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As soon as he landed, El observation Haki instantly cover the whole island.

In addition to Observation Haki additional ability, it's coverage is also extremely large.

For example, in the Sky Island arc on the manga, Aisa one of the few who have innate observation Haki, Her range is second only to Enel.

If it wasn't for the Radio wave boost that Enel get from Rumble-Rumble Fruit, his observation haki would definitely be inferior to Aisa.

In the same way, although El is only eight years old, his observation Haki can cover the entire island.

His range is at the level of a small island.

And this range will also expand slightly every day as El grows.

If El won't die prematurely, when his age reached the golden stage, he would naturally become one of the strongest in the world.

This is the Son of Heaven, the darling of the world who has been infinitely close to the end since birth.

Since the place where the trio landed was not a port, it would take them a while to get to the town.

"nii-san, this is one of the islands ruled by the Ambry Kingdom "

Each of them carried a bags of treasure and walked on the road to the town.

On the way, Nami said, "Because the Ambry Kingdom is one of the world government affiliated countries, the territories they occupy will be recognized by the world government."

"Not only that but in sea near each the affiliated country, there will be a navy branch responsible for protecting and collecting their heavenly gold."

"Therefore, less than two hundred nautical miles from here, there is a small island nominally belonging to the "Ambry Kingdom", and there is also a small town like this, as well as a navy branch.


"Compared to that town with a navy branch, the law and order here is neither bad nor good.

It is occasionally harassed by pirates, but no pirate group dares to occupy it."

"So compared to pirates, the biggest forces here are some gangsters who have nothing to do."

Hearing this, El, who only read some important information in Nami's memory, but did not read all of her memories, nodded and said, "So that's what you mean, we carried the treasure over like this, would not it be coveted by some guy"

After finishing speaking, El looked at Nami and Carina who nodded, then smiled confidently: "Don't worry, with me, whether it's the treasure or you, everything will be fine."

In fact, there is no need for Nami to say more, whether it is the ability to see through their hearts at a glance, or the amazing range of observation haki, El will not allow accidents and dangers to appear.

However, Nami's warm reminder still made El full of appreciation for her.

With such a long sentence, just to remind him of this...

Unlike Carina, who has a strong psychological quality, Nami's heart is still full of fear for him.

If it weren't for the fact that Nami, who had just gone out to sea to see the dangers of the world with his 'incredible' power, might have been thinking of a way to escape at this time.

"Uh hehe...

Of course we trust you, nii-san, but those bastards might have hot weapons.

We'd better be careful."

At this moment, Carina suddenly let out a unique laugh, first reassure El, and then carefully proposed: "How about we hide the treasure first then collect some information here"


El looked at Carina and Nami speechlessly, and there was a hint of appreciation in the depths of his eyes.

As a traveler and being the son of heaven, El could understand the cautiousness of Carina and Nami.

However, at this age, there is such cautiousness, which shows how many setbacks they have encountered.

If you think about it carefully, they will go out to sea to make a living by stealing when they are only eight years old.

If they are not careful, they will not live till eighteen years old, nor will they become well-known "Cat Burglar" and "phantom thief".


El showed a confident smile to the two girl, and assured them again: "Don't worry, I will protect you, I will never let anything happen to you!"


The word 'protect', which was emphasized, hit Carina and Nami's fragile hearts like arrows.

They found the safe haven for the first time, and they were all infected by El's words.

The two girl, who looked at each other silently, nodded vigorously towards El.

At this moment, the two girls really no longer have any fear to El.

Following El from left and right, the three quickly saw the town ahead.

As one of the territories of the Ambry Kingdom and there is a navy branch two hundred nautical miles away.

Although this town is not peaceful, it is not a gray area.

As Nami said, there are only few pirates but the biggest force here is the local gangsters.

Since it is a local force, then their favorite is of course the outsiders.

The gangster are not like pirate, they are just some rubbish who bully the weak and fear the strong.

If the outsider is a navy or pirate, or even a guarded merchant ship and aristocratic fleet, they don't even have the courage to look directly at those 'big men'.

But if it was an unarmed ordinary person, then they would rush towards him like a vicious dog.

Every entrance to the town they have their own eyeliners.

The trio who look good and have bags with treasures in their hands, became their target even if they look only a few years old.

Even before the three arrived in the town, a gang of twenty or so people blocked their way.

'I can finally feel the mood of redfield

Looking at the gangsters who were blocking the road ahead, all with malicious smiles on their faces, El sighed slightly in his heart: "Living in a world like a garbage dump, what I see and encounter every day is Disgusting rubbish, it's really hard to have the attributes of 'cleanliness'."

It is also fortunate that El is a transmigrator, and he was not a blank sheet of paper from birth.

Otherwise, if someone else has the ability to see people's hearts since childhood, they will either be as pure and kind as White Star in the future, or they will be as withdrawn as Redfield and reject the whole world.

But El was lucky, he met Carina and Nami on his first day at sea.

As a traveler, he also knows that there are some people in this world who will not make him feel disgusted and he won't find a pet until old age, like Redfield.


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