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"Flame wall"


As the girl's coquettish voice sounded a circular flame wall suddenly rose up around the Arlong Park.

Creating such a huge wall of flames exhausted Nami's physical strength.

The flame wall, which was transformed with almost all of her physical strength, also achieved a huge effect.

The circular flame wall blocked the entrance and exit of the Arlong Park, and also blocked the back path of the "Arlong Pirates" trying to escape from the swimming pool connected to the sea.

At this time, the Arlong Park was like a volcano, filled with high temperatures.


Inside the flames, the Arlong Pirates, headed by the Arlong and the three cadres, looked at Nami, whose body was covered in flames, there was no usual arrogance on their faces, it was all covered by fear.

Even Arlong himself saw on Nami's body the image that made him extremely frightened, and would wake him up from nightmares every night, making him roar in disbelief: "You have only been out for half a year, how could you become a logia type devil fruit user!"

In the entire East Blue, no one is more aware of the power and incomprehension of those with natural elements than himself after coming out of the Grand Line.

Because he was one of the pirates who was arrested by Kizaru and thrown into the Impel Down.

The power of the Pika Pika no Mi is still the nightmare of Arlong.

There is no Armament Haki, no sea stone weapon, except for a few fishmen that can use water themselves, they can't touch the body of the natural elements user, let alone defeat their opponent.

And now, under the slaves they rule, there is a natural elements user.

At this moment, Arlong can't wait to travel back to half a year ago and kill himself who threatened Nami to join them and made a contract of 100 million Belly with Nami.

At that time, he should not be greedy for the other party's talent and should strangle this little girl to death.

Unfortunately, this world does not have ifs.

Arlong never thought that the weakest sea area in the world would have an unowned Logia type devil fruit.

And this Logia type devil fruit was accidentally eaten by Nami, who had hated him to his guts.

Now that the surface of the swimming pool are covered in flames, they have no choice but to beg for mercy or fight to the death.

"Nothing is impossible, Arlong, prepare to die!"

Looking at the enemy in front of her, Nam face was full of hideous hatred.

Her adoptive mother was shot to death, it was just more than half a year ago.

Nami would dream about this image countless nights before she met El and be untangled by El's almost doting warm-hearted attack.

Her hatred for Arlongs is at its deepest stage.

"...Escape, compatriots, you guys break through the flame wall and jump into the sea to escape."

Arlong shouted loudly: "She is a natural elements user now, you can't hurt her at all, fighting her will only increase casualties in vain."

"Big Brother Arlong..."

"Listen to Big Brother Arlong, let's escape!"

Looking at Arlong who was completely frightened, the other Fishmens fell into a daze.

Only the three cadres were calm and urged their compatriots to leave: "escape now, we will delay a time for you."

After finishing speaking, Kuroobi, who had reached rank 40 in Fishmen karate, kicked the beach chair in front of him and smashed it towards Nami.


However, Nami just waved her hand, and her wrist turned into a flame, submerging the flying chair and burning it to ashes.

At this time, the members of the "Arlong Pirates" also rushed towards a wall of flames from different positions.

Behind that wall of flames is the pool connected to the sea.

As long as they break through the flame wall and do not die, they can use the seawater to extinguish the flames, and then take advantage of their ability to quickly dive deep into the sea to avoid Nami's pursuit.

Even if Nami's Mera Mera no Mi fruit is a high-level element, at this stage, she can't instantly boil part of the sea.

As long as they can return to the sea, they are safe.

"Don't even think about it!"

In this regard, Nami directly mobilized the power of the flames around her.

The elemental power transformed by her physical strength will be controlled by her within a certain range.

The flame wall made by consuming almost all her physical strength was not just used by Nami to block the opponent's escape route.

Creating a stage that has an advantage for herself is her biggest purpose.

Following Nami's control, several huge fire ball flew out of the flame wall and roared down towards the oncoming Fishmens.

"Ah ah ah ah ah..."

The fire ball drowned the Fishmens and created a sea of ​​fire on the ground, a pitiful cry came from the mouth of the Fishmen who was collapsing in the sea of ​​fire.

"Brother Arlong, save me..."

Hearing the cries for help from his compatriots, Arlong looked at Nami with hate, and roared incompetently, "Nami—!"

"Don't be in such hurry, Arlong, you will soon become a grilled fish like them! "

Nami, who covered half of her body with flames, walked towards Arlong.

As her footsteps approached, a few fire ball emerged from the tall flame wall behind them, roaring toward Arlong and his three cadres.

Looking at this scene, Arlong subconsciously retreated.

It wasn't until there was no way out that he roared with a hideous face: "Let's go together, at her age, creating a scene of this scope is already her limit, as long as she attacks us, she will reveal a flaw, it is the moment for us to turn defeat into victory! "

After finishing speaking, Arlong opened his hand, condensing a fist-sized water ball, and throw it towards Nami.

Like the Arlong, Kuroobi, one of the three cadres, also condensed a water ball and shot it towards Nami.

"Water cannons--!"

At the same time, Chew, also spits out a jet of water and flooded towards Nami.

"Flame Mirror"


In the face of the three people's counterattack, Nami just waved one hand and released a large flame, resisting and evaporating the three people's water attack.

While the steam was rising, the fire ball that split out from the flame wall hit the three cadres with great precision, creating a huge sea of ​​fire.

"Ah ah ah ah ah..."

Hatchan, Chew, and Kuroobi also followed the other Fishmen, rolling in the sea of ​​fire and screaming that shattered Arlong's courage to fight back.

With just one move, Nami instantly killed the three cadres of the Arlong Pirates.

This scene also made El put down his palm on the handle of his sword.

It seemed that he still underestimated the power of the logia type devil fruit.

Unless assassinated, the attack from Arlong and others is not enough in front of the natural element user.

Water beats fire, but only if the water is strong enough.

Otherwise, it is the fire that will evaporate the water.

Their water obviously can't overcome Nami.

The only hope that could hurt Nami was easily resolved.

The fate of the Arlong Pirates was to be slaughtered by Nami.

After a while, the entire Fishmens of the "Arlong Pirates" were engulfed by fire controlled by Nami and turned into charred grilled fish.

Soon, the entire "Arlong Pirates" was left with Arlong alone.

During this period, Arlong attacked Nami with a water attack more than once.

As a result, Nami raised her hand to resist from the beginning, and finally released flames directly from her body, allowing the flames covering her body to automatically defend against the Arlong's water attack.

Arlong's attack, before it could get close to Nami, was vaporized by the flames around Nami's body.

At this time, Arlong, whose body had been squeezed out of water, had already sat on the ground with a dull expression on his face, looking at the scorched corpses of his compatriots on the ground who try to turn defeat into victory, but were defeated by Nami with absolute strength.

This despairing appearance was the complete opposite of the arrogant and powerful appearance when he occupied Cocoyasi Village.

Looking at the completely frightened Arlong, Nami said with disgust, "Bell-mere, were killed by garbage like you!"

"Repent in the sea of ​​fire, filthy Fishmen."

Raising her little hand that turned into flames, Nami waved it vigorously.

In an instant, the flame on the flame wall, as if attracted by a magnet, split a part of the flame again, condensing into several huge fire ball, flying down from different positions, and completely drowning Arlong and Nami herself.

"Ah ah ah..."

In the sea of ​​fire created by the fire, Arlong made a miserable cry.

Nami walking in a sea of ​​fire.

Such a picture refreshed the world view of Carina and Kuina, and also gave them a certain understanding of the logia type devil fruit.

Control the elements between heaven and earth and be the incarnation of natural disasters.


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