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The time comes on December 29 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar

After several days of sailing, the ship finally arrived at the little garden of the "Island of Ancient Times".

The reason why it took so long is that even the black market does not have the eternal pose of the little garden, and the four of them can only go to the "Cactus Island" whiskey peak, one of seven different routes that one can travel across through the first half of the Grand Line.

"Look, look...

It's recorded in the book.

It's an extinct pterosaur, right!"

When the ship approached the ancient island, Nami seemed to have discovered something, pulled El's arm, pointed at the sky, and shouted excitedly.

They see that over the ancient island, there was a huge pterosaur, hovering in the air in search of prey on the ground.

"The grand line is truly amazing, there are even islands full of extinct creatures," Carina sighed slightly while standing on the other side of El.

El raised his hand to pat Nami and Carina on the head and instructed them "After the ship docks, Nami you stay on the boat to protect Carina and Kuina, and I will go to the island to get what I want.

I will be back soon.

Also, even if you are curious about this island, don't just wander around.

There are a lot of poisonous insects that are already extinct, that are deemed to be incurable when bitten."

The three girls nodded again and again.

When the ship docked, El untied the thick rope tied to the stern of the ship and pulled up the submerged large wine bottle.

As if holding a hill, El held the wine bottle in one hand and walked slowly towards the depths of the forest on the ancient island.

Looking at his back, Nami sighed slightly:

"It's really convenient to read others' memory, even though it was the first time for Nii-san to enter the Grand Line, but he knew that there are two giants here, as well as the "spear of Elbaf" of the giant kingdom."

"Yeah, I really feel safe with him" Kuina nodded in agreement.

Only Carina glanced at the two girls with a pitying look.


Two simple little idiots.

Not counting this island, they have only visited three islands when they entered the Grand Line.

These three islands, among them the town sheltered by the black market and the Cactus Island, they followed El not far away.

On the island separated from them, there is only the Drum Island.

Drum Island is not an island on this route.

Nii-san only left for a while.

In such a short time, he couldn't possibly read the memories of everyone on Drum Island, right and after leaving for a while, Nii-san also gets the top paramecia type devil fruit and after they leave Drum Island, he went back to the black market town to buy wine and medicine then went straight to this island.

Even if the person whose memory was read by Nii-san knows the existence of the Giant Kingdom, it is impossible to know that there are two giants on this ancient island, which has no eternal pose even on the black market.

Even if you know that there are two giants here, it is impossible to know the "spear of elbaf", right

But these, Nii-san knows all about it.

And after landing on Drum Island, he took them to find Dr.

Kureha before reading other people's memories.

These acts of El, in Nami and Kuina's eyes, seem quite normal.

But in Carina's eyes, she was full of doubts.

Just like when El first met the two girls, he read their memories, but then he said words that were incompatible with his actions, which aroused Carina's suspicion.

If it wasn't for her trust and loyalty to El in her heart, She would have been wary of El.

But now, Carina doesn't care.

Although there is no ability to sense the other emotions, but their eyes are not blind.

Their Nii-san, even the precious Logia, and Paramecia type devil fruit are given to them without hesitation, how could he possibly harm them

On Nii-san, there must be some unspeakable secret!

Looking at the entrance to the forest where El has disappeared, Carina thought to herself.

On Carina's thoughts, El didn't know.

Even if he knew, he would only smile happily.

As the bond grows deeper and deeper, apart from not revealing his identity as a traverser, and reading people's hearts 24/7, El has nothing to hide from the three girls

Carina can perceive this, El will always be happy for her sharp mind, so he can rest assured and let her help him share the pressure in the future.

After entering the forest, El went straight in the direction of the "Red Ghost" Brogy.

Under his observation Haki that completely covered the entire ancient island, Brogy, has been in his eyes since he first step on the island.

At this time, Brogy, his huge 21-meter-tall body, was lying on a grass dozing and waiting for the eruption of the volcano in the center of the island and continued his battle with the "Blue Ghost".


Or when he was hungry, he would get up to hunt and eat.

This already lasted for ninety years,

And the reason why the two broke out in the fight is even more Outrageous that normal people will feel dumbfounded when they hear it.

The reason for their duel was because they captured a sea king at the same time, and then because of a little girl's question, they began to argue about whose prey is bigger, and finally, the two decided to fight on the ancient island, and only the survivors can return to their hometowns.

In the last century, the "Giant warrior Pirates", a world-famous pirates group, because the two captains have been unable to tell the winner, they chose to disband their pirate's group and return to their hometown, waiting for news.

In the end, it took them a century of waiting.

For this duel reason, it can also be seen that the brains of the giants are all single-minded existences.

