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"Okay, I'll try..."

Carina nodded and took the fruit, then put it into her enlarged mouth, instead of crunching it, she sent it into her Baku Baku space.

Immediately afterward, Carina closed her beautiful eyes, trying to extract the Devil Fruit from the woman's body, and synthesize it with the fruit that entered Baku Baku space.


Carina opened her beautiful eyes in just a few seconds and shook her head at El, then said, "No, I can only temporarily transform her Devil Fruit into my body, I can't extract it let alone synthesis it with the fruit."

Hearing this, El frowned slightly.

In the next second, El's mind flashed and he said, "Spit her out, let's try again."


Carina nodded slightly, then spit out the woman.

Carrying the woman who did not have any saliva on her body after being thrown out of Baku Baku space, El grabbed her neck with one hand, and crush her throat without any mercy.

After a while, the unconscious woman entered the world of the dead.

"Eat her and try again."

He point at the corpse of the woman and said to Carina.


Carina nodded, she opened her mouth and ate the woman again.

There was no change in the three girls' faces at El's merciless killing of the vulnerable enemy in front of them.

After getting along for so long, El has used his behavior to subtly change the three girl's views.

In their hearts, they still retain the bottom line of not bullying and attacking civilians, but this does not include their enemies.

They already able to help El behead the pirate head with the bounty, the three girls who have no fluctuations in their hearts have become accustomed to killing people, corpses, and even the pictures of broken limbs everywhere.

As long as it doesn't violate their conscience and twist their hearts, El is not afraid that they will give off a disgusting aura.

(In short, as long as they believe what they did is correct they won't give a disgusting breath)

Obviously, El is worthy of the man who aspires to become the world's No.

1 Master of Girls development.

His Cultivation of the three girls was very successful, not only does Carina have no fluctuation, but even Nami and Kuina are also the same.

After throwing the corpse of the woman into the Baku Baku space, Carina tried again to extract the devil fruit from her body and "synthesize" it with the fruit.

And this time, it was as she locked in a certain thing, and the power of the devil fruit was successfully pulled out by Carina, and it was "synthesized" with fruit in the Baku Baku space.

Carina saw that the fruit in Baku Baku space changed at a speed visible to the naked eye, the volume of the fruit gradually increased, and the skin of the fruit slowly grew a spiral pattern.

Outside, Carina suddenly opened her eyes and looked at El with an excited expression

"Nii-san, we succeeded!"

"Very good, spit it out, and let me see." El also said quickly with a happy expression on his face.

Carina opens her mouth again and spits out the Devil Fruit within the Baku Baku space.

Catching the Devil Fruit that flew out from her mouth, El lips rose slightly: "My speculation is indeed correct.

The Paramecia-type Devil fruit-Baku Baku no Mi is definitely the most terrifying Paramecia-type Devil Fruit in history."

"Next, let's do another experiment.

Handing the devil fruit to Nami and Kuina who were surprised, El took out his sword from his waist and handed it to Carina.

Then he picked up the other woman and crushed her throat and said: "Carina, eat my sword, and then try to see if you can "synthesize" Sandai Kitetsu with her devil fruit..."

Yes, El's idea is very bold.

Not only does he want to take other people's Devil Fruits, he even wants to make the Devil Fruit a weapon.

If his conjecture is confirmed, then even if they can't become Dual devil fruit users, they are no different from dual or triple devil fruits users.


Carina nodded slightly and opened her mouth to eat the sword and the woman into Baku Baku space.

Immediately afterward, Carina extracted the devil fruit from the body of the woman and tried to synthesize it with the sword just like before.

The result is no surprise

"No, it failed"

Carina opened her beautiful eyes and shook her head at El

"It's because...

the Sandai Kitetsu is not synthesized with fruit"

El thought for a while, then took out a fruit from the fruit bag and handed it to Carina: "You first try to synthesize the woman with the fruit then try to synthesize again with Sandai Kitetsu.



Carina threw the fruit into the Baku Baku space again, as El said, she synthesize first the woman with the fruit and then with the Sandai Kitetsu.

Then, a magical scene appeared!

"Nii-san...Look at this...Is it a success"

Carina spat out a very strange-looking sword.

The original Sandai Kitetsu..

is a sword cover with a flame pattern But now the Sandai Kitetsu, the flame pattern on the sword has disappeared, replaced by a layer of a spiral pattern.

"What an ugly sword, is it really the Sandai Kitetsu"

Without waiting for El to speak, Nami complained and Kuina nodded in agreement.

The previous Sandai Kitetsu was clearly a cursed sword whose appearance was so cool.

As a result, it is now covered with a layer of a spiral pattern, it is simply too ugly.

"Failed, it seems that the devil fruit can be synthesized but a special substance must be injected into the weapon so that the weapon can be like a human, and the ability of the devil fruit can be revealed."

Seeing that his second conjecture failed, El was slightly regretful, but not too disappointed.

Being able to capture other people's Devil Fruits has already made a lot of profit for him.

Even Vegapunk, whose 500 years ahead of the current technology, can currently only allow objects to possess the Devil Fruit ability of the Zoan type.

If Baku Baku no Mi Fruit can also do it with "synthesis" ability, then it's like cheating and they can wholesale a large number of Devil Fruit weapons.

only If you find a substance that can manifest the power of the Devil Fruit and inject this substance into the weapon, this failed Speculation may not be impossible!

El groaned slightly in his heart.


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