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Loguetown, known as the "The town of the beginning and the end", is located near the entrance to Grand Line on the East Blue.

As one of the four islands located near the entrance of the Reverse Mountain, Loguetown is not only one of the bustling towns in East Blue, but also the most chaotic place.


Now Loguetown is the most chaotic place in the East Blue.

Why does East Blue have a "real-time ranking of the pirates who most want to disappear"

Why are there so many 'big pirates' with a bounty of over 10 million

It is very simple because the patron saint of Loguetown has not yet come.

As the place where "One Piece" Gol D.

Roger was born and died, and the location is near the entrance of the Reverse Mountain, the Town has Always been a holy place for East Blue pirates, just like the famous attractions place in the previous life.

So, before the headquarters dispatched a Logia devil fruit user, even if there was a navy branch in Loguetown, there were alway's pirates making trouble here.

"...What a big port.

It is indeed one of the best economic towns in the East Blue."

After a few days of sailing.

The sailing ship finally arrived at the port of Loguetown.

Looking at the building complex standing like white cranes, and the island with a large number of ships moored in the port, Nami, who came to Loguetown for the first time, exclaimed in amazement.

"After you go to the island, you must follow me closely."

Looking at the island that was getting closer, El suddenly frowned and said to the three girls: "There is a lot of trash here.

If we get separated, it will be easy to be kidnap."

"I see, nii-san."

Carina and Nami answered obediently.

Kuina Also nodded slightly.

Immediately, Kuina seemed to remember something, and handed the sword in her arms to El: "El, your weapon broke when you were fighting with my father.

Before you bought a sword, use my swords first."

"Alright, then I'll borrow your sword for the time being."

El nodded and did not reject Kuina's kindness.

After taking the swords from Kuina, El subconsciously pulled it out.

The Wado Ichimonji does not have the design of other famous knives, just its overall appearance, it is a very simple sword.

However, as a swordsman, El can feel the extraordinariness of this sword.

"Under the simplicity it hide a sharp edges, really hidden deeply, its indeed a famous sword among the "Twenty-One Great Grade Swords".

El sighed, then retracted the sword back to it's sheath.

El, who had no requirements for weapons at first, only realized the gap between famous swords and ordinary swords after holding a famous sword for the first time.

Not only the appearance but also the quality are heaven and earth apart.

Zoro on the original book challenged Hawkeyes, and his last move collided with Hawk eyes.

As a result, except for Wado Ichimonji, the two ordinary swords were broken.

Without the Armament Haki, an ordinary sword colliding with a famous sword, its a big disadvantage.

After seeing Kuina's swords, El finally has a pursuit of the famous sword.

And if El remembered correctly, during this time period, on an island on the Grand Line, there were two famous swords that were not inferior to the Supreme Grade Swords (Saijo O Wazamono).

Before entering the Grand Line in search of it, let's take a shot with an ordinary famous sword.

Taking out the broken sword, and inserting the Wado Ichimonji into his belt, El looked at Loguetown in front of him and thought to himself.

When the sailing ship docked, the four went ashore without taking anything.

They are well aware of one of the drawbacks of small sailing ship, and they have always been reluctant to put treasures in the boat.

Every time they make a profit, they will deposit it in the bank, and the small amount of cash will be used to spend on the some islands.

So, they don't need to keep anything on board.

After going ashore, the four bought a map of Loguetown at the stall on the dock and then headed straight to the bank on the island.

As one of the best and most prosperous islands in East Blue, even though Loguetown is not the capital of an affliated country, it has everything on it.

For example, banks and hospitals, as well as the shipyard and weapons store that the four were going to...

After coming to the bank to withdraw a sum of money, the group of four soon came to the shipyard.

With money to open the door, the four were not despised by the shipyard because of their young age.

After expressing their needs, the group of four was personally received by the manager and designer.

It is not difficult to see from the manager who found a designer that El's needs are customized sailing ship.

Yes, customized ship!

As the saying goes: Today is different from the past.

For more than a month, El did not expect that with his strength, Nami's sailing skills, and Carina's intelligence ability were combined, the speed of making money was so terrifying.

The heads of those big pirates are so easy to pick.

By reading their memory, obtaining the location of the other party's treasure house, and scraping the treasure they have accumulated over the years, It is a big harvest each time they hunts.

Just by killing four targets, El's deposit Almost exceeded 100 million Belly.

Nami and Carina savings are Also close to ten million belly.

100 million belly, in this era when the currency has not yet inflated, it was able to do a lot of things.

After all, the agreement between Nami and Arlong was only 100 million Belly.

And El's customized ship is similar to the "Golden Merry" of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The required price is no more than 30 million Belly.

This price is the answer that El got from the hearts of designers and managers.

After some haggling, the total price was decided at 33.65 million belly.

After El paid one-third for the deposit, he took the three girls and headed towards the center street of Loguetown.

The matter of the new ship has been resolved, and the next step is to buy a sword.

If El remembers correctly, in the weapons shop in Loguetown, there is a Skillful Grade Swords (Ryo Wazamono) and a Curse Sword.

They are Yubashiri and Sandai Kitetsu.

The purpose of El's trip here is to cut off Zoro's fate with Sandai Kitetsu.

When El fights, he likes and used to killing enemies with one hit.

Therefore, El prefers the incomparably sharp Sandai Kitetsu, compared to Yubashiri, one of the Skillful Grade Swords (Ryo Wazamono).


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