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After going down the mountain, the four went to buy the required instruments for making nutritional supplements before the hospital closed.

It stands to reason that hospitals would not sell such equipment.

But under El's money offense, the hospital broke this rule in an instant and sold a brand new set of instrument to El at five times the purchase price.

After moving all the instruments to the ship, El went to the largest pharmacy, bought a large amount of the medicinal herbs, filling the oversized backpack.

The oversized backpack was the same size as the backpack Luffy wore when he returned to the Sabaody Archipelago after two years of training.

With El's current height, he couldn't carry the oversized backpack that was a few people tall on his back, so he could only hold it with one hand and put it back on the ship.

After buying the medicinal herbs, the four did not leave the Drum Island immediately.

Since no pirates dared to make trouble here, the four did not even live on the ship but returned to the hotel.

When night fell, the four had dinner in the room.

El took a shower and came out, and suddenly said to the three girls "I'll go out for a while.

You can play cards in the room to relieve your boredom.

If you want to go out, Nami remembers to accompany Carina and Kuina and protect them."


The three girls nodded obediently, without asking where El was going.

After El left, the three girls got together and whispered at each other.

"Carina, why do you think Nii-san went out so late" Nami asked curiously, looking at the think tank in the team.

Carina pinched her chin and guessed: "If nothing else, Nii-san is out to collect information."

"Drum Island is different from the affiliated countries we have been to.

Pirates and navy can't fight each other.

It can be said that it is a mix of fish and dragons."

"In addition, there is a permanent army garrison on the Drum Kingdom everywhere, and it is inconvenient for Nii-san to gather information with us, so he went out alone."

"...I see."

Carina's analysis made sense, and both Nami and Kuina believed it.

In fact, El was not there to gather intelligence, but the real purpose of this trip to Drum Island.

Yes, the real purpose!

Coming to Drum Island to ask Dr.

Kureha and obtaining the method for making the nutritional supplement, it is mainly for the three girls, not for himself.

With "Life Return", as long as he keeps eating meat with high nutrition and calories, the effect obtained will not be worse than that of a "nutritional supplement".

But when El arrived at the first stop of the grand line, he couldn't wait to buy the eternal pointer of Drum Island and came here in

race against time.

In addition to finding a shortcut for the three girls to become stronger, it is more for the "supreme Plan 1.0" specially prepared for himself after leaving the Twin Cape.

In Cocoyasi Village Village, El told Kuina that if his favorite Devil Fruit appeared in front of him, he would definitely eat it.

Because El does not have a so-called system, and there is no external force to take him to another world and use the power of other worlds to break through the ceiling of one piece.

If nothing else, he will live in this world for the rest of his life.

In this way, El must have the strongest power in history, so as not to be killed by the powerhouse such as Mary Geoise.

swordsmanship, physique, and Haki all have their ends.

Those who have raised all three to the extreme are at most only the strongest people in the world, and they are still far from being the strongest in history.

Only a person who combines devil fruit, swordsmanship, physique, and Haki, and raises them all to the extreme, is qualified to become the strongest man in the world history.

Moreover, this Devil Fruit must be the strongest in some aspects and even have a strategic effect that the world fears.

Whitebeard at his peak was such an existence.

The mutated human body of Whitebeard has made the Gura Gura no Mi the strongest Paramecia-type Devil Fruit.

But at the same time, the Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi Fruit, has also achieved the name of the strongest Paramecia devil fruit in the world with Whitebeard.

If the host is not Whitebeard, the Gura Gura no Mi fruit will not be the strongest in the Paramecia type.

Likewise, Whitebeard wouldn't be known as a man who could destroy the world with the Shock wave.

El's favorite devil fruit is at the strategic level devil fruit.

And the strategic-level Devil Fruit he knew, in addition to Whitebeard's Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, Gura Gura no Mi, there were two more.

And now, El came to Drum Island specially for the part of the Devil Fruit in his "supreme Plan 1.0".

The biggest purpose of El's coming here is to snatch the Paramecia type Baku Baku no Mi Fruit.


The one of the two strategic-level Devil Fruits that El likes are Paramecia-type Baku Baku no Mi Fruits.

However, the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi Fruit, is related to speculation of El.

If his conjecture is confirmed, then he can use the power of the Paramecia-type Baku Baku no Mi fruit to obtain his favorite Devil Fruit for himself.

In addition, the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit is also one of the top devil fruit in the Paramecia type.

Those with Baku Baku no Mi can eat any substance, including living things.

The living things that are eaten with Baku Baku no Mi can become part of the body, including the devil fruit that the person has.


Those with Baku Baku no Mi fruit can eat others that have eaten devil fruit and temporarily using their devil fruit.

That is to say, those who eat the Baku Baku no Mi can break the rules of the sea and become a person with two devil fruit abilities, or even a person with three devil fruit abilities in a short period of time.

But the more outrageous the devil fruit, the more useless its host is.

This is true for those with the abilities of the Paramecia type Noro Noro no Mi fruit(Slow-Slow Fruit), the Paramecia type, the Doa Doa no Mi fruit(door-door fruit), and the Paramecia type, Hobi Hobi no Mi(Sugars) and the same is true for the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi.

However, at this stage, El believes that the Paramecia-type Baku Baku no Mi Fruit has not been eaten by wapol yet.

Because in the memory of the pharmacy waiter he read, there was no rumor that the prince, wapol, was a devil fruit user, or he could eat anythingthing.

And the current king, who can lead the Drum Kingdom to become one of the fifty best kingdoms among the more than 170 members affiliated country of Mary Geoise, must know the preciousness of the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi.

If the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit has not been eaten, it must be hidden by the current king.

It is very likely that after becoming a king, wapol obtained the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit from his father's inheritance.

And now, El is going to cut off wapol fate and get the Paramecia type, Baku Baku no Mi fruit.


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