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"This is...

Armament Haki training method!"


The diary in El's hand is a haki practice notebook.

And it's not an ordinary haki notebook.

On this, not only the awakening and training methods of the Armament Haki are recorded, but also the high-level use of the armament haki, that is, "Emission and Internal Destruction" in the Wano Country.

El knew that a gift from a Master swordsman was definitely not an ordinary thing.

But he didn't expect that Koushirou's gift would be so big.

As one of the most mysterious and powerful countries in the world, Wano Country has its own Haki system just like the "Amazon Lily" in the Calm Belt.

The Kuja Tribe likes to call Haki the spirit of Nine Snake Haki.

And the Haki in the Wano Country is known as Ryou.

Being able to name Haki shows that their country has thoroughly researched it.

In fact, whether it's Island of Amazon Lily or Wano Country, they have indeed thoroughly studied Haki.

A power that others cannot awaken in their entire lives, but both countries have their own awakening and practice methods.

So much so that most of the young warriors in these two countries possess Haki.

It can be seen that the gift of Koushirou is a big one!


Just as El was flipping through the Armament Haki training method, a letter emerged from the page.

Taking out the letter in the book, El opened and read it.

"I see..."

When El read the letter at a glance, there was a hint of surprise on his face.

No wonder he gave him this big gift.

It turned out he want him to protect his daughter, help her awaken Haki, and even master high-level usage of it.

"Armament Haki training method, what is that"

El's mood at this time, Kuina did not know.

Hearing the words Armament Haki training method, Kuina tilted her head and asked curiously.

"It's an ability that all swordsmen must master.

After you understand the "Breath of All Things", which is the so-called "cutting through Steel", I will teach you personally.


El put away the Armament Haki training method and letter, looking at Kuina, and encouraged her: "In the future, you will train with me every day.

With your talent, I believe that you will soon understand the "Breath of all thing".


"I think so too!"

Kuina looked at El with a determined expression.

The reason why she chose to give up her hometown, friends, family and follow the boy with who she had only known for less than a day, in addition to taking risks and challenging swordsmen all over the world, it was mainly to challenge El.

Just like Zoro, he kept challenging herself, and after more than a thousand defeats, his strength quickly caught up with her.

And now, Kuina just wants to imitate Zoro, constantly challenge El, and grow up from defeat.


Just two hours after the four left.

"What Kuina went to sea!"

Zoro, who had finished his morning training, suddenly got bad news from Koushirou.

When he learned that Kuina followed El and go to sea, Zoro was like being struck by lightning, and the whole body froze in place while staring at Koushirou "What...

when Why did she do it, for...why didn't she tell me"

"In order to reach the highest stage of swordsmanship, she chose the most difficult way."

Looking at the disciple he attached great importance to, Koushirou said with a serious face: "Zoro, Kuina is protected by El, so I allow her willfulness.

However, you are not allowed to imitate Kuina, before the age of seventeen, I won't let you go out to sea alone."


Zoro looked at Koushirou with slightly reddened eyes, and his voice choked up.

The goal his chasing and want to surpass suddenly disappeared, Zoro didn't know what words to use to describe his current mood.

"Before Kuina leaves, she let me give you a word."

Looking at the sad and confused disciple, Koushirou's said "She looks forward to meeting you on the sea one day and having the 1,888th duel with you."

"I know, I won't be left behind by her...

I will definitely go out to sea to find Kuina, fulfill my promise with her, and become the world's strongest swordsman before her!"

Zoro wiped his tears and looked at Koushiro with a firm expression.

Seeing that his disciple had regained his fighting spirit, Koushiro couldn't help but smile with relief.


El has been out at sea for more than a month.

Before he knew it, he had caused quite a storm of butterfly effects on this world.

The first is to recruit Nami, which is destined to make the future Straw Hat Pirates lose their patron saint on sea navigation.

The second is to change the fate of Kuina.

At the same time, Zoro's dream also changed.

The original Zoro, his dream is to become the world's strongest swordsman, letting his name resound in the world.

And now, his dream is to practice hard, go out to sea to find Kuina in the future, complete the agreement of the 1,888th duel, and become the world's strongest swordsman before her.


El didn't know anything about this.

Even if he know, he won't care.

Possessing the three major talents favored by the world, El is the chosen son of this era.

In ten years, even if he has not fully developed his three major talents, his strength will definitely be able to protect himself in this sea.

As long as he has the strength to protect himself, even if Luffy goes out to sea to stir up the situation, break the situation that has been balanced for many years by the Mary Geoise, Revolutionary Army, Navy Headquarters, four Emperor, and Seven Warlords of the Sea, completely igniting the entire era of the Great Pirates, and leading to chaos.

El will not become a pawn, but a player.

And these ten years is the developmental period for El's accumulation.


"Nii-san, where are we going next"

On the small sailboats that are drifting on the sea.

In the small cabin, Carina is reading a magazine, while Kuina is writing.

Nami looked at El who was reading the Armament Haki training method and asked.

"Next, let's go to Loguetown."

El closed the notebook, looked at the three girls while holding his chin, and said slowly, "I'm going to buy a knife, and by the way, get a new sailing ship."

"Change ship"

Nami was slightly taken aback.

Carina, who was reading a magazine, also put down the magazine in her hand.


El nodded and continued: "Our members have changed from three to four, and the space for this small sailing ship is not enough."

"So, it's time for a new ship."

If Kuina was not recruited, El's idea was to wait until he decided to enter the Grand Line, and then change to a new ship that could withstand the climate change of the Grand Line.

But after recruiting Kuina, El knew that the idea had to be advanced.

Because Kuina is different from them, the other party will be eleven years old in a few months, it is impossible for her to squeeze at the bed with three.

And she has not yet comprehended the "breath of all things", and she still needs to constantly practice swordsmanship and do physical training to improve her physique.

The battle with Kuina also requires space to be able to perform.

So, they had to change to a boat with more space.


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