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El's actions can be described as resolute.

After El defeated the pirate group, he beheaded the three pirates that had the bounty in front of the three girls, who had already adapted to the scene.

After wrapping the three heads in clothes, El took the three girls to find the ship moored by the pirate's group at the port.

Having read the memory of the pirates and obtaining the necessary information, El no longer holds back to the pirates who are guarding the ship and directly kills them with a slash at their throat.

Just like the "Dragon Slayer" Ryuma and Cavendish's second personality...

Any pirate who can't keep up or react with El's speed, faces El's slash there is only one dead end.

The sword-drawn slash like black lightning has become El's magic skill for harvesting trash.

After killing the pirates guarding the ship and emptying the treasure house on the ship, as well as the 'private money' of the pirate captain, the four went on to their next goal.

If it weren't for Nami who didn't have much experience in fighting, El actually wanted to work with Nami to divide the labor and let Nami go to the ships of those pirates to catch their homes while they are gone.

After all, in this era of sailing, flames are really a major killer in naval battles.

To avoid any accidents that Nami will accidentally burn the other party's ship and treasures.

El chose to do it himself.

After Nami's strength grows and she can better control her power, El will choose to let her join the battle.

In just an hour, El killed three pirate groups, beheaded all their captains and officers, and emptied their treasury and the captain's private money.

Every time El made a move, it was on the street or in a tavern.

His actions quickly spread throughout the town.

When the other pirates heard the news, they were all terrified.

They have just entered grand line, more or less with a trace of fear of the unknown.

El's high-profile hunting suddenly made these pirates think that the bounty hunters on grand line were all so powerful.

Almost without hesitation, they fled the island one by one before El found them.

Many pirates with a lower bounty heard that the pirates with a higher bounty than him were all swept away by bounty hunters, and they even gave up the idea of ​​continuing their adventure and prepared to flee back to their hometown.

Grand line is a really scary place.

After all the targets escaped, El didn't bother to chase them down.

Because the three pirate groups he hunted had already made him rich.

Yes, rich!

If it in East Blue, El might hunt several pirate groups, and the combined harvest would not be comparable to one of the three pirate groups.

Because people like pirates are all guys who have no concept of money.

they are people who like to spend a lot of money and hold banquets almost every day.

If you don't have money, go grab it, and if you have money, you will use it.

For these pirates, they live at the tip of the blade every day, and no one is sure if tomorrow will be their death date.

What do you keep so much money for

If you have money and don't spend it, you are a fool.

in addition to eating, drinking, and having fun, they spend a lot of money to replenish ammunition and arms after each battle.

And the reason why these three pirates are so rich is that they are well prepared.

Out of reverence for grand line, each of their pirate groups went to loot before entering grand line, which was at their richest stage.

The four who wiped out all three of their pirate groups and emptied their treasures and the captain's private money naturally gained three times the happiness.

Not counting the bounty of these captains and cadres, just their treasure and the captain's private money, let El reap at least 700 million Belly.

You know, this is 700 million Belly in 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

If the heads of those pirate captains and cadres were all turned into cash, El would have obtained at least one billion Belly in this hunt.

In just one hour, the four had gained about a billion Belly.

It can be seen how popular bounty hunters with strength and ability are in this era of great pirates.

The printing speed of the money printing machine cannot be compared with it.


After entering the grand line, El has already boarded the stage called 'The World stage'.

On this stage, with a little dazzling performance, he will get lighting and exposure that is unmatched in the world.

Because Grand Line, a route between the windless zones, is the site by the "World Economy News Paper".

In the first and second half of this route, all the newspapers are the younger brothers of the "World Economy News Paper".

With the power to publish newspapers and master the public opinion, there are only two owners.

One is the "World Economy News Paper", which has domesticated tens of thousands of news coo; the other is Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, which also has domesticated a large number of news coo.

But compared to the official Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters News, the people of the world prefer "World Economy News Paper".

Because the whole world knows that the current president of "World Economy News Paper" one of the emperor of the dark world, Morgans, known as "big news", is a big speaker who dares to say and write anything.

Over the years, Morgans does not know how many forces he has offended, including Mary Geoise, Navy Headquarters, the Four Emperor, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and even the RevolutionaryArmy.

The hegemonic force of the entire sea, what Morgans can offend has already offended.

And he hasn't been killed yet!

However, as the price of being the loudspeaker, the "World Economic News paper" has not yet had its own home base, but a mobile headquarters that can move to other places at any time.


Under the report of Morgans, who was not afraid of death, the newspapers published by Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters did not attract much attention at all.

At the same time because of the Celestial Dragon, the world is also full of rejection of this official news.

So much so that Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters, in addition to some major events, no longer waste unnecessary financial resources on breeding news coo and printing newspapers, and chose to cooperate with Morgans.

Since then, Morgans, like Doflamingo, have become a big man who eats both black and white.

Their news coo in the sky is more spiritual than seagulls, and the land is full of paparazzi who feed themselves.

In a town of more than 100,000 people, El hunted pirates in a high-profile manner and also wiped out all three pirate groups within an hour.

Since the beginning of the great pirate era, there have been very few bounty hunters with such young age and powerful strengths.


Those reporters who secretly took pictures of El felt that the photos and information they took should be able to sell for a sum of money, so they faxed all the photos and information about him.

After layers of review, El's photos and achievements, as well as record and information in East Blue was founded by the newspaper agency, instantly k

defeated most of the news materials from the first and second half of the Grand Line, and even the news materials from all over the world.

A certain editor-in-chief of the World Economic News news paper thought it was a gimmick, and it was published on the second page of the newspaper.

The next day, with the release of the "World News", it spread all over the sea.

For the first time, the name of the eight-year-old young swordsman El has truly entered the eyes of the world.


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