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"You can always trust Iron Body (Tekkai)...."

Putting the sword back into its sheath, El looked up at the blue Dazzling light blooming in the sky, and subconsciously say the famous joke on his previous life.

After he finished teasing, El looked surprised and sighed: "It's not even dead.

It really deserves to be a world where the average person is full of defensive attributes.

Superhuman is indeed more resistant than ordinary people."

It is no exaggeration to say that El's Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) which is hundreds of meters long can cut a huge trench in the sea with a width and depth of tens of meters and spread three miles.

In the face of this slash, unless a ship with extremely tough wood, an ordinary large three-masted sailing ship, hit directly by the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) of El, will be like how easily Hawkeye cut the Krieg pirate ship into two.

If the swordsmen who mastered "Cutting through steel" and "Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki)" were also graded.

Then the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) graded in 'meter' are just ordinary swordsmen that can be seen everywhere in the Grand Line.

Only a swordsman whose Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) is measured in 'miles' can be considered a powerful swordsman.

El, who has mastered the Armament Haki, is such a swordsman.

Although Bonier's strength is good and he has developed the variation technique of the Six styles (Rokushiki), compared with Rob Lucci in the CP9 Arc, the gap between their strength is definitely small.

He received El's serious blow directly, but he did not die suddenly on the spot.

It can only be said that Bonier is too resistant to beating.

It seems that the Iron Body (Tekkai) is still somewhat useful, especially the variation technique of the Iron Body (Tekkai).

If El remembers correctly, Iron Body (Tekkai) seems to be a pseudo-Armament Haki state.

Bonier has developed a variation technique from the iron block, indicating that he is only one step away from awakening Haki, his only one step away from sensing and grasping that invisible 'feeling'.


Just after El finished sighing, a figure fell heavily to the ground.

This figure was sent higher from mid-air by El Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki).

At this time, Bonier looked extremely miserable.

The white suit on his body has been tattered and the white mask has disappeared, revealing the wolf face hidden under the mask, and now he has entered the Human-Beast Form.

His body, which was covered with red wolf hair, was injured with large and small scars, among which the sword wound that spread from the right abdomen to the left chest was the most conspicuous.

But compared to this sword wound, Bonier's most serious injury....

is his left arm which has been lost.

Just like an arm that fall into the meat grinder, Bonier's left arm was torn off by the wind blades that burst out from the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) and turned it into countless pieces.

If he hadn't used Iron Body (Tekkai) in time to buy himself time to turn into Human-Beast Form before being drowned by the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki), his body might have been torn into countless pieces by the wind blades that burst out.

His Iron Body (Tekkai) variation, Shave Iron Ball...

can't stop the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) at all.

"It turns out that you used your devil fruit ability, wolf face, red hair...

Then, are you a person with the Zoan-type-devil fruit wolf from or Zoan-type-devil fruit dog form"

Looking at the Human-Beast Form Bonier, El put the sword on his shoulders and asked curiously.

"kid, I want to shred your body!"

Hearing El's voice, Bonier's eyes flashed with hatred and roared with a hideous expression on his face.

With a piercing sound, Bonier's figure disappeared in place, and he used a variation technique of Shave (Soru) and bite towards El like a wolf.

"Anger makes a person stronger, but also makes a person weaker"

Looking at Bonier, who appeared not far in front of him after crossing hundreds of meters in the blink of an eye, El said lightly: "Your thoughts and actions, are like an open book in my eyes."

"It's over, nice to meet you, and Goodbye!"

Out of respect for the first 'strong enemy' he met, El used Life Return (Seimei Kikan) to improve the state of his body from normal to its limit.

Not everyone who mastered Life Return (Seimei Kikan), can enter a 100% state of their body.

El's control over his body has reached the extreme in all directions.

Speed, power, and control, all boost from zero to MAX status…

Under Bonier's wide-eyed gaze, El once again put the sword back into its sheath.


In the next instant, El's figure disappeared from Bonier's sight.

His speed is so fast that even Bonier's dynamic vision, which has been improved by the devil fruit's ability, can only capture a trace of an afterimage.

Immediately afterward, Bonier, who was moving at a high speed, fell on the sand because his three limbs were separated from his body.

Originally, El just wanted to cut off Bonier's hand tendons and hamstrings

However, it was the first time that he fight against a strong person, and it was also a Zoan-type devil fruit user with very strong defense and resilience, and So El choose not to show mercy.

If he hadn't wanted to get the Six style (Rokushiki) training method in Bonier's mind, El would have cut him into a two-piece.

After retracting the knife and sheath, El squatted down and stunned Bonier with a hand knife before reading his memories.


No matter how strong their strength is if there is no sea stone weapon, Armament Haki, or any other way to restrain Logia-type devil fruit user, even if it is the strongest CP member in the past eight hundred years.

Facing the "three heads and six arms" state of the three girls, they have only one option which is to use Moonwalk (Geppo) to escape, otherwise, they will be defeated or even killed.

Not to mention, that the two women are CP agents at the ordinary level.

The two ate two ordinary kinds of Zoan-type devil fruit, it is even exchanged with the merits that they had accumulated for many years.

After sealing their retreat with the Flame wall, Nami, who temporarily held the dominance on the body, wanted to kill the two women with a fire fist.

However, After hearing El's words, She dismissed this idea and used the flame as a boast to fly in front of the two women.

Her body ignored the attacks of the two women, then she stretched out her four hands and hug one of the women, while Kuina held her sword and imitated El's movements and cut her hamstrings and Hand tendons.

During this time, the other woman also attacks the three girls.

It's a pity that even if she uses the power of her Devil Fruit, all her attacks that fall on the three girls are completely futile to elementalization.

Not only that, but she also hurt her companion...

After finishing cutting the hand tendons and hamstrings of one of the two women, the three girls gaze turned to look at the despairing, arrogant-looking woman just now, and rush towards her to seize her body mobility.


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