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After buying the Eternal Pose, the four went to resupply the food.

After all the supplies were brought back to the ship, the four El began to work.

Although they have entered Grand Line, the main business of the four is still a team of bounty hunters.

As long it was not the last resort before they had to change their alignment, the four would not let go of any chance to smash the navy and Mary Geoise money.

And compared to being pirate and looting others, how can you compare it to robbing a pirate's treasure house and exchanging the pirate's head for money, which is faster than a money printing machine.

El's current plan is to go to Drum Island to find the most professional doctor and get the method of making nutritional supplements.

Unless the other party is unwilling to teach him, if he can successfully obtains this production method and only needs to pay a sum of money, El will choose to pay, instead of forcibly reading the other party's memory with his ability.

After all, his every move will affect the three views of the three young girls around him.

El didn't want to become evil by grabbing it because he couldn't get it so that the three girls who were originally very pure and would not give off a disgusting smell to him suddenly one day would exude a stench all over their bodies.

That would definitely be a very frustrating thing for El, who has a the ability to read people's hearts and aspires to become the 'world's number one master of girl cultivation'.

Even if he wanted to do something bad, El would hide it from the three girls.

Until he could fully grasp and read people's hearts, he wouldn't mind doing such a thing in front of the three girls.

Buying the manufacturing method, as well as the equipment, requires a lot of money.

El likes feeling secure, and the hunting in Loguetown give him a sense of security at all.

So, it's time to make some money and give yourself a little extra security.


It took a long time to come to the Grand Line, and the pirates at the first stop of this route just couldn't help but have bad luck.

Because they are pirates, in order not to lose the only supply channel, they dare not make trouble in the place sheltered by the black market.

El had none of their concerns.

With Observation Haki, El quickly determined the number and location of the pirates with strong breath on this island.

Then, just like hunting those pirates with base camps in the East Blue, El appeared directly in front of the target with three girls.

on a street in the town.

A group of pirates who were just about to go to the black market to see if there were pirates selling more powerful guns in the black market of the Grand Line was suddenly blocked by a few children.

"Little devil, don't block...


Walking in front of the team, a man with a height of 2.5 meters was about to hold El's head with one hand and lift him up and throw him aside.

The child in front of him suddenly turned into an afterimage and disappeared in front of him.

At the same time, several pirates in the team with good strength or good dynamic vision only felt that a dark shadow flashed in front of them.

It's like someone passing quickly by their side.

And they don't know that this is not an illusion.

When El reappeared, he was already standing behind the pirates, in a posture of retracting his sword.

A 'click' sounded, as the last blade was returned to its sheath.

A series of sounds of torn fabrics suddenly sounded from behind.

Those pirates of different heights had bloodstains on their limbs, and dazzling blood shooting out from the inside.

"Ah ah ah ah ah..."

With their tendons and hamstrings being severed, they all fell to the ground and screamed miserably.

Crouching down and grabbing the head of a pirate, El read his memory directly and soon knew which pirate group they were, who the captain was, how much bounty the captain had, and the place where the ship was moored on this island.

After finding the captain of the pirate group, El read his memory again to see if he had any other 'private money' beside the treasure house of the pirate ship.

After reading these memories, El waved to the three girls, pointing to the two pirates in front, and said, "I caught a big fish, this is a pirate group from the West Blue, The captain bounty is 45 million Belly, the bounty of those two guys, each is more than 21 million, and the boxes they are carrying are Belly they are going to use to buy weapons."


Carina and Nami exclaimed for a while, "The captain is 45 million Belly, and the other two cadres add up to nearly 45 million Belly.

The total value of these three people is actually close to 100 million bellies "

"Is this Grand Line!"

Since Arlong is the only strongest pirate in the East Blue this year and has not yet become the overlord of the East Blue in ten years, his bounty has not yet reached 20 million Berries and the pirates they hunted have never exceeded 20 million Berries.

And now, at the first stop on Grand Line, they have hunted a pirate group with a total bounty of close to 100 million Belly.

And not counting the money in their hands, and the treasure in the ship...

Just the harvest of a pirate group on Grand Line, almost worth their total efforts for more than a month.

This sense of happiness came so suddenly.

"Pirates with a bounty of more than 40 million are so weak"

Looking at the pirate captain at El's feet, Nami's face was a little suspicious: "He doesn't seem to be as powerful as Arlong."



Hearing Nami's contempt, the pirate captain endured the severe pain, and was about to scold him with clenched teeth.

At this moment, a black boot slammed onto his face, deforming his face when El stepped on, his teeth were broken, making him vomited blood.

El, who stopped his next swear words, looked down at the pirate captain indifferently, and explained: "This guy couldn't get live in the West Blue, and was forced by his enemies to escape into the Grand Line."

"And you have to remember, don't measure a person's strength with a bounty."

"Although I don't want to belittle my hometown, East Blue is indeed recognized as the weakest sea, and Arlong Pirates are a more cautious and low-key pirate group."

"If he didn't enter the East Blue, but went to the other three sea areas, with a physique that is ten times stronger than that of humans, Arlong who could also fight in the water, and with strength of his companion, his bounty would definitely be higher than this Guys over here."

"...I see, Nii-san."

Nami, who was 'rebuked' by El, nodded her head obediently, showing a teachable appearance.

Nami knew the purpose of El's preaching.

Don't despise the enemy just because the enemy's bounty is low, otherwise, she may suffer a loss.

Nami, who was only eight years old, was indeed a little proud and swollen after eating logia devil fruit and easily destroying the Arlong Pirates.


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