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That old woman when she looked at Nii-san her eyes were so scary!"

Walking on the corridor leading to the living room, Carina patted her chest and exhaled heavily.

"Of course, the other party has already ventured out to sea more than a hundred years ago." El nodded.

"One...a hundred years ago"

"Really doesn't that mean that the age of that old woman is already...

more than a hundred years old"

the three girls were all taken aback by El's words.

Carina even calculated the time for normal people to go to sea, and almost couldn't help exclaiming.

Finally, she remember El's reminder, and she covered her mouth and whispered to El.

"yes." El nodded.


The three girls couldn't help but gasp.

Except for the Fishmen, they had never seen other races, and they were all shocked by Kureha's age.

What is even more shocking is that such an old woman has not yet retired and is still working as a doctor.

Thinking of this, the three girls couldn't help but think of Kureha's words "Want to know the secret of my eternal youth"

The secret of eternal youth, they really want it!

El, who saw their thoughts, shook his head helplessly.

When you are only a few years old, yet you already care about your future self appearance.

Women are really strange creatures.

When they came to the living room of the castle, the four chatted while waiting for Kureha to appear.

In the entire castle, there is currently no one other than Kureha.

Chopper in the manga is only 5 years old according to the age of humans, and it is even unknown whether he has already eaten the Hito Hito no Mi devil fruit.

El vaguely remembered that during the time when Chopper was taken in by Kureha, the king of Drum Island was already wapol.

That is to say, there are still many years before Kureha takes in Chopper, at least in the period when the medical country is no longer glorious.

"...Little devil, go down and buy these things."

they don't know how long it took.

Finally, Kureha ended her experiment and walked out of the corridor.

Before the four can stand up to greet her, Kureha took out a book and threw it to El as she went to get the wine.

She didn't even look at El, but the book hit El's pocket precisely.

"Yes, Dr.


El, who took the book, nodded obediently, then gave the three girls a look, and say them "I'll go down alone, you guys stay here."

"Yes, Nii-san."

The three girls also nodded obediently.

Holding the book, El walked out of the castle and took the cable car to go down the mountain.

Sitting in the carriage, El opened the book that Dr.

Kureha gave him, and found that it was filled with medicinal herbs that he did not understand at all, and some things that he did not know whether they were medicinal herbs or not.

But El didn't care either.

Now that he has left the three girls behind, if he doesn't understand anything, he can just read the memories of pedestrians.

After coming down from the top of the mountain, El first went to the bank to withdraw a sum of money, then went to the largest local pharmacy, handed the book to the waiter of the drugstore, and observed the inner thoughts of the waiter to prevent himself from deceiving.

Fortunately, The Drum Island are still a big medical country.

There are almost all kinds of materials here, and even the materials in the small pharmacy are 100% genuine.

Obviously, those suppliers also know that Drum Island is a big medical country, and there is no shortage of doctors with keen eyes.

Their success rate in selling fake materials here is countless times more difficult than on other islands.

It took more than half an hour for the things written in the book to be packaged separately by the waiter and put in a backpack.

After paying more than 30 million Belly, El took a deep look at the waiter and walked out of the pharmacy with his backpack.

However, just as the pharmacy's customers came and went out, it took a long time for it to become deserted.

Whoosh - bang!

An afterimage that could not be captured by the naked eye flashed from the outside to the back of the waiter, like teleporting.

With a hand knife, El stunned the waiter directly.

Reaching out his hand and pressing it on the unconscious waiter's head, El directly read the other party's memory.

After El has digested the other party's memory, He believes he will change from a layman who knows nothing about medicinal herbs to a knowledgeable no less than the waiter.

However, before El had time to digest these memories, he turned into an afterimage and left the pharmacy.

It wasn't until he sat in the carriage of the cable car that El quickly digested the waiter's memory.

Throwing away all the useless information and only absorbing the knowledge related to medicinal herbs, he slowly turn it into his own.

"...It's pretty fast, come with me!"

After El came back with the medical herbs on his back, Kureha, who was flushed from drinking, praised, then got up and took El back to her laboratory.

Next, in a drunken state, Dr.

Kureha personally demonstrated the manufacturing method of the nutritional supplement.

Seeing this scene, El once again felt extremely right that he gave up waiting for Crocus and came to ask Dr.


The other party is indeed a master on pharmacy!

He only asked her for advice two hours ago.

After the other party came out of the laboratory, she had already prepared the formula, and now she has begun to manufacture it.

This speed is simply incredible!

But even more amazing is yet to come.

"...Well, drink it."


Kureha, who had refined the large amount of medicinal herbs and things that he did not know whether they were medicinal herbs or not, turn it into green liquid and put it in a bottle before handing it to him.

There was no fluctuation in her tone, and he couldn't tell whether the thing in front of him was a finished product or a failed product.

Of course...

this only is for other people.

"Thank you, senior."

While watching Dr.

Kureha demonstrate how to make it, El, who used his ability to read her inner thoughts, took the 'drink' that Dr.

Kureha handed over, and drank it without hesitation.

El only felt a heat surge in his stomach as the liquid slid down through his throat.

This heat flow is not as hot as fire, but as warm as warm water.


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