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"So strong, senior is indeed a powerful swordsman!"

El, whose flying slash was forcibly interrupted, looked at Koushirou, who was still holding a sword with one hand and a grinned slightly at the corner of his mouth.

"At your age, I'm still a child who can only wield a bamboo sword." Koushirou shook his head and said.

The tone is that, apart from age, he has nothing to be proud of.

Even Koushirou had no doubt that if he was as young as El, or El was as old as him.

With El's ridiculously powerful swordsmanship talent and his physique, he, a mediocre swordsman, is definitely not El's opponent.

But this world has no ifs.

Although El has the three major talents that the world cares about, of his three talents, the swordsmanship belongs to the fighting and growth category.

moreover, the observation Haki and life return are actually support and growth type talents, and it takes El time and effort to develop.

Just like those 'supermen' who played in the basketball league in previous lives, many people have historical-level talents, but they all need to develop their talents before they can become superstars.

El needs to fully develop his talents before he can stand at the top of the world.

But now, he's still a climber.

And the person standing in front of him is an existence that is infinitely close to the top.

With El's current strength, no matter how hard he tries, he can't be Koushirou's opponent.

clang clang clang...

Although his observation haki has already told him that he cannot defeat Koushirou.

El didn't give up either, but held his swords in both hands and kept attacking Koushirou.

Every attack is tearing the airflow, it's a slash that can easily cut through steel.

It is no exaggeration to say...

Unless it is a capable person, even a fishmen whose physique is ten times stronger than that of a human being will be cut in half by sword when standing in front of El.

Just like before, if El's slash was not blocked, the torn airflow would turn into a flying slash in minutes, flying forward for an unknown number of meters.

It is a pity that Kuina and Zoro did not have the blessing of witnessing the legendary flying slash.

Every slash of El was blocked by Koushirou with ease.

But soon, Koushirou, who had suppressed his strength to the same level as El, suddenly felt a little 'pressure'.

He saw that El's attack speed was getting faster and faster, as if he knew how Koushirou's blade would block his own attack.

As soon as the first slash fell, El had already cooperated with Koushirou's defense, removed the power from the sword, and quickly swung the second slash.

he doesn't know if it's an illusion, the place where El's second knife attack happened to be where Koushirou shows a small flaw that would inevitably occur with one sword in hand.

In this regard, the depths of Koushirou's eyes once again showed a rare look of surprise.

This shock was not because El found his flaws, but because El predicted how he would defend every time.

Such a prediction, does it mean that...

As if to confirm his guess, Koushirou took it seriously.

The invisible haki spread out from his body.

At this moment, El's attack in the next second was accurately predicted by Koushirou.

El, who had just found a little 'advantage', soon felt the pressure of a mountain again.

The image of the attack being block or the error in his prediction, made the boy's face show a trace of 'surprise'.

Seeing this expression, Koushirou confirmed his thoughts.

he sighed and say with a bit of trembling in his voice "I didn't expect that at your age, you have already mastered the power of Observation Haki."

"...Observation Haki, what is that"

Seeing that Koushirou finally fell into the trap, El stopped his offensive at the right time and asked with a puzzled face.

If before the fight, El wanted to challenge this Master swordsman and experience the gap between himself and the Master swordsman.

Then after the first Exchange, El's fighting spirit has dissipated.

Because it's not necessary anymore.

Unless Koushirou puts down the pressure and fights him wholeheartedly, El will gain nothing.


He and Koushirou are not related and he is still a challenger, so how could the other party guide El wholeheartedly

Therefore, from the very beginning, El did not expect to learn the swordsmanship of the Master swordsman, but to be able to use Armament Haki.

Exposing Observation Haki was deliberately done by El.

The purpose is to gain Armament Haki.

"...The Observation Haki is the pre-judgment ability you used just now."

Koushirou's 'heartache' couldn't help but get worse when he looked at El, who seemed to be the darling of the world.

However, the greater the regret in his heart, the greater his appreciation for El.

He is temporarily trapped in the 'small pond' of East Blue, but he will surely leap over the dragon gate in the future and become one of the greatest swordsmen in the world.

So He wants to tell him some information about Haki that he can only come into contact with when he enters the Grand Line.

"In this world, there are few people who can turn the spiritual energy such as momentum, murderous aura, and fighting spirit into power to assist themselves or attack the enemy."

"And this kind of power has three categories under Haki"

Pointing at El with the sword, Koushirou said, "Your pre-judgment attack just now that was block by me that ability you just use is called observation Haki"

"It turn out that everyone also has this kind of ability, I thought that this kind of ability was only possessed by me in this world."

El pretended to be slightly stunned, and then asked curiously: "under three categories what about the other two"

"The other two kinds of Haki are the Armament and the Conqueror Haki..."

If El hadn't Observation Haki, no matter how talented he was, Koushirou wouldn't give him the knowledge about Haki.

The reason why the East Blue is called the weakest sea is because the people here, with the exception of some lucky ones who have eaten Devil Fruits, are all ordinary people with good physical fitness or good skills in a certain field.

Ordinary people's early exposure to the knowledge of the extraordinary world is definitely more harmful than beneficial.

After all, not everyone is a traveler like El.

They were born in the East Blue, and their vision is limited to the East Blue.

Being exposed to the knowledge of the extraordinary world in advance will easily hit their fighting spirit, which will actually harm them and prevent them from awakening their Haki.

If you have awakened, or have mastered one of the Haki, it will be different.

Awakening Haki, it means that the other party has already felt the feeling that is invisible to the naked eye.

Mastering a kind of Haki means that the other party can already grasp that feeling initially.

In addition to the Haki that requires 'Fate', as long as one awakens one of the Observation Haki or Armament Haki, the other one can be also awakened very quickly.

El actually didn't need to know, he didn't need to ask Koushirou for advice at all.

Because he was born with a strong Observation Haki.

As long as his physical fitness grows to a certain level, his Armament Haki will naturally be awakened.

But it's also a good thing to have someone to guide you, and it will save you a rough road.

And now, Koushirou is guiding El.

However, to prevent Kuina and Zoro from eavesdropping not far away, Koushirou deliberately controlled his voice and used a voice that only two people could hear to tell the other two kinds of haki to El.


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