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"Armament Haki is the exact opposite of the Conqueror Haki which of the auxiliary kind."

"Observation Haki is use to read the opponent's movements and avoid their attacks, while Armament Haki is used to defend and attack.

It can improve one's defense, just like wearing invisible armor or it can also increase your attack, doubling your power, It can even covered your weapon, making the weapon sharper and tougher like a famous sword..."

"And the Conqueror Haki is the rarest kind of Haki among the three categories under Haki."

"The reason it's rare is that it can't be acquired through practice.

It's a kind of king aptitude that only appears in one in a million."

Koushirou tells the information of about Haki in great detail.

For the Conqueror Haki, it is only up to fate.

After finishing speaking, Koushirou patiently reminded El: "You have awakened the Observation Haki, as long as your physique reaches certain stage, I believe that you will soon awaken the power of Armament Haki."

"I didn't expect that there are different kinds of this ability." El sighed slightly.

Immediately, El looked at Koushirou, looking expectantly at him "Senior, do you have all of these three kinds of Haki"

"Do not..."

Koushirou shook his head and said, "I only grasped the Armament and Observation Haki among them."

Hearing this, the look of anticipation on El's face became even more intense: "Then, senior, can you show me the power of the Armament Haki"

"Okay, you can attack!"

Koushirou nodded with a smile.


Without any hesitation, El held his sword and stormed toward Koushirou.

When he held a sword and slashed at Koushirou's body.

A loud metal crash sounded.


The next second, the sword in El's hand seemed to be slashing at the hardest object in the world, making an unbearable cracking sound.

A blade flew over El's head piercing the ground not far behind him.

El's eyes were fixed on the weapon that cut off his sword.

It was a sword that was covered with pitch-black matter and becaming no longer ordinary sword.

"Is this Armament Haki What a miraculous power!"

El exclaimed in amazement.


Koushirou nodded and said, "With Armament Haki, you can enhance ordinary weapons to the level of famous swords."

"The legendary Supreme Grade Sword is nothing but a weapon that the swordsman tempered with his own armament haki."

"I see..."

El was slightly stunned and then asked with a studious expression: "So, senior, how can we awaken the Armament haki"

"The awakening method of Armament Haki is neither difficult nor easy..."

Koushirou said without being stingy: "It's not the same as being able to awaken the observation haki at a young age like you, the armament haki must meet a condition before it can be awakened."

"That's physical fitness, reaching a level that can mobilize and withstand it..."

When he said this, Kosaburo almost subconsciously recalled what his father Kosaburo had said when he taught him and help him awaken it.

it feels like he just repeated his father's words.

Through reading people's hearts, El knew that the awakening method and practice method Koushirou said were all true.

This senior has nothing to hide from him.

El did not expect that his plan would go so smoothly.

At this moment, he couldn't help but feel a little admiration for Koushirou.

As expected of a Master swordsman who can endure the temptations of the world and teach his younger generation in seclusion in the weakest sea.

Such a character is an existence that El can't compare to in his entire life.

Because El believed that before he became the strongest swordsman in world history, he could not let go of his worldly temptations and live a secluded life in his golden age.

That's why El was full of admiration for Koushirou's selfless teaching.

"...Thank you for your guidance, senior!"

After Koushirou briefly described the conditions for the awakening of the armament haki, El put away his broken sword, bowing to Koushirou, and thanking him sincerely.

"You're welcome, even without my guidance, you will master this ability sooner or later."

Looking at the modest and courteous El in front of him, Koushirou's eyes flashed again with a hint of regret for not being able to carve this rough jade himself, and then he sighed from the bottom of his heart: "The gears of the times are turning, your appearance, let me firmly believe that the future of the sea belongs to your era."



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