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"Fire fist, fire gun, Flame mirror..."

"fire bomb, firefly, Fire Dragon Blast, Fire Lily "

*bang* *bang* *bang*

December 1, 1510 of the Sea Circle Calendar.

Sixis Island.

After finding the devil fruit, the four were in no hurry to leave.

Even though Nami was in a hurry to return to Cocoyasi Village and defeat the Arlong Pirates to save the village, she was persuaded by El's to stay in Sixis Island to develop the ability of The Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit.

The strength of the Devil Fruit lies in the physical strength and imagination of the user.

Stamina is the energy consumed by using Devil Fruit, similar to MP in the game.

Imagination is how a person with ability uses her ability.

From a little girl who was powerless, suddenly becoming the strongest in the team, Nami naturally didn't know how to develop her own abilities.

Fortunately, she has El a transmigrator by her side.

El didn't let Nami copy Ace from the original manga completely, but after letting her copy part of it, he copy fire Jutsu from another manga called "Naruto" and let Nami learn some simple things first.

Then develop other complex tactics.

"The biggest advantage of those with Natural elements is that they only need to consume physical strength so that any part of their body can release the elemental power they possess."

"For example, a man who eats swamp devil fruits can spit out swamps from his mouth; another example, a man who eats ice devil fruits can spit out ice cubes from his mouth, or exhale an air that freezes everything..."

"Similarly, you are a flame person in the natural element.

As long as you consume physical strength, you can exhale high-temperature heat from your mouth, and spit out flames."

"And these flames transformed by your physical strength will be under your control within a certain range."

"You can use your imagination to control the flames to change various forms, or you can make the flames into a sea of ​​fire and then condense them into a huge fireball..."

After Nami released the tricks she developed, as usual, El continued to explain to her the knowledge of natural elements Devil Fruits.

"What's more critical...every high-level natural element's user is synonymous with disasters."

"They can easily create natural disasters with amazing coverage with powerful elements, and the consumption is pitiful."

"For example, your Mera Mera no Mi, even if the current flame is only orange, you can ignite a lot of things.

It only needs to consume a certain amount of physical strength, convert it into flame and release it, the flame will burn the surrounding objects and automatically create more flames for your own use..."

"So, in some locations that are beneficial to you, you can create battle stages that are suitable and beneficial to you without consuming too much physical strength..."

"...I see, Nii-san."

Listening to El's teaching quietly, Nami nodded earnestly.

"Okay, the basics that should be taught to you have been taught."

El touched Nami's head and said something that made Nami jump up excitedly: "Next, let's go to your hometown and turn those Fishmen into grilled fish."

"That's great, thank you, Nii-san!"

Nami jumped into El's arms excitedly.

But unlike the last time when she cried with joy, now Nami has untied the knot in her heart and regained the liveliness and cuteness before her adoptive mother was killed.


she has been pinched into her own shape by El.

This age is the best development stage.

El's kindness to them can be felt by the three girls even if they are numb.

Not to mention, they are not numb at all.

Under his attack, how could they possibly escape his clutches when they were still young.

It is also fortunate that Nami is still young, otherwise, I am afraid that there will be no return, so I can only promise.

When El and Nami returned to the boat, the small sailboat finally lifted anchor and set sail after more than a month and left the island of Sixis.

In order to solve her own village as soon as possible, Nami, who had already been 'successful in her studies, did not stop on any island, and returned all the way to the Cocoyasi Village.



a week later.

The small sailboat finally returned to the sea where the village of Cocoyasi was located.

After driving for a while, they will be able to see the island where Cocoyasi Village is located.

At this time, Momoo was ordered to patrol the nearby waters and specially attacked some ships that had strayed near into the Cocoyasi village.

Momoo, who was brought to the East Blue by the Arlongs Pirates from the Grand Line, suddenly appeared in front of the ship.

"Fire Fist - Boom!"

A giant pillar of fire, transformed from Nami's physical strength, smashed directly on Momoo.

The orange flame instantly spread all over its body and landed on the surging sea surface, evaporating the seawater that touched the flame into water vapor, making a 'Zizi' sound.


However, Momoo is a sea beast from the Grand Line after all.

It is very large, and only the upper body is covered by flames.

It wasn't that long after eating the Mera Mera no Mi, and the flame were still orange, and she couldn't burn a sea beast instantly at sea.

When the Momoo dive into the water and used the sea to extinguish the fire, El suddenly turned into an afterimage and fell into the sea like an arrow.

Before falling into the sea, the sword in El's hand rushed out with a snow-white cold glow.

The cold glow is like a meteor, and it is fleeting.

the next second...

In the sea in front of the ship, a ditch that was more than 20 meters wide and 500 deep appeared.

Looking from top to bottom, the three girls can still see that in the sea torn apart by the flying slash, Momoo, which is covered with burning marks, has been divided into two, and it has fallen to the surface that appeared out of thin air.

The ditch appears fast and heals fast.

In just a while, the sea that was divided into two was restored to its original state.

However, in the sea, some of the seawater was a dazzling red, and there were two corpses of sea beasts floating on.

"...put down the boat ladder."

At the same time, El's voice came from under the boat.


It wasn't until the voice sounded that the three girls returned to reality from a stunned state.

Looking at each other, the three girls could see shock in each other's eyes.


got stronger again!" Carina sighed.

"Can I really beat him" Nami looked suspicious.

"I must work harder!"

Kuina clenched her fists with both hands and yearned for the legendary "Breath of all things" even more.

Without stepping into the realm of Master swordsmen, She cannot be any help to El.

During this time, she was really relaxing.


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