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After mooring the ship in the port, the four-step on the port city of Nanohana.

"It's so hot, as expected of a kingdom in the desert."

As soon as she step out, Carina was hit by strong rays of sunlight.

"Is there It feels alright." Nami's lips rose slightly.

"Shut up"

Carina rolled her eyes and said, "Don't stand in front of me...

you're showing off your devil fruit ability are not you"

"Hehehe, have I been found out"

Nami stuck out her tongue and showed a smug smile.

"Let's go, let's buy a cloak first.


Looking up at the cloudless sky and the sun hanging high, El led the three girls and walked towards a small stall.

After purchasing a map of Nanohana.

The four first went to a shop and bought four cloaks and put it on then they bought another portable kettle filled with fresh water.

Walking around the desserts, it's easy to get lost and without carrying enough water with you in case something happened on the road, you may die because of thirst.

Because without renting camels, people would have to walk a day travel from one city to another.

After buying the cloak and freshwater, the four, as always, opened the most expensive room in the most luxurious hotel in the area and then started to touring Nanohana.

As one of the two cities with the largest visitor, in addition to fishing and transportation, Nanohana is also rich in a variety of perfumes.

Although the three girls do not need to use perfume yet, it does not prevent them from being fascinated by these special products and buying one of the various types of perfume, saying that they will use it in the future.

El didn't stop them either, after all, it wasn't his money being spent.

After buying the perfume, the four continued to wander around, buying the special products of Nanohana or tasting some local delicacies.

Until noon, after putting a lot of things back in the room, the four rented two camels and went to Katorea.

Katorea, the base camp of the rebel army in the manga.

But now, this is still the city of oasis on the right side of the Sandora River, together with Elumalu and Yuba on the left side of the territory, it is called the three oasis cities on the kingdom of Alabasta.

In these three cities, the price of fresh water is very low, far less expensive than in the other three cities.

However, as soon as they arrived at Katorea, the four didn't tour the place but returned in disappointment.

So far behind!

Although with millions of population, the kingdom of Alabasta has become one of the rare superpowers in the world.

However, the lack of resources on Sandy Island has made countless people unable to eat enough, let alone a prosperous economy.

The specialty of Katorea, Nanohana have it too

The four were naturally too lazy to waste time here.

After returning to the Nanohana, the night had already fallen, and the four decided to wait until tomorrow morning before heading to the capital of alabasta, the Alubarna(arbana), to have a look.

Just when the four of them were resting, they didn't know that their whereabouts had already entered the eyes of some people and finally found their next stop is indeed the kingdom of Alabasta.

In the Oasis city · Elumalu, in a dimly lit room, the lights were not turned on, but by the way of lighting candles.

A seagull, which should not be in the desert, flew in from outside the window and landed on the shoulders of a man in a white suit.

Then a low voice suddenly sounded slowly from the room.

Under the flickering candlelight, there were two beautiful women in white suits opposite the man.

All three of them wore white masks covering their faces.

"were really being played around by them.

The way these four little devils sail the route is really unique."

"How can anyone just enter the grand line and buy so many eternal pose at the first stop, yet constantly change their route, and sail aimlessly"

A voice full of complaining came from a woman wearing a mask.

"Since we found them, then their luck ended."

The man touched the seagull on his shoulder, and said lightly: "We have wasted a lot of time on this mission, which will most likely affect the BOSS's evaluation of us"

"Let's wait until tomorrow and end this mission."

Due to entering the mode of travel and vacation, it is rare for the four of them to not get up early to train as usual but slept late until they naturally awaken from their sleep.

After washing up, the four simply had something to eat, bought a bucket of fresh water and a bag of fruit, and rode on a rented camel, heading towards the capital city, Alubarna.

Nanohana is a long distance from Alubarna, even if El Observation Haki is enough to cover half a medium-sized island, at this time, the Alubarna cannot be sensed, which shows how big this island is.

The long travel time made all four of them feel bored.

So, the four of them kept looking for various topics to chat with.

When the three girls were talking about girls' topics, El, who couldn't interrupt and started to get distracted.

The current Alabasta is very different from the Alabasta in his impression.

Crocodile has not set his sights on "Pluton", and used rain powder to start a rebellion in this country, and Robin has not helped Crocodile to usurp the power of the Nefertari royal family for the sake of historical text.

