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At night, a ship was anchored in the sea.

In the dining room of the cabin, the four were holding a banquet.

Holding a wine glass filled with juice, the four of them stood up to clink the glass and then chatted about various topics while eating dinner carefully prepared by the three girls.

"...Nii-san, now you are a famous 'big man' in the East Blue and almost all of the big pirates whose information was disclosed on this year's rankings have also been crusaded by us."

After chatting, Carina's topic returned to their main business: "Then, will we keep low profile for a while and wait for the ranking to be updated, or mosquitoes are still meat no matter how small they are, and the bounty for those not high, but 'little pirates', whose information is almost public, are we hunting them"

"Let's take a break."

El drank the freshly squeezed juice, and suddenly stared at Nami sitting next to Carina, and said, "Next, let's go to a place and look for something."


Nami didn't notice that El's eyes were wrong and thought that Nii-san was asking about her navigator skill so she couldn't help asking curiously.

"Sixis Island, do you know this place" El asked.

"Sixis Island A very familiar place name..."

Nami looked like she had heard it before.

Carina next to her also put down her wine glass, pinching her chin and showing a contemplative look.

Seeing the expressions of the two women, Kuina, who was sitting next to El, flashed a touch of envy in her eyes.

It has been more than ten days since she joins.

But Kuina found that apart from spending El's money and eating El's rice, she didn't help El or even the entire team at all.

Having been living in the small place of Shimotsuki Village since Kuina became self-conscious, there was nothing else in her mind except the sword.

Unlike Nami, who has a strong sailing talent and geographical knowledge.

She is also not like Carina, who has a precocious mind, strong intelligence gathering and communication ability, that others can't tell that she is only an eight-year-old girl.

She is not like El, who is a master swordsman at the age of eight.

Facing a group of ferocious pirates, he is like killing chickens.

Compared with the three of them, Kuina is like a delicate and lazy spoiled girl!

This is undoubtedly a very shocking thing for this proud girl.

"...Don't be discouraged, you are not in the same position as them."

Just when Kuina felt extremely depressed, a palm suddenly placed on her head and pat her incomparably smooth blue hair.

She saw El smile and comforted her "You are an important member of our team.

Starting tomorrow, I will train you hard."

"Well, I'll try my best!"

Kuina nodded vigorously, and a flame called fighting spirit burned in her beautiful eyes.

"I...I remember!"

At this moment, Nami's voice suddenly broke the atmosphere.

After patting the dining table, Nami looked at El with a puzzled expression: "Sixis Island, if I remember correctly, it is a very famous and dangerous desert island in the East Blue."

"Desert island I also remembered..."

Hearing these four words, Carina's face also showed a sudden look: "Desert island, it does not mean that this island is a desert area, on the contrary, the reason why this island is famous is because it is very beautiful.


"But under the beautiful appearance, there is a deadly danger."

"Sixis Island is an uninhabited island with no animals, no water, no trees and no fruit...

nothing to eat or drink."

"If people have Shipwrecks at sea and accidentally enter this uninhabited island, they will starve to death unless they are lucky enough to encounter a ship passing through Sixis Island."

"Therefore, Sixis is a very famous island in the East Blue, but no one dares to go to it."

After speaking, Carina looked at El and asked, "Nii-san, what are you going to look for on Sixis Island"

"I'm going there to find a fruit...

a devil fruit to be exact!" El said without concealment.

"Devil Fruit"

This unfamiliar word made Carina and Nami stunned once again.

Immediately, the two women seemed to have thought of something, and their beautiful eyes suddenly widened.


Could it be that..."

Carina, who was the first to react, stammered in a rare tone: "Yes...is it the legendary treasure of the sea...Devil Fruit"

El nodded with a smile.


Seeing El nod, Carina and Nami gasped.

"The secret treasure of the sea actually exists"

"This...this is too incredible, isn't it!"

Out of trust in El, neither two doubted the authenticity of the Devil Fruit.

But Carina couldn't bear her curiosity so she asked again "Nii-san, since you don't know the location of Sixis Island, how did you know that there are legendary sea treasures on this island"

"As expected of you, you always hit the nail on the head."

El gave Carina a thumbs up, then began to lie, revealing the tip of the iceberg about his abilities to the three girls "Remember what I said about Observation Haki"


Carina and Nami nodded again and again, and Kuina also put down her chopsticks and look at El's handsome and lovely face, waiting for his words.

"Before visiting Kuina's father, I actually didn't know what Observation Haki was, and I thought that in this world, I was the only one with this kind of power."

El said slowly: "It wasn't until I challenged senior that I know what Observation Haki was, and at the same time I realized that my Observation Haki seemed to be different from other people's Observation Haki."


my Observation Haki is an innate ability, and it seems that I also have a special ability alongside it."

After a slight pause, El looked at Carina and Nami in front of him, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly: "That ability is...

As long as I touch someone, I can read their memories."


As El's words fell, the three girls reacted differently.

Nami, who was sitting opposite to El, and Kuina, who had just been touched by El's hand, turned pale.

On the other hand, Carina didn't panic at all, instead, she showed an expression like she expected it and said, "No wonder Nii-san touched our heads for the first time when we first met and your words and actions.

suddenly change, it turns out that you read our memories at that time."

After speaking, Carina looked at El with bright eyes: "Just by touching the other party, you can read their memory.

This ability is simply the most suitable skill for intelligence gathering."


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