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The year 1516 on the Sea Circle Calendar in the manga was a very meaningful year and If it weren't for El creating a storm of butterfly effects that disrupt the world plot line, this year was supposed to be called the Year of Shanks.

In the manga, Shanks and his Red-Haired Pirates officially reached the top of the world this year and became the fourth emperor of the sea with a bounty of 4.048 billion berries and then create a situation in the new world where the four emperors, navy headquarters, and the Seven Warlords confront each other while creating a balance that lasts until the year 1520.

However, now the new world still enters a situation where the four emperors confront each other, however, it is not Shanks who is closest to Roger level that became the fourth emperor of the sea but El, a person from another world.

In fact, if El and Shanks's battle did not happen, Shanks will still officially become pirate emperor, he will only rank as the fifth emperor of the sea this year, and his Red-haired Pirates will also become one of the pirate emperor crews and they will still be superior to the flying pirates and they will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the other three pirate emperors, too bad there is no if.

In the current new world, the four pirate emperors are still ruling the sea together, to be precise, the three pirate emperors rule the entire new world, because El, who is the fourth emperor of the sea, is not interested in the so-called territory at all, his city in the sky which his territory which is the legacy he inherited from Shiki.

After the City in the Sky business starts, he will semi-retire from the new world stage and spend most of his time traveling around the world.

Speaking of City in the Sky, after El completely annihilates the Red-Haired Pirates, he has returned to the new world many times with the help of Carina in the past few months and he also uses his devil fruit ability to help the world's best construction team that Doflamingo found to perfectly restored the foundation of the City in the Sky.

At the same time, he also picks up and moves the iron resources sunk deep into the sea by the Red-Haired Pirates, while Doflamingo continues to find a fleet to transport them to Onigashima and Wano.

Incidentally, as El destroyed the Red-Haired Pirates by himself, Doflamingo's attitude towards him became more enthusiastic, even reaching the level of being humble as he did in front of Kaido.

Since the beginning of the Great Pirates era, there has been no major event that can be compared with the destruction of the Red-Haired Pirates.

If the Paramount War on the manga still happens, then there will be a major event that will affect the whole world, and it will still be able to surpass El and Shanks's battle.

In Doflamingo's eyes, the fate of El who also awakened his devil fruit ability becomes firmer on becoming the strongest man in the world.

So, in order to form a firmer connection with the future strongest man in the world, Doflamingo fully mobilizes his connection while he participates in the construction of the City in the Sky himself, and at the same time, he also started to search for the Substances and technologies that can create a devil's fruit weapon.

After perfectly repairing the foundation of the City in the Sky, El also goes to the Sabaody Archipelago and uses his devil fruit ability to seize control of one of the illegal areas and brought it back to City in the Sky then he let it fully integrate into the main island.

After all, in their fleet, there is Shirahoshi who can't walk on land, therefore after some consideration, El directly takes one of the Sabaody Archipelago islands and integrate it into the main island just to allow Shirahosh to use Bubbly Coral and roam freely.

During that time, the earthquake caused by El taking one of the islands also scared away the bounty hunters, human traffickers, civilians, and pirates on the island, while also alarming the navy headquarters next door, and it even reach the Mary Geoise at the top of the red line.

The Five Elders who learned this news even began to dial again to the Den Mushi Mushi that Doflamingo gave them, which was especially used to contact El.

Yes, again.

Late last year, after the Mary Geoise and the navy headquarters raised El's bounty to 5 billion berries, The Five Elders contacted El for the first time.

The purpose of contacting El is naturally to make El not mobilize meteor indiscriminately, moreover, the first time that El use meteor and destroyed the two and a half islands, only the Prodence Kingdom is a member of the affiliated countries so The Five Elders had already raise El's bounty to curb the Prodence Kingdom anger.

But this time, El recklessly uses a meteor and created four tsunamis and Tornadic waterspouts and once it spreads out, many islands will be destroyed by the disaster that El created.

Among the islands that escaped this time, there are three members of the affiliated countries and they also seek help from Mary Geoise.

In order to continuously get a lot of Heavenly Tribute every year the best solution for the Five Elders is to kill El, however, they couldn't do it, so they can only negotiate with El on equal footing.

In this regard, El naturally agreed, the blessing comes on its own on your door, who would say no Anyway, when it's necessary, he will still do it.

The call from the Five Elders asks El why he takes one of the Sabaody Archipelago islands which is clearly the territory of the celestial dragon.

In this regard, El directly refuted them, the largest mangrove tree in the world is not one of Mary Geoise's allied countries, nor is it a product of the territory of the Mary Geoise allied countries, why can't I take part of it since no one own it

El's shameless reasonable and well-founded words made The Five Elders speechless and they could only compromise with El and ask El only to take the illegal area if he wants another island not where the celestial dragon play.

Seeing that the strongest force in the world has compromised, El also promised them that he would not do anything to other regions.

Seeing that El is not a complete madman like Douglas Bullet, The Five Elders are also relieved.


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