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After leaving the Orphanage, El stole an ordinary sword from the small town's weapon shop, used his Observation Haki to go to the forest area of ​​the island, and began a three-year practice.

El originally thought that he was a monster like Charlotte Linlin.

Because his appetite has been very large since he was a child, and in the five years he came to this world, he has never eaten enough.

However, when he was five years old, El found that he was not like Charlotte Linlin.

He was born from an ordinary couple, but at the age of five, he did not look like a little giant, he realized that he should be of another type of monster.

monsters also have different characteristics.

Charlotte Linlin body is inherently powerful and invulnerable.

At the age of 5, she can break the ribs of the giants with a slap and ignore their sword attack.

Perhaps because of her tremendous strength, Charlotte Linlin appetite is so amazing that she becomes a little giant at the age of 5.

On the other hand, El physical development is only a little faster than that of ordinary children and he is not as fast as Charlotte Linlin.

Perhaps due to his normal development, El does not have the characteristics of tremendous strength, nor the invulnerability, but he has what only few can master Life Return(Seimei Kikan).

Just like having Observation Haki, and a very strong physique.

To be born with Life Return(Seimei Kikan) means being able to control one's own body perfectly since birth.

Moreover, unlike those ordinary life returns, which need to be instilled into the body to control them, El life return do not need to be controlled by consciousness.

When he was a child, El ignored the beating of the supervisor.

It was thanks to the unconsciously strengthening of the body of with Life Return(Seimei Kikan) so that the defensive power of the hit part was raised to the extreme that the body can achieve, just like iron blocks and paper paintings, ignoring Or unloading the power that falls on him.

This feature can be said to be the specialty of the Six Style(Rokushiki).

It is also this ability to control his body to the extreme that enable him to develop his terrifying swordsmanship talent at such a young age, making it possible to learn basic swordsmanship a glance.

In addition, no matter how serious the injury is, he can recover quickly by eating like Monkey D Luffy.

Observation Haki and Life Return(Seimei Kikan) with extremely powerful swordsmanship talent.

Although El traveled to the world of one piece and don't have a golden finger like system or something.

However, his talent makes it the same as having a golden finger.

If he is in the Navy, he will definitely be at the level of "Admiral" or "fleet admiral" in the future; if he is sent to the CP organization, he can become a Celestial Dragon strongest shield.

If you become a pirate, then his future will be the same existence as four emperors or even stronger.

With three talents, El became the king of beasts in that forest at the age of 6.

All animals are his food.

At the age of eight, El finally left the island where he had been by living for eight years...

by swimming.

Over the past three years, El possessed a monster-like physical strength by virtue of the Life Return(Seimei Kikan) ability that no matter how much he eats, it will be transformed power.

After becoming the king of beasts in the forest, his opponents have long since changed from terrestrial creatures to sea creatures.

More than once, He challenged his swimming ability to the limits.

It turned out that the sea, which is extremely terrifying to the world, is not challenging at all in El eyes.

When he is tired, he sleeps on the sea thanks to his observation haki, not only that, he has also developed a skill similar to Luffy's eating while sleeping, he can swim while sleeping.

Those objects that will hit or are about to hit, if the danger is not fatal, the body will have the same instinctive defense when he was whipped when he was two years old.

If there is a fatal danger, the Observation Haki will wake up El.


El did not expect while on the sea, he would received the baptism of the great pirate's era, a Cannonball attack from pirates!

That cannonball made El wake up from his sleep and understand everything with observation haki, making him instantly enraged.

Without even thinking of taking the pirate's ship as his own ship, El dived and swam to the bottom of the pirate ship, slashing the ship into two pieces with one slash.

After emerging from the sea, El held a sword and locked his observation haki to pirates swarming out from the sea.


When a head emerged from the water, it immediately saw powerful pressure in the form of a compressed air blade.

The blue slash with nearly ten meters in height instantly drowned the head of the pirate.

cutting a ravine several meters wide and deep on the sea surface, spreading hundreds of meters.

After more than ten seconds, when the gully disappeared, the head that emerged from the water, and a few breaths that had not yet had time to emerge, also disappeared, their life and death were unclear.

Because of his physical fitness, when he understood the Breath of all things at the age of 5 and he can use Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) at the age of 6.

In the face of El Flying Slash, ordinary people are just like those who face the Logia devil fruit user, they have no ability to resist at all.

El, who has the ability to see people's hearts thanks to his observation haki that is different from others, he can see things that ordinary people can't see.

Just as Charlotte Katakuri can shortly see into the future, El can see into people's hearts...

An evil person with an ugly heart, in El's perception, is like a dirty person exuding a dark aura.

The uglier and filthier the person, the darker the breath in El's perception, as if exuding a foul smell, making El, who sensed the foul smell, full of discomfort and disgust.

So, seeing those stinking men coming out of the water, El would mercilessly unleash a Flying Slash, ending their voyage.

in the East blue, in front of such flying slash, it was like a dimensional reduction blow, the pirates who swam up from the sea were all buried in front of El sword.

After a while, the hundreds of breaths quickly turned into single digits.

"No...don't kill me!"

Just as El turned to look at the sea behind him, he was about to raise his sword and swing it down.

Suddenly, as if he had discovered something, El's movements paused slightly.


The next second, a small head emerged from the water and shouted at him.

Looking at the orange-haired little head, El put down his sword and turned to look elsewhere.

"Forgive...forgive me!"

A few seconds later, another small purple-haired head emerged from the water and shouted to El.

"If you don't want to die by mistake, just swim over."

Looking at the little girls who didn't exude an unpleasant aura and looked the same age as him, El said, then move on to clearing other trash.

Judging from El behavior of cutting grass to its roots, it can be seen that his character is cautious.

And from the fact that he named himself in this life and did not avenge himself for the kindness of raising him for five years, even though their real purpose was to sell him, it shows that he still has a bit of benevolence.


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