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There are many mountains on Drum Island, and there are two ways to go up in the mountain.

One is to climb up by one's own ability, and the other is to pay a sum of money to take the cable car to the top of the mountain.

El and Nami both have the ability to take the other two up the mountain, but with their savings of one billion Belly, they are not willing to suffer this hardship just for a small amount of money.

After giving the payment, the four of them took the cable car to the top of the mountain.

In front of them is a castle that stands on the snow and exudes an ancient atmosphere.

The castle is at least decades, even hundreds of years old.

The owner of the castle is a 129-year-old 'witch'.

More than a hundred years old is nothing to the giants.

But for ordinary humans, even mutant humans like Whitebeard and Charlotte Linlin, it is already too old.

And Dr Kureha not only lived up to 129 years old but even after another ten years, she still looks like the same.

To be able to live to this age, Dr Kureha must have a secret for her longevity.

Maybe it was because she drank the 'drug' made by herself that she was able to live until now.

For more than 100 years, no one knew what the realm of Dr Kureha's medical skills had reached.

But what is certain is that the King of the pirate ship doctor, Crocus, is definitely inferior in front of Kureha.

If she is willing to teach El how to make a nutritional supplement, then this nutritional supplement is definitely the most advanced in the world.

There are three types of doctors on Drum Island.

One is that they are not famous enough.

They practice in the hospital specially built for doctors in the Drum Kingdom, or they work as ordinary doctors.

The second is a famous doctor who has made a name for himself and now only treats privileged people.

The third is not working in the hospital, but opened a small clinic in other parts of Drum Island, specializing in treating the destined people.


Kureha is the third type.

Although the name "Witch" is very loud on Drum Island, except for some older generation who are relatively old and really know how amazing the medical skills of "Witch" are, others will not seek treatment from Dr.


Because Dr.

Kureha had been semi-retired for many years until she was the only doctor left on Drum Island, she would disdain stealing the business of those juniors.

In addition, Dr.

Kureha's charges are very high, even more, outrageous than any famous doctors in the hospital.

Therefore, the castle has very little traffic and is very quiet.

dong dong dong...

Coming to the door of the castle, El knocked on the door of the castle.

"...Come in, the door is unlocked."

An old and powerful voice sounded from above the door.

Glancing at the horn-shaped microphone above, El pushed the door directly and then walked towards the aura he felt with observation haki.

On the way, no one came to entertain El.

'Sure enough...

It will be one hundred and thirty years old soon, and an old monster who has experienced countless eras, how could she not use observation Haki.


After sensing that the aura wave had not moved, and at the same time, through the ability to read people's hearts, he found that the owner of the aura was also surprisingly powerful person.

Perhaps, the other party had already ventured out to sea before rocks d xebec's father was born.

"...When you see the doctor, remember not to call him old woman."

As if remembering something, El suddenly reminded the three girls beside him in a low voice.


Although they don't know why El said that, the three Carina girls nodded obediently.

dong dong dong...

After a while, El came to the door of a room, and then knocked on the door again.

"...come in."

The old and powerful sounded again, but this time from the inside.

"excuse me."

El said politely, then pushed the door open.

As soon as they entered the door, a picture that looked like a laboratory with complex instruments everywhere suddenly caught the eyes of the four.

In front of an instrument, there is also an old woman who is very fashionably dressed with a pair of sunglasses on her forehead.

Seeing this old woman, if it wasn't for El's reminder, the three Carina girls almost blurted out subconsciously: "What a fashionable old woman."

Fortunately, they did not speak except for their red lips slightly parted.

"Huh It's so small..."


Kureha, who was fiddling with the liquid in the test tube, subconsciously glanced at the four.

When she saw that the aura she felt with observation haki was actually a teenager with baby fat on his face, a hint of surprise appeared on her wrinkled face.

Awakening observation Haki at such a young age, wouldn't he be born with observation Haki

And with this level of physical fitness, where did the little monster come from

Kureha, who was full of doubts, did not ask directly.

But what she thought in her heart was visible in front of El's ability.

At this, El was surprised for a while.

As expected of an old monster over 100 years old, just by finding his position with her observation Haki, she guessed that he has observation Haki, and also thought of it being born with.

El, who was surprised in his heart, bowed respectfully to Dr Kureha "Hello, doctor Kureha, my name is El, I'm here to seek advice this time.

Please teach me."

The corners of Dr Kureha's lips rose slightly, and she subconsciously said her mantra: "Do you want to know the secret of my eternal youth"

El was stunned, looking like an honest child for a moment, and said: "I'm only eight years old this year, and I don't need the secret of eternal youth, I'm here to ask you, senior, how to make a nutritional supplement to make our body reasonably develop in advance and quick way and develop our talents."

"The nutritional supplement that will make your body develop reasonably in advance, I didn't expect you to have such an idea at a young age..."

Kureha's eyes lit up and then looked at El meaningfully: "I thought you were already twelve or thirteen years old, but I didn't expect you to be eight years old...

Your current state is already developing in advance.

Now, did you come here to ask me for advice, is it for the little girls around you"


El nodded honestly.

"I can teach you, but my fee is very expensive." Kureha readily agreed to El.

"I know."

From Carina's hand, El took the only box that was not deposited in the bank, he opened it and said to Kureha, "Is 100 million Belly enough If not, please give us some time, and I will Go out and collect money!"

"...Little brat, you remind me of two little devils who were very active at sea decades ago."

Looking at the box full of banknotes, Kureha took a deep look at El again, and then glanced at the three girls standing on his left and right side "there are so many cute little girls beside you, I thought you were just like that lonely kid."

After speaking, Kureha looked away and continued to fiddle with the test tube in her hand: "One hundred million bellies is enough, go out and sit in the living room."

"Thank you, senior."

El bowed again, then walked out of the room with three girls and gently closed the door.

Through the ability to read people's hearts, El also knew who the two little devils that Kureha was talking about.

One is Charlotte Linlin, and the other is a lonely little devil - "Red the Aloof" Patrick Redfield.

Even knowing the characteristics of these two people, she is indeed a hidden old monster!


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