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Eight-year-old Bounty Hunter"

"Are you kidding me, this is only eight years old!"

"Within an hour, all three pirate groups were destroyed, and the total bounty of the captain and cadre exceeded 300 million Belly"

"The first battle of the strongest Bounty hunter in the East Blue in Grand Line, I didn't expect that it is almost the end of the year, and this year there is such a dazzling new star."

"Although not a pirate, but such a seedling, I believe that all the major forces will be very excited, right"

"Eight-year-old bounty hunter, and from the weakest sea and he can already send out flying slashes.

I really look forward to the future of this kid!"

"If it wasn't for the "Red-Haired Pirates" making a big move again, I'm afraid today's "World Economic News Paper" headline would be this kid."

"Red-Haired Pirates captain, Shanks, and his deputy Benn Beckman are these two monsters really going to lead their forces to challenge the authority of the three emperors and become the fourth emperor of the sea "

"If Shanks becomes the fourth emperor of the sea, he should set the record for the youngest Emperor, right! "

"There are fewer and fewer cakes in the Grand Line.

I hope those newcomers who come from other seas(Paradise) will not be hit by these four monsters to the point of doubting their lives."


The second edition of the newspaper is the second biggest news after the headlines.

Its exposure is second only to headlines.

Therefore, when El's name and photo were published in the second edition of the newspaper, it caused quite a stir all over the world.

Swordsmen with superb skills and an understanding of "cutting through steel" are actually not uncommon in the first and second half of the grand line.

On the contrary, it's just like if you don't master the power called Haki, you won't remain alive in the strongest sea.

If a swordsman does not master "cutting through steel", or even flying slashes, then in the sea of grand line, they are no different from trash fish.

Even if he has mastered "cutting through steel" and Flying Slash, he is only upgraded from trash fish to elite or squad leader.

Just like the rookie pirates in the red-haired pirate group, they are all existences with a bounty close to 100 million Belly.

A mere rookie who has mastered "cutting through steel" and Flying Slash, is not qualified to get their attention at all, nor is he qualified to be listed on the second edition of the "World Economic News Paper", the world's largest news platform.

El was able to break this record because of his age.

Eight-year-old swordsmen are not uncommon, and can be found in any gym.

But an eight-year-old master swordsman, who can exert flying slashes, is rare.

Last time, who was the child who became famous in the sea before the age of ten

Back to what era

The last child who shocked the world at such a young age is one of the three emperors now at the top of the grand line, known as the Queen of Pirates - "BIG-MOM" Charlotte Linlin.

And that era was an era when rocks d xebec had not yet dominated the world.

In the eyes of the great men on the grand line, El's current strength is not worth mentioning at all.

But his potential has been valued by the major forces.

In the field of swordsmanship, a monster is about to be welcomed!

This is everyone's evaluation of El, whose information has not been fully revealed.

In fact, if the "Red-haired Pirates" were not going to become the fourth emperor, El's deeds would have been the headline today.


"Nii-san, you are really famous this time!"

"The second edition of the "World Economic News", this is News published by the world's largest newspaper agency! "

"In other words, the people around the world who bought today's "World Economic News" all know your name, Nii-san.


"There are countless young people, but the title of young swordsman is unique to you Nii-san."

"Nii-san, you are so handsome..."


Holding today's newspaper, Carina and Nami leaned over to El's side and shouted excitedly.

If you didn't know it, you would have thought that El had reached the top and become one of the big figures in the world pyramid.

"Idiot, what's the joy in that"

El pinched the two girls' faces and said seriously: "This news is flattering us, and it's not a good thing for us at this stage."

"Originally, my talent was only known to the East Blue and some forces with powerful intelligence capabilities, but now the whole world knows about my talent."

"For some ambitious guys, my talent has made them feel very excited and threatened at the same time."

"In order to get me, those ambitious guys will definitely send people, or even come to recruit us in person."

"If the recruitment is successful, they will get the help of at least a top swordsman in the future; if the recruitment fails, they will definitely want to avoid a great enemy in the future and kill us before we grow up."

Hearing this, Carina finally understood the seriousness of the matter and nami even stammered: "Then...

Then aren't we in a very dangerous spot"

"You can say that."

El nodded, looked at Nami, and said: "From now on, Nami, you are our trump card, try not to use the ability of your devil fruit."

"In this case, when we encounter a strong enemy in the future, maybe you are the key for our comeback."


Nami nodded again and again.


Looking at the two girls who seemed to be frightened by him, El couldn't help pinching their serious faces again and comforting them "Don't worry, things are not so serious, you all forget about my ability"

"If a strong enemy appears within my perception range, I will take you to retreat first."

"By the time my plan is complete, none of those people will be worth mentioning."

As he said that, El's heart couldn't help but feeling a little heavy.

He originally wanted to take it slow, but it seems that he have to speed up his pace.

Try to add a big killer to your arsenal before the year ended.


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