The secret criminal syndicate "Baroque Works" established by Crocodile is even more unheard now.

The kingdom of Alabasta at this time was too peaceful.

Recalling the plot of the original manga, El suddenly felt slightly stunned.

Speaking of which, Robin seems to be only eighteen years old now and has not yet entered the grand line from the West Blue.

Thinking of this, El couldn't help but feel pity, as one of the most tragic female characters in the original manga, El is actually full of affection for Robin.

After 20 years of running away, She hasn't turned black, So Robin's body will definitely not emit a breath that makes him feel disgusted.

If they meet, El will definitely reach out to rescue her.

After all, every otaku is hopeless LSP and El is no exception.

(People use this word to refer to themselves or others when they show affection for artworks with sex/lewd implications.)

Robin's appearance and figure, as well as the character of the big sister, are all dishes that El likes.

It is a pity that Robin is not here.


The passive warning that comes with the observation Haki brought El's consciousness back to reality.

Looking at the distorted desert ahead, El suddenly frowned and reminded the three girls around him "Go down and walk, there are three malicious auras ahead"

"Eh—is it the enemy"

The three girls who were chatting were slightly taken aback.

Nami looked astonished and said, "No, we met an enemy in the desert Could it be a local desert bandit"

"Not a bandit, but the world's largest human trafficker"

El, who was able to see through people's hearts, showed a sneer on his face: "The first force to find us, it is really them, they are indeed all-extensive agents."

"The first force Agent"

Hearing these two keywords, the three girls immediately understood what El meant.

"So our first enemy on the Grand Line is Mary Geoise it seems that we will no longer be able to pluck the wool of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters."

Nami put her hands on her hips and said regretfully.

"It doesn't matter, we can still take the pirate's Heads and go to the black market to exchange bounty.


Carina said indifferently: "Although a lot of handling fees will be deducted from exchanging the bounty in the black market, we will still made a profit."

"Here they come!"

At this time, El spoke again to remind them.

They saw the desert area in front as if a mirage appeared, three figures in white suits and white masks appeared out of thin air and walked slowly towards this side.

Looking at the three tall, tall figures that gave people a sense of oppression from a long distance, the faces of Carina and Kuina suddenly became solemn, because just seeing these three people, their bodies instinctively tensed, and goosebumps appeared all over their bodies.

Although they don't know why their body has this reaction, it doesn't prevent Carina and Kuina from knowing that the three people in front are definitely not the existences that they can defeat.

'Such murderous aura, they don't seem to be an ordinary cp member"

Like the two girls, El had goosebumps all over his body.

However, El, who has the Observation Haki, knows why he gets goosebumps.

Because of those three guys in front, their murderous aura is too strong.

Obviously, their hands were covered in blood.


these murderous, also give El a good news.

A murderous aura is also a kind of spiritual energy.

If you can manipulate the invisible murderous aura, you can also awaken your Haki.

These three blood-stained CP members will not even restrain their murderous aura, so they are obviously not Haki powerhouses.

This means that as long as they don't have sea stone weapons in their hands, they are definitely not Nami's opponents,

Thinking of this, El couldn't help but secretly Smile.

Hiding Nami is indeed the right move.

"Young Swordsman, El.

Come with us, Our boss wants to meet you!"

"Don't make unnecessary struggles, or this sister will love you very well."

Just when El was observing the three with the Observation Haki.

The three CP members have also come to their front side.

The male stared at El through the mask.

His voice was emotionless, but it gave people a feeling of aloofness.

On the contrary, the woman on his right hand gave out a charming laugh.

Apparently, none of the three girls was worth looking in their eyes.

In their eyes, the only thing worth looking there is El...

And the current El is just a young swordsman who can wield flying slashes.

Such talent at this age is indeed very amazing.

But no matter how talented a genius is, he is still a weak person before he fully turns his talent into a strength.

Such a swordsman, the three of them don't know how many of them they have killed.

If they weren't worried about any accident, their boss wouldn't even send the three of them at the same time.

If El resists, they don't mind letting this gifted kid experience what pain is.

"I hate your arrogance!"

El, who sees through their heart and sees everything in his eyes, does not allow anyone in this world to be more arrogant than him.

He raise his hand and put his hand on the hilt of his sword, and smiled provocatively at the three of them: "If you have that ability, you might as well try it!"


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