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There's no doubt, that the reason why Mary Geoise suddenly raised El's bounty to the 5 billion bellies was that the other party do something earth-shattering thing.

In fact, it is, when people in the world read today's front-page news and before they can feel shocked, their attention is attracted by the second edition and the third, fourth, and even fifth edition news.

Taking a closer look, it turns out that there is no other news in today's World Economic Newspaper, and the whole news is about El VS Red-haired Pirates.

The content of the second edition of the news is no less than the headlines of today's news because the title of the second edition of the newspaper is astonishing, 'the Fall of the Unparalleled Combination of Gold and Silver!'

The title of the third edition of the newspaper is, 'The End of the Red-Haired Pirates!'

The title of the fourth edition of the newspaper is, 'The man who single-handedly destroyed the fifth emperor crew!

The so-called Gold and Silver combination is an abbreviation for Roger and Rayleigh combination from the previous era.

Since Shanks is an intern from Roger Pirates and the only one who is very high profile in the Sea but has not been arrested by the Navy and Mary Geoise for being Roger Pirates' crew, while he and his deputy commander, Benn Beckman, led the Red-Haired Pirates in the new world where they fought in all directions and become invincible.

Those who know the Roger Pirates all think that Shanks and Benn Beckman are simply a copy of the gold and silver combination.

It was even suggested that the intern might go down the path of his captain, the most likely to become the second Pirate King.

Now, they never thought that this man who had already reached the top of the world and was just short of an official announcement, he and his equally strong deputy commander, was actually killed by someone in one vs two battle.

No wonder Mary Geoise raised El's bounty from 4 billion to 5 billion, which is only 20 million Belly less than Whitebeard, the Strongest Man in the World.

When the world sees the pictures of the meteor and tsunami that covers the sky in all directions, and the final tornado and tornadic waterspouts posted in the newspaper.

At this moment, everyone understood why Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters changed the title of El, from World Destroyer to Lord of the Sky, because this man, he really rules the earth and sea from the sky.

Especially those remnants of the previous old era, or the strong people who knew about the Float-Float Fruit ability through the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, they discovered something amazing through the tornado.

That is...

El's Float-Float Fruit...

is Awaken!

At the age of 13, he awakened his devil fruit ability, this is simply an incredible thing!

Approximately, for El being able to kill Shanks and Benn Beckman, then his devil Fruit Awakening definitely played a key role to the victory.

The truth is the same as what these people think and the reason why Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters raised El's bounty from four billion to five billion is also for this reason.

Without awakening his devil fruit, he can already destroy the world, now after mastering a power on a higher level, and his unscrupulous throwing of multiple meteors that creates multiple tsunamis while ignoring the surrounding islands at all, such disregard for life makes El in the eyes of Mary Geoise and the Navy Headquarters threats to surpassed Whitebeard.

If Whitebeard hadn't been alive and had been the strongest pirate for decades, both Mary Geoise and the Navy headquarters wanted to raise El's bounty to an amount that surpassed Whitebeard's.

After all, Whitebeard still has a bottom line, this arrogant kid has become a madman without a bottom line

If it weren't for the Float-Float Fruit having an unsolvable sky advantage, the Mary Geoise had already authorized the Navy headquarters to launch the strongest Buster Call to siege El.

This kind of madman with powerful strength, and rapid progress, while ignoring the law and traveling outside every day, his threat will definitely become much greater.

After El fully enters his golden stage, there will probably be a second Rocks D.

Xebec in this world.

No matter how much Mary Geoise and the navy wanted to arrest El and lock him for eternity in Impel Down, they wouldn't dare to act without being certain of the victory.

So raising his bounty and distributing free newspapers to promote the dangers of El is the only thing they can do.

The content of the third edition of the newspaper caused no less sensation than the two previous newspapers.

Shanks lost an arm in the East Blue and still can be called the closest person to the Pirate King and even recognized as the fifth emperor of the sea, one of the main reasons is that he has a deputy commander who is no less powerful as him.

He also has a crew consisting of a powerhouse in the new world, although The Red Hair Pirates haven't fought with any of the Four Emperor Pirates yet, however, no one would think that the Red Hair Pirates, will be weaker than any of the pirate emperor crew.

El's annihilating the Red Hair Pirates is like annihilating either of the Whitebeard Pirates, the Beasts Pirates, or the BIG MOM Pirates, which shocked the world.

As for the content of the fourth edition of the newspaper, it is supplementary to the front-page newspaper which is blanked, it's a piece of news that Morgans exaggerated while describing the earth-shattering battle of one man fighting all at once the entire crew of the red-haired pirates.

In the news, Morgans boast El to the sky and make him king of the world, the strong have their own opinions, and they will automatically ignore Morgans' exaggeration.

But those ordinary people have no opinion, they were full of fear toward El and the Flying Pirates because of the meteor, and now they regard El as a demon that is more terrifying than Whitebeard.

Especially the people who escaped from the dozen or so islands, after escaping from the New World to the first half of the grand line or to the four seas, they spread the terror of El to the world.

These are all later stories.

By the way, since the Red-Haired Pirates were annihilated deep in the sea, the news coo did not photograph the scene of their fall, and Morgans were not sure whether the Red-haired Pirates had fallen.

However, this does not prevent Morgans from deliberately making up this fake news for the sake of news, just like in the manga, the death of Sabo.

Shanks and Benn Beckman are both dead anyway, The Red-Haired Pirates, even if there are still people alive, they are just remnants who can't make waves.

Morgans, who are not afraid of the Pirate emperor are like the Mary Geoise, how could they be afraid of a remnant party.

If they don't agree, then find him and he will kill them!

In the last and fifth editions of the newspaper, Morgans summed up the history of El's development this year.

From the battle on the Sabaody Archipelago in March to the end of the current year 1515 of the Sea Circle Calendar, El has created several major events, and his bounty has jumped from a supernova three years ago to The Fourth Emperor of the Sea with his bounty second only to Whitebeard, Edward Newgate.

Morgans also ended today's news with a sentence at the end of the news.

I would like to call the year 1515 of the Sea Circle Calendar as, El Years.


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