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"Hakoku sovereignty!"

Inside the island that was covered by an earth wall, the life and death battle between the three powerhouses has entered the peak stages.

Relying on his unique observation haki, El faces the joint effort of Shanks and Benn Beckman without losing the slightest bit, not only that, but he even became much stronger as the battle goes on, as he developed his swordsmanship, flying slash, the breath of all things, Six styles (Rokushiki) and it's variations as well as the Spear of Elbaf that was displayed and used by him.

Except for occasionally assisting himself with the devil fruit ability, El did not lift the island directly to the altitude of several thousand meters and then turned it into a 180 degree before releasing his Devi fruit ability as he did when he was chasing Rayleigh to attack Shanks and Ben Beckman because the method of dealing with Rayleigh is not suitable for Shanks and Benn Beckman, who can fly at a low altitude with Haki, and were not burdened by someone.

As the saying goes, the plan can't keep up with the change.

El, who was only thirteen years old this year, his strength had already entered a bottleneck and in order to let his devil fruit awakened, he deliberately found a couple of people who could help him, the Strongest Man in the World, Whitebeard, and Demon Heir, Douglas Bullet.

For this reason, El also deliberately took Yamato and Shirahoshi on a constant adventure and hunt Vander Decken IX and Blueno, to seize their devil fruit.

According to the original plan, when he ended his adventure and returned to the new world, the first person he want to challenge is Whitebeard, then if the life and death battle with him can't awaken his devil fruit, he will take Nojiko, who will eat the Door-Door Fruit then they will quietly infiltrate the sixth floor of the impel down then make a deal with Douglas Bullet to help him awakened his devil fruit ability.

But now, he doesn't need to do something so troublesome, because he finds something much better.

In the darkness, El flies in the air again from close combat and held the hilt of his sword with both hands before blasting a huge white beam of light toward Shanks and Ben Beckman below.

Unlike the flying slash that shreds the darkness and illuminates the surrounding area, although the white beam of light formed by Hakoku sovereignty seems to be materialized, it belongs to the intangible things that his devil fruit cannon seize control of.

The white beam of light melts into darkness and like a tsunami, it tries to drown Shanks and Ben Beckman in it, on the other hand in Shanks and Benn Beckman's perception, a wave of astonishing energy charges toward them.

Without the slightest hesitation, Benn Beckman directly grabbed Shanks who created an invisible shield around them and shot a bullet toward the incoming attack.

Over time, Benn Beckman has more than once used a bullet coated with advanced armament and conqueror haki to shatter the earth wall that blocks the light, it's a pity that even after he consumed seven rounds of bullets, he was not able to get his wish, because El's mind-reading ability let him completely sees through him and give him a chance to use Future vision and flying slash coated with conqueror harry to block the bullet the that Benn Beckman shot.

Benn Beckman realizes it's as if El would never allow them to do anything to the earth wall that blocks the light, although he doesn't know the significance of El's move, his ominous feeling has grown stronger each second.

When the bullet containing advanced armament and conqueror haki collided with the white beam of light, another hurricane formed by the collision of haki once again ravaged the ground.

"He even got BIG MOM's skill..." As the ground cracked, Shanks, who used Haki to resist the hurricane and earth gravel contain in it suddenly coughed before he finished his whole sentence.

This kind of coughing that's like when someone chokes should not appear on someone as powerful as them, in particular for Shanks, who also used his haki to create an invisible shield around his body to resist the wind and gravel.


we've been tricked again...

he's been stalling time the whole time!" Hearing Shanks' cough, the ominous feeling in Benn Beckman's heart grew stronger, but he doesn't know why he felt this way, then suddenly as if he realized something, his face can't help but turn extremely ugly.

He finally understood why El wanted to create such a battle stage, in addition to using darkness to limit their vision, it also to consumed their stamina much faster, and the most important thing is the dust particle around them.

Observation haki can only perceive the fluctuations of aura and unless is someone like Kuina whose observation haki because unique because she integrates the Radio waves on her observation haki, then anyone can't detect this dust particle including Fujitora who can only see outline at most with his observation haki.

Shanks and Benn Beckman both possessed an advanced observation haki, however, it's not as unique as Kuina has, so at most, they could also only perceive El's attack trajectory, as well as aura fluctuations, for the dust particle, their Observation haki can't see it at all.

Since the appearance of the Earth wall, during the entire duration of the battle he was fighting with El, including the rifle bullet just now, Benn Beckman fired a total of eight bullets, creating eight Haki collisions that ravage the ground.

At this moment, this incomparably dark space must be filled with dense dust particles.

Don't say he and Shanks can't see due to darkness, even if the light returned, Benn Beckman believed that he could not see anything but a haze.

In the end, how dense the dust particle can make a strong person cough without being able to finish his word even when he was using Haki to protect his body

"No wonder he's using flying slashes less often, it turns out to be...

not good!" Benn Beckman also didn't finish his whole sentence as he was using Future vision the whole time and he sees some incredible scenes that changed drastically his expression once again.

In the next second, an explosion that affected the whole island suddenly brought a dazzling light and completely illuminated this extremely dark space.

This sudden explosion is a huge explosion of dust!!


Dust explosions can occur where any dispersed powdered combustible material is present in high-enough concentrations in the atmosphere or other oxidizing gaseous medium, such as pure oxygen.

In cases when fuel plays the role of combustible material, the explosion is known as a fuel-air explosion.


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