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"I like your scared look, it's more pleasing to the eye."

After injuring Bonier with a sword, El did not pursue his victory, but held his sword in one hand, pointed the tip of the sword at Bonier, and began to ridicule him.

Just like what El had in mind when he went to battle, he wouldn't allow anyone to be arrogant more arrogant than him.

Coming to this world, it's already been nine years.

El has been the darling of the world since birth, except when he suffered a painless whip at the orphanage when he was a child, no one or even an animal leave any injuries on his body.

In the same way, since he went to sea at the age of eight, all the enemies that El has encountered, except Koushirou, a master swordsman who is temporarily invincible and not his enemy.

They are either killed or defeated by him.

He likes to show his capabilities by one shooting his enemies or letting the enemies will collapse in despair and he doesn't like someone in front of him showing an arrogant appearance.

Once he meets this kind of guy, El doesn't mind giving him a lesson.

He believes that after this attack, this guy named Bonier no longer dares to show such an arrogant appearance just now.

"Damn kid, I won't let you go, I want you to pay a heavy price for your actions."

Bonier really can't keep up that arrogant appearance.

He's exploding with rage now.

It was undoubtedly a great shame for Bonier to be left with a sword wound that spread from his right abdomen to his left chest by El.

Even after the wound heals, the scar will stay with him for life.

Having been left with an almost permanent scar on his body by an eight-year-old kid, Bonier could already see his colleagues laughing at him.

Thinking of this, Bonier suddenly dismissed the idea of ​​temporarily abolishing El's shoulders.

He was going to break the kid's limbs and take him back like a dead dog.

Or Even kill!

"Moonwalk (Geppo)—"

Bonier's feet stomped on the ground, and his body jumped several meters into the air, and his feet were still stepping in the air.

As the white clouds formed by the airflow bloomed, Bonier's figure continued to rise.

"Bonier is angry, this kid is going to be unlucky"

"Captain has not used his devil fruit ability yet, he should not lose his mind yet or how are we going to explain it to boss"

"I hope this kid doesn't force out the captain's abilities, otherwise this mission may be a failure.


Two women in suits, look at Bonier who was rising into the sky then sigh again.

Because of their information, except for El, his three companions...

are all ordinary little girls, and there is no threat.

Therefore, the two women in suits did not shoot at them but watched the fight quietly.

Unless their own captain is not the opponent of the target, then they would help.

But obviously, in the eyes of the two women, it is impossible for their captain to be defeated by this little devil.

The wound just now was just because their captain underestimated the enemy.

After all, their captain still has an ace upon his sleeve and the reason he would be wounded is that he doesn't use his ace card yet.

The two women had the same trust in their captain as the three girls had in El.

They didn't take action against the three girls, but it didn't mean that the three girls won't take action against them.

"Flame wall"


Along with the girl's coquettish shout, the dazzling orange flame, like a halo, bloomed on the vast and boundless desert and a huge wall of fire rose from the ground, in the shape of a circle, surrounding the two women in suits, as well as El and Bonier not far away.


what is this monster!"

"merged together, what Devil fruit ability!"

The sudden flame wall successfully attracted the attention of the two women in suits.

When they looked in the direction from which the sound came from the cheeks under the mask, like the wounded Bonier, are also full of horror.

What did they see!

Under the background of the huge flame wall, a girl who is about two meters in height, surrounded by orange flames, walks towards them slowly.

It was a girl in a red and white witch costume, with three heads with different hair colors and faces, six arms, and a white sword.

The debut of "Three Heads and Six Arms" undoubtedly shocked the two women in suits.

"Flame and fusion...

What ability is this!"

Even Bonier's eyes were attracted by the three girls.

Seeing the "three heads and six arms" of the three girls, and that huge wall of flames that was surround them.

During the time they are being trained as CP members, they have to remember the content of the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, so when performing tasks later, they can recognize the devil fruit and it's abilities they have seen.

Bonier cant distinguish what devil fruit or abilities that the three girls have.

But like two women in suits, full of trust in their captain, Bonier also has a strong trust in the strength of his two subordinates, after all, they, are also devil fruit users like himself, so he doesn't have much worry about this unknown devil fruit abilities.

Just like CP9 in the Judicial Island arc, almost all members are Devil Fruit users.

Even the Celestial Dragon can feed devil fruit to their slaves for fun.

As a member of the most loyal lackey to Celestial Dragon, as long as they perform well naturally, there is no shortage of Devil Fruits.

As long as the enemy is not a logia-type devil fruit, with the strength and tacit understanding of the two women, even if the enemy is a supernova in Grand Line, it is not without the power to fight them.


Bonier, who withdrew his gaze, launched a storm-like attack on El in the air.

"Tempest Kick Slaughter!"

When his figure flew into the air dozens of meters, Bonier finally stopped climbing with Moonwalk (Geppo), while his figure began to slowly fall, he kick a large number of blades of wind downward with both feet.

Countless blades of wind, like a downpour, covered the entire sky.

This is an impressively large-scale Tempest Kick (Rankyaku) move!

If an ordinary swordsman...

faced with so many blades of wind, he would definitely feel extremely desperate.

It's a pity that in El's eyes, Bonier's behavior is no different from a joke.

In order to let Bonier see the real gap between them, El retracted the sword in his hand and sheathed it, then raised his head and stared at Bonier in the air, then he entangled his sword with armament Haki before swiftly pulling it out of sheathed and slashing Bonier in the air.


When the countless wind blades are still a few meters away from him.

A black gleam, like a shooting star, Fly From bottom to top in a flash.

In the next second, the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) tore apart the veil that covered the sky.

The blue light drowned all the wind blades in an instant, and also drowned Bonier who was in midair.

Looking at the blue light drowning him, Bonier shows horror on his face and he did not hesitate to use his Iron Body (Tekkai) variation technique, Shave Iron Ball.

After a few seconds, the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) with a length of hundreds of meters, like a waning moon, flew into the sky from the huge flame wall, turned into a cyan firework, and burst out into Dazzling light.


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