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For people with mediocre talents, it is difficult to make much progress in one year, especially for children who are in their infancy.

At most, they grow taller in one year.

But for monsters like El and Charlotte Linlin, a year is a tremendous change.

El's birthday is February 2.

It has been half a year since he met Carina and Nami.

In the past six months, El has grown rapidly.

In terms of swordsmanship, with a single draw of the sword, he can send out a flying slash if it is full force, it will be flying in units of 'mile'.

The coverage of the observation haki has also reached the level of half of a medium-sized island.

His body has grown ten centimeters taller, reaching 1.55 meters.

Such an obvious change in height shows that El's physique has become much stronger in the past six months.

The increase in physique has also increased the upper limit he can achieve with his speed and strength in life return".

After walking out of the hotel, El came to an alley, put on a cloak bought in Loguetown, and put on a mask with a smiling face.

Then just with a thought, he turned into an afterimage that was difficult to capture with the naked eye and dashing towards the palace of the Drum Kingdom.

With the help of the observation Haki, El's figure is like a ghost, successfully bypassing all obstacles and sneaking into the palace of the drum kingdom.

Although the Drum Kingdom is one of the top 50 kingdoms of the year, in terms of an army it's far inferior to the "Alabasta Kingdom" known as the "Desert Kingdom".

After sneaking into the palace, El avoided all surveillance phone bugs, followed his perception into a room, stunned the only breath in the room, and then read the other party's memory.

Soon, El had some information about the palace, and he knew who the king was and where he was now.

After hiding the unconscious person, El quickly stunned the guards outside the door again, found the king who had rested early due to physical reasons, and stunned him again.

After reading the king's memory, El really found the information of the superhuman type Tuntun Fruit in his mind, and also confirmed that the Baku Baku no Mi Fruit had not been eaten by wapol and it was hidden in this room.

Finding a secret compartment and opening it, inside is a safe with a lock combination.

After entering the password, El opened the safe and immediately saw that it was filled with various gems and documents, as well as a treasure chest that took up one-tenth of the space of the safe.

Inside the treasure chest is the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit - the Baku Baku no Mi fruit.

After taking out the treasure chest and opening it, El saw that there was indeed a purple fruit inside that looked like a piranha.

then he put all the gems in the safe into the treasure chest and disappeared in the room.

As the saying goes: come and go without leaving a trace.

With his speed, and ability to read people's hearts and memories, if he is a thief, he can definitely become the number one thief in the world.

Especially the magical ability to read memory makes Carina feel very envious.

She needs to work hard to inquire about the news, and she still can't confirm the authenticity of the news.

El only needs to consume a certain amount of haki to read the memory of the other party.

Not only the information, but all the details of the opponent will be invisible in front of El.

After leaving the palace, El took off his mask and cloak then wrapped it in the treasure chest, and quickly returned to the hotel.

"Pack up, we'll leave Drum Island now."

El, who returned to the suite, did not immediately share the results of his trip with the three girls but instructed the three girls who were playing cards.


Looking at the treasure box that El unwraps from the cloak, the three girls were slightly taken aback.

Then the three girls, who seemed to realize something, nodded hurriedly, got up to pack their things, didn't even want the deposit for the room, leaving the hotel and returning to the ship, and leaving Drum Island overnight.


In the sea, a ship sails slowly.

Inside the cabin on the third deck, the lights are still bright.


so many gems, where did you get it nii-san"

"And this fruit, isn't it a devil fruit"

"The shape and color, and even the pattern on it, are different from Nami's burnt fruit.

What type of devil fruit is this"

When El opened the treasure chest, the three girls exclaimed in surprise when they saw what was inside.

Nami's beautiful eyes instantly turned into the shape of $, and she looked at the gem inside with golden light.

And Carina and Kuina's eyes fell on the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit Baku Baku no Mi.

"Yes, this is a devil fruit."

El took the devil Fruit out of the treasure chest and looked at Carina and Kuina then said, "It's a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, it's name is - Baku Baku no Mi"

"Baku Baku no Mi"

Hearing the name of the devil fruit, Carina and Kuina frowned slightly.

Carina even subconsciously complained: "What a strange name, it's related to the ability to 'eat', right"

"you are right."

El nodded and said, "Baku Baku no Mi, as the name suggests, whoever eats this fruit will become able to eat anything like Nami's ability to turn into flames."

"Baku Baku no Mi...

what a weird name."

Hearing this, Carina complained again.

Kuina also nodded in agreement.

El was not surprised by the reaction of the two women, and continued: "Although the name is a bit strange, this Devil Fruit is one of the top devil fruit in the Paramecia-type."

"Those with Baku Baku no Mi fruit can eat anything and even living things and turn them into a part of its body."

"For example, if you eat a gun, your body can become a gun; another example, if you eat a house, your body can become a house..."

"In addition to these, you can also eat other devil fruit user to temporarily use their devil fruit ability."

"you can even eat yourselves, and then freely change the shape of their bodies, etc..."



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