hunter to prey, and the four of them were indeed a little uncomfortable.

Because when they returned to the island shelter by the black market, they encountered a sneak attack by a team of bounty hunters who recognized El...

Unexpectedly, in this world where there are so many races and many people suffer from blindness, there is a group of hyenas that are both smart and stupid, eyeing El.

As a reward, El did not hold back at all and sent them all to the world of the dead.

"Where did they get the courage to actually dare to take action against a swordsman whose first bounty was 80 million Belly and the information is still unknown"

Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Carina couldn't help complaining about the courage of these hyenas.

With this courage, why do you want to be a hyena

Since four have been sailing with the Eternal Pose, they spend most of their time on the boat.

There are not many episodes like this.

After purchasing a pair of sea stone handcuffs and an item specially prepared for the sky island in the black market, the four sailed the ship and did not immediately go to the ancient island, but first bypassed the ancient island and came to Drum Island.

Because they can't drive the ship to the sky island, the four can only put the important items in the bank temporarily, and then come back to collect them after they get off the sky island.

By the way, the identity of being a pirate does not affect El's credibility in the bank.

Because the bank on one piece is not as strict as the bank in El's previous life.

In terms of technology, it is more than a tiny bit different from the bank in El's previous life.

Banks in this world are more like banks in ancient times than banks in El's previous life, just changed to a more modern name.

The master behind these banks is not Mary Geoise, but a force of black and white.

Perhaps these banks Mary Geoise's still have shares, the Mary Geoise has just issued a person's bounty, but the bank still entertains a distinguished guest.

Mary Geoise, still can't cover the sky with one hand.

Not only did El safely deposit the money in the bank, he even expected the bank to swallow his money.

In this way, when he grows up, he has an excuse to directly find trouble with the owners behind these banks.

After becoming a criminal, in addition to not burning, killing, looting, or bullying civilians, El doesn't mind doing things that fit his criminal status when necessary.

After all, the master of this world has been rotten from the core.

Naturally, there is no need for him to abide by the laws made by the Lord of this world.

The instruments and medicinal herbs for making Nutritional supplements, as well as some valuables things, are temporarily deposited in the bank after.

The four navigated the ship, Returning to the ancient island, then they kidnapped a pterosaur that was extinct from the outside world.

As for how they catch the pterosaur in the air

It is thanks to Moonwalk (Geppo).

El who has Life Return (Seimei Kikan) and physique to practice it, masters, the Six style (Rokushiki) and all variations in Bonier memory within three days

El's physical skills are catching up with the swordsmanship that is far ahead.

When El masters the Spear of Elbaf of the giant family and has the ability to use the Hakoku, his physical skills will not be inferior to his swordsmanship.


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