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"The strongest"

After listening to El's words, Carina looked at El in disbelief: "Even you Nii-san, you are no longer Nami's opponent Is the power of the Devil Fruit so exaggerated"

Kuina was also shocked.

They have already seen how strong El is.

Within their ship, or sea beasts even larger than their ships, they are not El opponent.

The ten meters flying slash, so far no pirate has been able to block it head-on.

And now, Nami surpassed El with just one bite of a fruit

Are the legendary treasures of the sea so exaggerated

"you're kidding, how could I be your opponent, Nii-san!"

Not to mention Carina and Kuina, even Nami herself didn't believe it.

"Looks like it's time to spread the knowledge of Devil Fruit to you."

El walked towards Nami, put one hand on the hilt of his sword, and said, "According to the memories I read from the heads of those pirates..."

"Devil Fruits are divided into three categories, namely: paramecia, logia and zoan."

"Among them, zoan is the weakest, paramecia is the most complicated, and logia is the rarest, and it is recognized as the strongest of the three categories."

"The reason why the logia ranks as the strongest devil fruit is that it has an extremely wide range of abilities, and it also has an ability that is almost incomprehensible."

"That incomprehensible ability is...!"

Before the last sentence was finished, El suddenly drew his sword and unsheathed it in front of the three girls.

The sword turned into a cold light, splitting Nami in half from top to bottom.


Seeing this scene, both Carina and Kuina screamed in fright.

The two girls with strong psychological qualities couldn't help but scream like this, showing how scary El's sudden slash was.

Before they could speak, the next miraculous scene made them stopped abruptly.

They saw Nami, whose body was divided in two from the middle.

The cut surfaces of the two halves did not have any blood, and the internal organs inside could not be seen, it were covered with a layer of orange flames.

The flames seemed to be attracted by magnets, bringing Nami's two halves together again.

When the body healed, the flame just disappeared.

Not only did Nami's body does not have the slightest scar, even her clothes were not damaged a bit.

It's like...

El's sword just didn't touch her body at all.

In fact, El's sword did not touch Nami's body.

When he slash Nami, her passive ability, elementalization of the logia devil fruit had already trigger in Nami's body.

Unless you have Armament haki, or sea stone weapon, you can't hurt Nami's body.

"Nii-san, why did you cut me just now"

Although her body didn't feel anything, the sword just now scared Nami quite a bit.

After her body healed, Nami quickly touched her body with both hands, and then puffed out a bun on her face, looking at El with dissatisfaction.

"Nii-san, this...

what the hell is going on here"

Carina also stared blankly at El's face.

"This is elementalization..."

El put his sword back into the sheath, and smiled: "Immune to all physical attacks, except for the attributes with mutual restraint and the armament haki, as well as the sea stone and sea water, other attacks can not hurt Nami, this is the ability of the logia Devil Fruit."

"is that a lie..."

Carina's eyes widened, she looked at Nami in front of her and said, "That is to say, as long as Nami doesn't encounter those nemesis, she is invincible"

"That's right." El nodded.

"The secret of treasure the sea, that's not right...

The logia type devil fruit is too perverted, isn't it!"

Carina's worldview has been refreshed again.

Not only her, but also Kuina and Nami herself have refreshed their worldview.

But soon, Carina looked at Nami excitedly and said, "Since you are invincible now, Nami, those Fishmen must not be your opponents, you can go back and turn them into grilled fish."

Nami nodded excitedly.

then her eyes were filled with mist again, she rushed towards El, and hugged his waist, weeping with joy: "Nii-san...

Thank you for giving me such a precious thing, thank you...


the three girls are not stupid.

On the contrary, all three of them are girls with excellent brains.

From El's eloquent words, it is not difficult to see that El has a very good understanding of Devil Fruits, and he also understands the preciousness and power of Logia type devil fruit.

Just the elementalization that ignores all physical attacks, is enough to make the value of this Devil Fruit break through the sky.

If El eats it, he, who was originally a swordsman, will definitely become stronger.


Not only did El not eat this Devil Fruit, but he gave it to Nami, just to give her the ability to take revenge herself.

Such a generous act touched not only Nami, but also Carina and Kuina.

At this moment, they were even more convinced that El was the 'captain' that they would followed all their lives.


If you want to repay me, then use your power to protect us well."

El hugged Nami back, touching her head, and joked.


Nami's nodded her Head vigorously in El's chin.

After wiping all her tears on El's robe, Nami took a long time to come out of his arms, and her beautiful eyes seemed to be burning with orange flames, looking at El with a firm expression: "Nii-san, I It will definitely become your most trusted wing!"

"I am looking forward it."

El nodded with a smile.


This trip to Syxis Island has finally come to a successful conclusion.

Nami's fate has officially changed.

The cat burglar in the original manga have become the current strongest player in the "Four Little Bounty Hunter"...

In the next ten years, as long as El trained her well, Nami will definitely become a famous powerhouse.


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