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bastards, Big Brother Arlong won't let you die easily...

ah ah ah ah..."

On the beach not far from the port, the Fishmen who was in charge of watching this area became the target of Nami's first battle and revenge.

The result is needless to say...

Although the physique of the Fishmen is ten times that of an ordinary human being, in the first half of the grand line, in front of the almost invincible logia devil fruit, he is just like his big brother Arlong back then in his mouth, facing Kizaru who was a Vice-Admiral of the headquarters back then, there is no resistance at all.

The fishmen being targeted was two meters tall, nearly more than one meter taller than Nami.


Nami just turned her arms into flames and used flames mirror to drown the Fishmen.

The Fishmen was like walking on a sea of ​​fire, his whole body was covered with a thick layer of orange flames, his tall and strong body fell to the ground and kept rolling, and letting out a miserable cry.

"To be able to speak ruthlessly, as expected of a fishmen."

Looking at the Fishmen whose body was gradually exuding a burnt smell, Carina did not have the slightest bit of sympathy but instead joked with a smile on her face.

It is not difficult to see from Carina's reaction that El's cultivation in the past six months has begun to take effect.

You cannot become a strong without seeing blood, and there is no strong persons who do not have blood on their hands.

After the initial bond was established, every time El hunted, the target would be beheaded.

Nami and Carina also became accustomed to it from the initial discomfort.

This habit not only strengthens their psychological endurance but also sublimates their choice.

Under the influence of El, Nami, and Carina views have changed.

If they were still a blank sheet of paper half a year ago, then this blank sheet of paper has now been painted with El's color.

This is why Nami drowned the Fishmen with flames as soon as they met, and Carina looked at the charred Fishmen and laughed out loud.

After completing the achievement of her first kill, the next step is Nami's solo show.

In the coverage area of his Observation Haki, the entire "Arlong Pirates" is under his watch.

They started hunting and burning to death the Fishmen patrolling outside and inside the Cocoyasi Village one by one.

When encountering a lone Fishmen, El asked Nami to do it himself.

If he encounters two Fishmen, El will subdue one of them, read the other's memory by the way, and finally let Nami burn them all to death.

Drowning and burning are among the most painful ways to die in any world.

In order to avenge herself and transform her will, like the female warriors of the Island of Women, who mastered the Armament Haki at a young age, El did not steal her 'experience'.

the four with such a high-profile killing behavior, was inevitably discovered by the villagers of Cocoyasi Village.

"Nami, you..."

The villagers, led by Genzo and Nojiko, soon found the four who were hunting those fishmen.

Looking at Nami, who was covered in orange flames, as if the god of fire had descended, and burned a Fishmen into grilled fish, the villagers of Cocoyasi Village had their worldview refreshed.

"Everyone, it will be all right soon."

Nami, who had killed more than a dozen Fishmen, had an unprecedented self-confidence at this time.

Seeing Genzo and Nojiko bringing the villagers over, Nami didn't care if their attitude towards her changed, she couldn't help showing them a familiar smile that her adoptive mother would often put on her face before she was killed: " Wait a minute, I'll take down the "Arlong Pirates" soon.


After finishing speaking, Nami took the three and walked towards the Arlong Park.

The villagers who were shocked by Nami's strength and words all stared blankly at the backs of the four of them.

"Everyone, get ready to fight the "Arlong Pirates".


Genzo, who was the first to react, pressed the hat on his head, looked at the villagers with a serious look, and said in a deep voice, "We can't let Nami fight alone, we'll help them too!"

"Of course, how can we let a few children take risks for us!"

"Nami is a kind and lovely girl, but I have to give her a cold look every day.

Her heart must be very painful, and I don't want to act anymore!"

"I can't stand the rule of the "Arlong Pirates" for a long time, I'm going to fight with them! "

"Everyone, go back and get the weapons, we will also go to the Arlong Park!"


The shouts of the villagers, separated by a long distance, faintly entered the ears of four.

Although she didn't totally hear what these voices said, Carina recalled the expressions of the villagers and she couldn't help but look at Nami with a puzzled expression: "Nami, are you really being ostracized and hated by the villagers Those concerns and expressions are different from what we met at the port"

"Yeah...it should be." Nami was also a little uncertain.

"In your memory, I read your conversation with Nojiko..."

At this time, El opened his mouth to wake up Nami: "If there is no accident, Nojiko should hide it from you and secretly tell to the villagers."

Hearing this, Nami suddenly widened her beautiful eyes.

"If that's the case, then the picture just now is understandable."

Carina nodded suddenly: "Their exclusion and disgust are all in cooperation with Nami's acting."

"Why did they do this" Kuina finally couldn't help being curious and asked.

Looking at Nami, who was unknowingly bursting into tears, but with a bright smile on her face, Carina said slowly, "It's very simple, because they don't want to disappoint Nami's desire to turn to the enemy who killed her mother, and they don't want to let her down and be worried about them."

"I see..."

Kuina nodded, while El looked at the Arlong Park that had already appeared in front of his eyes, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: "To celebrate the reconciliation between Nami and the villagers, let's build a big bonfire here."


Nami wiped away her tears and nodded vigorously.


At this moment, El seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly reminded Nami: "I just read the memory of that Fishmen, and Arlong and one of his cadres both use a technique called "water slamming".


"There is also a Fishmen, who will attack with a water cannon.

All three of them may have the ability to touch you.

You must not be careless."


Nami nodded vigorously again, and said with a serious face: "I will not give them a chance to get close, I will solve them as quickly as possible."

"You still have little actual combat experience, you only need to deal with Arlong."

To avoid the possibility of one in ten thousand, El still chose to intervene: "You just need to pay attention to Arlong's water strike, don't get hurt by him, as for the others leave it to me to solve it."

"Then please, Nii-san!"

Nami also did not choose to be arrogant but chose to rely on her companions.


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