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El, this is the boy's name.

For a first name without a surname, there are only two possibilities.

One is that his parents do not have a surname, and the other is an orphan without a parent.

Sadly, El is both.

In this era of great pirates, where pirates were the mainstream.

They would not be protected by the navy if they were not affiliated county of the world government, there were almost countless orphans without a surname, like El.

They are lucky enough not to starve to death, not to be caught as cannon fodder by war-torn countries, or to be sold by slave traders.

Compared with those ordinary orphans, El is not only lucky enough but also favored by the world, possessing a terrifying talent that is one in a million.

Besides, his soul is not as immature as it looks.

Because his soul is a traveler from another world.

Due to an accidental death during his previous life, El came into the world of one piece.

However, his way of transmigration was not the rebirth of his soul on a stranger body, but his mother gave birth to him.

It is a pity that his parents that gave birth to him while fleeing from the war, neither husband nor wife could afford to support a baby.

So they chose to put El at the door of an orphanage and continued their escape.

The word El was not the name that the dean gave to him.

The word El is the name that 'El' took to repay the husband and wife who had given him life.

Although the couple had prepared many names for him, they hadn't decided on his real name until they chose to abandon him.

However, the innate ability he has allowed El to know the name they prefer the most in their hearts.


The couple did not know that the orphanage that they chose was not a regular orphanage.

The dean is also not a good person.

This is an orphanage on the surface, but it is actually a dark orphanage that cooperates with a certain slave trader group in the black market.

Children in orphanages will be sold to slave traders in the name of adoption at different prices by the dean at the age of 7, based on their appearance and physical conditions, and then by the slave traders based on their comprehensive talents and sell ​​them to aristocrats, wealthy people who like their appearance, or some organization that likes talent.

This is the truth that El already knew the moment he was picked up by the dean of the orphanage who smiled kindly at him.

El innate Observation Haki is rarer than the conqueror Haki that only one in a million people can have.

Innate Observation Haki, as the name suggests, he is the son of heaven who was born with a strong level of observation Haki.

Looking at the whole "One Piece", there are only a few known sons and daughters of the heaven, and they are definitely one in a million.

El innate born Observation Haki has an attribute since birth, that is, the same kind as Redfield, he can see through people's hearts.

It was this attribute that made El, as soon as he was born, sees the most preferred name in the hearts of the couple, and at a glance to see the incomparably ugly heart of the dean.


Knowing that he would live safely till the age of seven, El decided to live till the age of five in the orphanage before escaping.

As for why left the orphanage at the age of 5

It's very simple because El found that his talent was not ordinary.

At first, El thought that the previous talent was already the biggest cheat in this life.

However, he could crawl in three months, walk-in five months, and jump and run in eight months.

At one year old, his appetite soared.

At two years old, he was found eating secretly because he couldn't get enough food to eat, and he was beaten by the supervisor.

After feeling no pain...

El found that he also had a strong physique.

When he was 3 years old, in order to tap his talents, the dean let him choose one thing as an interest, and according to his choice, hired a teacher who would teach him for a few days.

El chose a bamboo sword and was taught by a swordsman for a few days at an unknown gym, once again he found that he also had an extremely terrifying talent in swordsmanship.

After just watching it once, he learned the so-called basic swordsmanship.

Of course, El did not reveal this, in front of outsiders, he behaved extremely clumsily.

At night, El would use his innate Observation Haki to avoid everyone and secretly practice swordsmanship.

And when he was 5 years old, he learned countless swordsmen's dreams, which they could never understand in their life - "the Breath of all things".

The Breath of all things is also known as listening to the breath of things.

This is the ability that a swordsman must master to become a master swordsman.

A swordsman who has not mastered the Breath of all things, no matter how superb their swordsmanship is, is only a swordsman, not a master swordsman.

Only a swordsman who masters the Breath of all things and can hear the sound of steel and cut it off is a true master swordsman.

The so-called "cutting through steel" is just a definition of the swordsmanship level of a master swordsman who has mastered the Breath of all things to a certain level.

Even so, the Breath of all things is the same as Haki, it's the wall that blocks countless people from the door of the strong.

At the age of 5, he realized the Breath of all things and changed from weak to strong, which shows how shocking his talent is.

Even more frightening is...

Because of his strong physique, El was able to hear the sound of steel as soon as he realized the Breath of all things.

In the dead of night, he stole a kitchen knife from the kitchen, successfully cut off the door of the children orphanage, and then left.


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