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Drum Island is one of the most famous islands on the Grand Line.

It is named after the shape of the mountain peak on the island, which is like a magnetic drum.

But rather than the name of Drum Island, the world is more willing to use the alias of medicine country to call it.

Now is the last month of the year 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

Mary Geoise's World Conference has only just ended a few months ago.

There are still four full years before the next World Conference.

That is to say, the glory of the medicine country of Drum Island will continue for several years.

It was not until the death of the current king that his son Wapol succeeded the throne and exiled all the doctors on the island that this world-famous medicine country gradually became history.

However, the current king will only start the final countdown next year.

Drum Island is still the same as the Water 7, and it is one of the most prosperous islands in the first half of the Grand Line.

Just like how it's impossible on going to the sea without a boat, it's also impossible not to get sick.

The cost of medical treatment in Drum Island has also made it one of the richest affiliated countries.

Every year, it can pay an astronomical amount of Heavenly Tribute.

Its king has never been absent from the World Conference.

In the waters near Drum Island, there is a powerful navy branch that protects Drum Island from the harassment of pirates.


El was curious about what kind of a stupid king he was to do such a thing as ruining his kingdom that lays a golden egg .

He really doesn't know if wapol is the illegitimate son of the current king who was secretly greened(NTR) by the Celestial Dragon and exiled outside.

The word pig is well deserved.

After several days of sailing, the four finally arrived at Drum Island.

Before the medicine country became history, the passenger flow of Drum Island was very large, not only people from nearby islands, but also people from other countries who traveled with their own escorts, or the rich nobles who were escorted by kingdom warships, and even people such as pirates and navy...

Yes, pirates and navy appeared on Drum Island at the same time, but no battle broke out.

Because each affiliated country has its own army, unless the navy receives a request for help from the affiliated country, it cannot easily take action on the territory of the affiliated country.

Even if you want to do it, you must report it to the affiliated country first.

Otherwise, they will be investigated and receive punishment ranging from demoting in rank to the military court.

That's how the smoker and others cannot enter the kingdom of Alabasta.

"A lot of people and luxurious sailboats...

Is this the world-famous medicines country'"

When the ship entered the port, the three girls were shocked by the countless luxurious ships in the port.

On those ships, it was either the pirate flag or the flag of a certain chamber of commerce, even the flags of the kingdom and the navy were hung up.

Nobles and rich men in mink fur and gorgeous cotton-padded coats continued to get off the boat with their families and escorts and walked towards the Drum Island, which was covered with snow.

Such a scene is a sight that three girls will never be able to see in those countries in East Blue.

And this is the foundation of Drum Island, one of the fifty kingdoms that stand out from the more than 170 participating countries every time the world conference is held.

After the ship is moored, El carried a backpack full of boxes and took three girls ashore.

After purchasing a map of Drum Island from a stall, the four first went to the local bank to deposit the Belly in their backpacks.

Before Drum Island turned from prosperous to backward, countless wealthy businessmen were holding banknotes and paying a lot of taxes to set up shop in this windy and snowy place.

Banks on every bustling island in the world are no exception!

After depositing the 900 million Belly, El was not in a hurry to find a way to make a nutrient supplement, but took the three girls and planned to rent the most luxurious room on Drum Island.

Then After El came into this world for nearly nine years, he finally experienced the feeling of being a low-class person.

Because the hotel refused to open the most luxurious room for him.

The reason is that the luxurious room in their hotel is only rented to the nobles, wealthy businessmen, and the navy, not to the civilians! But in front of El's ability, the front desk said in his heart that he would not rent it to the lower class.

Good guy...

El didn't expect that he after becoming a transmigrator and having talents that are one in millions, and he still can't get rid of the word 'low-class' in this life.

In order not to spoil his plan, El didn't get angry, just silently remembered the name of this chain hotel, and opened an ordinary room to live in.

"Damn, even the elevators are divided into ordinary and VIP.

This hotel is so annoying."

Taking the ordinary elevator upstairs, Carina said angrily.

"Don't worry, her boss will pay for her attitude in the future," El said indifferently.

Compared with ordinary people, El is not so narrow-minded To settle accounts by finding the owner of the hotel to settle accounts.

The big boss of this chain hotel is also an emperor-level figure in the dark world.

Obviously, he doesn't know the action of his subordinates, which will make him go bankrupt in the future, and even lose his life.

The 'broad-minded' El quickly put this displeasure aside.

After temporarily settling down, the four began their purpose on this trip.

Find the most professional doctor and method to make Nutrients supplements.

And there are countless famous doctors on Drum Island.

However, El did not go looking for them one by one, but went straight to a certain mountain peak.

At the top of that mountain peak, stands a castle, inside which is a 129-year-old doctor known as the "Witch" - Dr.


In the entire Drum Island, there is no doctor better than her.

With her ability and status, even if all the doctors on the island were exiled in the future, she could still stay as the only doctor on the island.

And Dr.

Kureha was also the reason why El didn't want to wait for Crocus.

Obviously, in El's eyes, The pirate king ship doctor is not as good as Dr.



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