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As Shanks though, since Future vision, Mind reading, and Life Return (Seimei Kikan) merged into one, El is not afraid of anyone not only in terms of swordsmanship but as long as it is a one-on-one battle, even if the opponent is Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world and Kaido, renowned as the world's strongest creature, El is not afraid of them, not to mention Shanks who lost an arm and with his Haki greatly consumed.

Shanks is very decisive, after feeling the pressure, he immediately took the initiative to end the so-called probing and used his strongest skills.

Otherwise, if El finds a chance, he will do something similar to Rayleigh at him, he will leave him a wound that will make the subsequent battles disadvantageous to him.

Shanks is indeed the one with the largest haki in the manga, although he had consumed a lot of haki when he resisted the meteors, however, after recovering from the state of losing his spirit, his Haki seemed to have recovered.

In just a split second, Shanks coated his sword with advanced armament haki, and conqueror haki while slashing toward El.

In this regard, El coated his sword with advanced armament haki, and conqueror haki before meeting Shanks's attack and when their two swords collided with each other, a deafening sound of something similar to thunder exploding resounded through the sky.

Not only did it resound through the sky, it even tore apart the dark cloud in an instant and created a huge ravine in the sky that spread at an unknown distance, at least reaching those islands that see the meteors and tsunami before, making it possible for everyone sees this ravine.

The distance spanned by this ravine is farther than two confrontations between El and Rayleigh in the Sabaody Archipelago and with Kaido at Onigashima.

Even the sky seems to be unable to withstand this momentum, as the dark cloud gets bigger and its color became darker, the dark cloud that spreads for an unknown distance suddenly seems to be attracted by a magnet and forms a huge vortex before creating another deafening sound that restores dark cloud to clear blue sky in an instant.

At the same time, the ground of the medium-sized island was also damaged beyond recognition, with the ground being uneven and cracked while the big tree was either smashed to pieces in an instant or was pulled up and flew somewhere.

Even Benn Beckman has to consume his haki to create a shield around his body to resist this shockwave so that he won't be forced to close his eyes and retreat a few steps.

Looking at the situation in front of him Benn Beckman saw El and Shanks's swords ten centimeters away from each other while they were standing still and being surrounded by dark red lightning arcs.

This moment is undoubtedly the best chance to sneak attack, but Benn Beckman didn't do it.

It's not to give Shanks and El a fair fight, but that even if he attacks, it will be useless and he will only waste a bullet and haki because unless he uses a conqueror haki that is stronger than the two of them, no matter how strong it is, it won't get close to the two of them.

The area near the two of them has become a forbidden place that no one can approach.

In this situation, El and Shanks recreated a scene from the previous era, the duel between Roger and Whitebeard that shattered the sky.

However, the visual impact was still not as good as the duel between Roger and Whitebeard.

Even so, you can see how terrifying the conqueror haki the two of them have, to be precise, it is Shanks' conqueror haki that is indeed an existence that is infinitely close to Roger because this blow that shattered the sky he only forced El to forcibly cooperate.

The conqueror haki is one of the biggest ultimate moves.

Although this biggest ultimate move belongs to the greeting between the two strong people, however, if one person consumes the conqueror haki lower than the other person, then the weaker party will have to bear the backlash of this conqueror haki collision, making the so-called greeting turn to a deadly killing move in the next moment.

Facing Shanks' blow, in order to not receive backlash, El also consumed a lot of conqueror haki, finally creating the previous shockwave that shattered the sky.

"Using lots of conqueror haki like this in the beginning...

Can you hold it up" El looked at Shanks, whose forehead was sweating while his breathing became disordered because of his conqueror haki consumption, and couldn't help but laugh.


it doesn't matter because I...

I'm not alone." Shanks replied with a grin.

"Looks like you have a lot of trust in your deputy commander." El looked at Benn Beckman not far away, with cautiousness in his eyes.

Compared to Shanks, who has already consumed a huge amount of conqueror haki and stamina, the person El is most concerned about is indeed Benn Beckman who was almost in his heyday.

Looking at the manga, every pirate emperor's deputy commander is indeed a reliable existence.

Among them, are Silvers Rayleigh of the Roger Pirates, Benn Beckman of the Red Hair Pirates, and Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates, with each and every one of them being no weaker than their captain.

Compared to Rayleigh who's already old and Roronoa Zoro, Benn Beckman is the only one El doesn't have any information, he only knows that his strength belongs to the Pirate Emperor level, and all his aspects have entered their peak.

Thinking of this, El took the initiative to end this mad consumption of conqueror haki.


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