People they admire will be seen by them as friend

People they hate will be seen by them as an enemy.

But El doesn't want to be friends with them, even though these two giants are pure people who don't exude an aura that makes him feel disgusted because El's current camp can change at any time.

In the future, he will surely enter the strongest stage in the Grand Line with the attitude of reigning over the world.

At that time, even if he didn't want to compete for the world, he had to establish his own position.

Just like the free "red-haired pirates, their goal is not to dominate the world, but Shanks will still become the fourth pirate emperor of the Grand Line in the next few years...

On the way to the top, there will be many accidents.

To avoid accidents that would make it difficult for him in the future, El did not want to establish bonds with other people and forces except for the three girls.

In this way, he will be able to do whatever he can to achieve his goals.

El soon arrives at the Brogy's place

in the area, looking at Brogy, who was sleeping soundly and groaning sound like thunder, El put the wine bottle upright.

He Jumps on the top of the bottle and opens it.

In an instant, the incomparably rich aroma of wine emanated from the wine bottle.


Just as El jumped off the bottle and found a place to hide.

The Invisible aroma slowly floated to Brogy's nose

The wine aroma was like a needle, instantly piercing Brogy's snot bubble, and a pair of eyes filled with excitement suddenly opened.

"Wine it's the smell of fine wine!"

Brogy looked in the direction where the aroma of the wine came and grinned, he turned over on all fours and rushed towards the wine bottle like a vicious dog.

His body that's like a mountain then fell heavily

on the ground, there was a sudden violent earthquake.

Fortunately, Life Return will instinctively control his body according to the changes in the environment, so that El's grip on the ground suddenly improved to the extreme, and his body does not sway at all.

Looking at Brogy who was already holding the wine bottle and began to drink, El shook his head secretly.

So....he seems to be stupid.

Should he befriends him or he will feel uncomfortable even if he is hard-hearted.

After living on the island for ninety years and nearly a century, a bottle filled with wine suddenly appeared, any normal person would be suspicious and vigilant.

But Brogy didn't think so much, only knew that he had found a good wine.

Giants are a race that loves to drink and eat meat.

Having stayed in this place for nearly a hundred years, Brogy hasn't had a drink in years.

Brogy, who smells the aroma of wine now, is like Sanji, who has been on Shemale Island for two years and finally sees a woman again, and it's also a peerless beauty.

Without any conspiracy, El just opened the cap and let Brogy quickly drink half bottle of the fine wine

The reason why he didn't drink it all at once was that Brogy was reluctant to drink it all at once.

"Ka Ka Ka Ka Ka...Boom!"

With a large intake of wine, Brogy who just let out a unique laugh, with a contented expression, he fell heavily to the ground.

The unfinished drink began to slowly spill because of Brogy's fall and he refused to let go.

Fortunately, only a little wine spilled.

El came with the huge bottle cap and sealed the wine again.

Looking at Brogy, who started to sleep soundly again, El sighed: "As expected of the giants, I poured so much sleeping powder into it, just a little bit can stun an elephant, and he ended up drinking half a bottle before he lie down"

After speaking, El came to the back of Brogy's head, put his hand on his unwashed head, and began to read his memory.


El's Haki, For the first time, it was like a faucet that was unscrewed and began to flow out quickly.

(Haki is a mysterious power that allows the user to utilize their own spiritual energy for various purposes)

The active ability to read people's hearts which is reading memory needs to consume a small amount of Haki before being able to read the person he touches.

And this small amount of Haki, the more memory you read, the more Haki you consume.

And Brogy, who is over a hundred years old, wanting to read his memory, not only he needs to consume a large amount of Haki.

Especially after reading the training methods of the "Spear of Elbaf" in his more than 100 years of memory, El was already prepared for failure.

That's why El didn't come over to read Brogy's memory secretly while he was sleeping but beat him down with fine wine.

Fortunately, Brogy has fought on the Isle of Ancients for 90 years.

El only used half of his Haki to successfully find the training method of "Spear of Elbaf" in Brogy's memory, as well as his memories of using the "Spear of Elbaf".

He just needs to digest this part of the memory and El will get the training method of the "Spear of Elbaf" and the experience of using it in Brogy memories.

With his talent and physical quality, he will soon be able to master the - "The Gun of Elbaf"


Hakoku (Hakoku, literally meaning "Warrior Nation"): Putting all of their strength into it, Dorry and Brogy each call upon Elbaf's "warrior code", and slash their weapons at the ocean, creating two compressed air beams (Dorry's is blue, while Brogy's is red) that will slice through anything in their path, even the ocean itself.


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