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"Well...it's scary!"

"What is that cyan thing!"

Nami and Carina, who climbed up from the water and secretly looked at El with face full of shock who continue to send out a flying slash to eliminate the pirates.

Nami and Carina, who are both eight years old this year, have to join forces in order to survive.

It is not the "Cat burglar" and the "Phantom Thief" who can easily steal the treasures of the pirate group with a little trick in the future.

Their current survival method is to join some pirate groups, and then use their fraudulent age and appearance to infiltrate other pirate groups with the help of their captain to steal treasure, finally find opportunities to steal some treasures and run away.

They have not even participated in the battle between the pirates and have only seen a few fights between pirates.

But those fights were either close combat with cold weapons or hot weapons with guns.

Devil fruit ability or flying slash, is simply unprecedented.

The first time they saw the flying slash, they only felt that their worldview had been refreshed.

El quickly eliminated all the pirates, then put the sword back in its sheath, turned around, and looked at the two little girls with the same age in front of him again.

With just one glance, El saw through their hearts and knew that they were not the family members of those pirates.

Although he doesn't know why the two ordinary little girls are on a pirate group full of garbage, but since they are not the family members of those garbage, El felt no guilt towards them.

It has been eight years since he came to this world, and three years of them were still in the forest area inaccessible to the people.

El knew that this was the world of one piece that was sold as one of the best manga in his previous life.

And the real world is very different from the manga and anime worlds.

If Nami, who was standing in front of him at this time, was 18 years old like in the original manga, then El would have recognized her at a glance.

But now, whether it's Nami or Carina, who has only appeared in the theatrical version, they are only an eight-year-old girl.

It was quite normal for El to not recognize them.

However, El was very curious about why the two little girls appeared here.

then under the watchful eyes of Nami and carina who take two steps back subconsciously, El walked up to them, and placed his hand on their heads, relying on his height by more than ten centimeters.

In the next instant, the memories in the two girl heads played out in El's mind like a slideshow.

El Observation Haki is the same as Redfield, this passive ability will be activated 24/7.

This ability can only be turned off unless his strength reaches the apex of the world, or if he completely control his observation haki.

Otherwise, even if El and Redfield didn't want to see it, their ability would allow them to see through the heart of the person in front of them.

It was because he was used to seeing the ugly hearts of the people around him when he was a child that Redfield greatly rejected people and developed a withdrawn character.

He would rather travel the world alone than find a partner.

Because the kind of 'partner' who does not have an ugly heart and makes him not feel disgusted is really hard to find.

Having such a special ability from an early age will indeed have a great impact on a child.

Even El, a transmigrator, was affected by this passive ability.

Those with a stench all over their bodies, approaching him at a certain distance, would make him feel extremely disgusted.

This is also one of the reason why he left the orphanage at the age of five.

There are two ways to use the passive ability of the observation haki.

One is a passive ability that consumes very little, even negligible, and the other is through physical contact, consuming a certain amount of Haki, he can read the memory of the person he touch.

It was the second ability that allowed El to subconsciously read their memories when he was held by the couple and the dean.

And now, El is reading the memories of the two girls.

He did this not only to check if the two little girls in front of him were really not dangerous but also to collect the information he wanted.

Although he possesses three talents that are one in a million, El does not dare to underestimate this world.

Today is El's first day at this sea.

He needs to master the information about this sea area, and even this world, so that he won't make a hard decision due to lack of information.

The two girls are just the beginning, not the last existence for him to read their memory.

However, when El read the memories of the two girls, a look of surprise flashed across his face.

Looking at Nami on the left, El couldn't help but feel a little weird.

hey hey...really

On the first day I went out to sea, I actually met the heroine of "One Piece", which is too coincidental, isn't it!

The surprised look just flashed by, and El withdrew his palm on the heads of the two girls, pretending to be puzzled

"Why did you two appear on this pirate ship"

El who said this, because he was staring at Nami, didn't notice Carina next to him, she looked at him with a puzzled look.

Something's wrong...

His tone and that action are full of inconsistencies.

Did he do something to us just now

While secretly looking at herself and feeling whether there is any discomfort in her body, Carina secretly said in her heart.


On the contrary, Nami has not recovered from the shock of El strength.

Facing El sharp gaze, Nami felt nervous for a while and stammered to find an excuse, but she couldn't say a word.

Subconsciously looking at Carina next to her, Nami hurriedly elbowed Carina with a thoughtful face, and said, "...Carina, say it!"


Carina was stunned for a moment, then she looked at El, who was looking at her with a look of surprise on her face again, and quickly said, "We...we were kidnapped by them because they saw us growing up too cute, so they want to sell us to some nobles or rich people who like our type...

right, Nami"

With the last sentence, Carina elbowed Nami back.

In response, Nami nodded again and again: "Ah yes yes yes..."

Interesting, such thinking ability, no wonder it becomes the 'thigh' of the little cat burglar before the development is completed.

Carina's thoughts were completely visible in El's eyes.

That's why El's interest in her suddenly surpassed Nami, the heroine.

When Nami was so frightened by El that she couldn't speak, the girl was already guessing El's ability and the purpose of killing just now.

With such a psychological quality at this age, it is simply a good piece of jade.

Looking at the two girls in front of him who didn't exude an aura that made him feel uncomfortable, El suddenly had an idea in his heart.


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