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Not only Shanks and Benn Beckman were brought up, but even the stone rubble and dust that had been smashed by the shockwave formed by conqueror haki were all involved.

Shanks and Benn Beckman aren't just being spun around, they were also suffering secondary damage from this debris flying in the tornado.

From facing meteors to facing tsunamis on all sides and forcing Red-haired Pirates deep into the sea before annihilating them and then resisting the continuous explosion just now, whether it is El, Shanks, or Benn Beckman, they have basically exhausted their Haki after fighting until now, especially, Shanks, he is the first one to use up all of his haki.

Even if they still have a little bit of Haki, the severe pain from their serious injuries forces these two people who have reached the peak of their mental skills and physical skills to can't use the advanced version of haki, right now, they can only use the basic version a little at most.

However, in the super tornado that swept over the medium-sized island, even if Shanks and Benn used up all their remaining haki, they could not smash such large tornado.

Even so, in order not to let those debris cause secondary damage and grind them to death, Shanks and Benn Beckman still used up their last haki to fend off this debris, and buy themselves time.

Shanks expends his last Haki to resist the damage from the debris while doing all he could do to lift the sword in his hand and try to use the breath of all things to cut off this large tornado.Even if this large tornado cannot be cut off, as long as a gap can be cut, Shanks has the confidence to take Benn Beckman out of the large tornado before the gap heals.

However, he obviously underestimated El's devil fruit awakening and overestimated his own remaining strength.

Outside the large tornado, there was also a wind wall surrounding El's body to resist the super tornado, As El was not affected by it and was in a special state at this time, even if doesn't use his observation haki, and close his eyes, he could clearly see Shanks' every move.

The world in this special state, it's as if he has an omniscient view of everything.

There was no movement from El, but the next second, Shanks inside the large tornado just raised the sword in his hand, and an astonishing scene suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

The sword in his hands, liquefied at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then was swept into it by the large tornado, blowing to somewhere unknown, and in just a few seconds, in his hands, there is only one hilt left.There are only twelve Supreme Grade swords in the world and Gryphon was one of them and it was liquefied in an instant.

Just like the Op-Op fruit, the objects inside the Float-Float Fruit range have no more so-called quality and distance.

If Shanks still has enough Haki, maybe he can cover his sword with the armament haki, then even if El's Float-Float Fruit is awakened, he can't liquefy his sword.

It's a pity that Shanks' Haki has been exhausted.

Without Haki, he naturally cannot protect his beloved sword, so with the disappearance of his own swords, Shanks' life also officially began to enter its final countdown.

As the large tornado left the barren island and came to the sea, the large tornado immediately swept up countless seawater and changed from a tornado to tornadic waterspouts.

Shanks and Benn Beckman, who had been restrained by the strong wind and unable to struggle, suddenly felt a strong water pressure and suffocation, and just when they tried to take out the Bubbly Coral on their bodies and create a protective film for to breathe, they found that the Bubbly Coral on their bodies was also liquefied and disappeared.

Shanks and Benn Beckman, who can't breathe had a complete look of despair in their eyes, their Haki is exhausted, and their weapons are also lost, Shanks and Benn Beckman now have one of their foot in the grave, and, El only needed to push them a little harder, and he can completely end the voyage of the entire Red-Haired Pirates.

In fact, El intends to do this, seeing their situation, he waves his hand and in an instant, his originally slightly rosy face turns pale while covered with sweat.

The tornadic waterspouts that were moving in a certain direction suddenly seemed to be pulled by an irresistible gravitational force and it suddenly changed its shape and turned into a huge giant water dragon that rise into the sky which can be seen from several close islands.

The huge water dragon that is several miles long, flew to an altitude of over one thousand meters in just an instant and then dive down toward the barren island.

This scene is very spectacular, it's like the Knock Up Stream that connected heaven and earth.

The moment the huge water dragon slammed into the barren ground of the island, a strong shockwave, accompanied by a deafening sound, swept in all directions.

The ground, which was originally covered with countless cracks, once again made another large crack.

Not long after, another deafening sound exploded as the island finally couldn't bear it and began to fall apart.

The wind and the shockwaves did not affect El, instead, they deliberately avoided him as he slowly flew to the island as if being carried by the wind.

After the wind and water dissipated on this island fragment, two drenched body that was neither blown away by the strong wind nor washed away by the sea lay quietly on the ground.

Then El raised his right hand again while looking at the two-body before speaking slowly.

"This battle will surely shock the world, and your stories will forever be engraved on history and will be passed down by future generations because of me..."


goodbye, Shanks, and Benn Beckman!"

As El raised his two fingers, two stone spears suddenly rose from the ground and mercilessly penetrated through their body.

Two pirate emperor-level persons, one of them is recognized as the fifth emperor of the sea in the world, second only to Pirate King Gol D.

Roger and Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh from the previous era.


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