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When El starts making nutritional supplements, he shocks Dr.

Kureha again.

El, who is born with the ability to read people's hearts and control his body perfectly, no matter which field he develops in, he will be definitely be master in this field in the future.

These two talents allow El to learn quickly no matter what, and he can also read the memories of experts in the field and directly copy the other party's efforts for so many years.

If El wanted to be a doctor, he only needed to read the memories of the famous doctors on Drum Island, take a moment to digest their knowledge, and El could immediately stand on the operating table and start saving lives.

Just like how he can use standard basic swordsmanship just by looking at it once.

The perfect control ability allows El to control the steps and time during the manufacturing process, no less than Dr.


Yes, not inferior to Dr.

Kureha at all.

When Dr.

Kureha was making it, El had been observing her inner thoughts with his ability.

Her every movements, what she thought in her heart, was watched by El.

What El imitated was not only Dr.

Kureha's movements but also her thoughts when she went through those steps.

This kind of talent, which is one in a million, makes Dr.

Kureha's eyes show a rare fiery color.

But in the next second, it was replaced by regret.

Seeing El's talent, Dr.

Kureha had the same idea as Koushirou, she wanted to take El as her apprentice.

But soon, she dismissed the idea again.

As a 130-year-old, her experience was amazing, and it was obvious at a glance that El was not the kind of person who could stand loneliness.

It is harder to let this little devil learn medicine than to let him die.

El didn't know what Dr.

Kureha was thinking.

Right now, he was concentrating on making nutritional supplements, he didn't have time to distract himself and observe Dr.

Kureha's thoughts.

As time passes, he don't know how long it take...

Looking at the green liquid in the bottle in front of him, El couldn't help showing a smile full of accomplishment.

The first production was successful, he is indeed a genius among geniuses!

"Little brat, remember not to waste your talent."


Kureha, who saw the process in her eyes, took a sip of wine, but did get drunk, reminded him solemnly "Although talent determines the upper limit, but everyone's time is limited."

"If you don't develop all your potential within the specified time, and when you pass the stage suitable for developing your potential, your potential will gradually fade away, and the talent that could have been called the world's number one talent will also decline by more than one grade, the same as those who were second only to you before."

"At that time, even if you regret it, you won't be able to make up for it."

"Thank you for reminder Dr.

Kureha, I will keep your teachings in mind!"

El put down the nutrient solution in his hand and bowed to Dr.

Kureha sincerely.

He knew what Dr.Kureha said was true.

Because in the second half of the great route, there is a monster who wastes her talent.

As a monster favored by the world, she was originally the daughter of that era.

As long as she could fully fulfill her talents, even if she was not the strongest in the world, she would still be the strongest candidate for the strongest in the world.

And the monsters in the Grand Line, whether it is the golden age of the previous era or the current era of the great pirates, except for the El, no one has talent that can match Charlotte Linlin.

Charlotte Linlin, who was born with invulnerability and tremendous strength, it is no exaggeration to say that she was born standing on the finish line that countless people could not reach at the end of their life.

This shows how terrifying her upper limit is.

If she maintains her figure and continues to develop her talents and devil fruit, no one knows how strong she will become.

Although she has abandoned her talent, Charlotte Linlin is still one of the three emperors in the grand line, and the sea recognized her as the strongest pirate queen.

But this achievement is simply a tragedy for the world's favor for her.

Look at what the 6-year-old Whitebeard is doing a 6-year-old Charlotte Linlin has become a world-famous monster rookie with a bounty of 50 million Belly for the first time.

This is the gap between ordinary humans and monsters.

For El, Charlotte Linlin is a failure.

He must learn his lessons from Charlotte Linlin and become a monster who fully realizes his talents.

Only in this way can El have the confidence to sit firmly on the top, fearing nothing, and become a chess player in the troubled world that will come in twelve years.

After learning how to make nutritional supplements, El asked Dr.Kureha for some simple medical skills.

After all, there were not many opportunities.

In this regard, Dr.Kureha did not refuse.

After all, for many years, there have been no young people who she admires.

Now that one finally appeared, she did not hesitate to teach El.

Not only that, but she also gave El a few copies of what she wrote when she debuted, letting him study by himself from a dozens of medical books that have not been touched for hundreds of years.

It was not until the afternoon that El took the three girls to say goodbye to Dr.


"Nii-san, have you gotten the method for making nutritional supplements"

Inside the cable car, Carina asked curiously while holding El's arm.

"Well, I've learned it."

El nodded, looked at Kuina and Nami on the opposite side, and smiled: "After we go down the mountain, let's go buy the manufacturing instruments and materials, and I can make nutritional supplement for you."

"I have already drunk the nutritional supplement, and the effect is amazing.

If you drink it for a long time, I believe that you can definitely gain the results of a few years of tough training in a year."

"Really the effect is so exaggerated"

Hearing El's words, Carina and the two girls couldn't help but open their mouths slightly, looking at him in disbelief.


El nodded and continued: "The nutritional supplement is the essence refined from a large number of medicinal herbs.

The energy contained in it is comparable to the nutrients of several sea beasts."

"Your body can't fully eat a sea beast, but you can drink a bottle of nutritional supplement."

"As long as you can fully absorb the medical effects of nutritional supplement, it is equivalent to completely digesting the nutrition of a few sea beasts...

I eat a few sea beasts a day.

Drinking a bottle of nutritional supplements is equivalent to having my food intake.

If you drink it for a long time, do you still think that its effect is exaggerated"

"...I see!"

the three girls suddenly looked stunned.

Especially Kuina, who is most eager to become stronger among the three girls, her beautiful eyes are already shining with dazzling light.

If the effect is really so amazing, then she can quickly become stronger and be no longer a burden to El!


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