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It was still Benn Beckman who came back to his senses first and speak solemnly.

"We underestimate you too much, World Destroyer, El, I didn't expect you to be the biggest variable in this era."

"With the same level of BIG-MOM, physique and Innate observation haki like Patrick Redfield, as well as Shiki's, devil fruit and swordsmanship talent, no wonder you reached this level when you were only 13 years old."

"As expected of someone with the highest IQ in the red-haired pirate, with just a bit of information, you connect the dots and figured out all my information." El looked at Benn Beckman admiringly and confirmed his guess, then he looked at Shanks who was still silent before speaking.

"Although you raided my site and destroyed my most important thing, but now my anger has subsided, you have paid a heavy price and I know you can't wait to tear me to several pieces now."

"In other words, our relationship is destiny to only let one person live."

"I also hate being entangled by two mad dogs afterward, so let's solve all of our grievances with the way pirates this time!" After speaking, El clapped his palms under the gaze of Shanks and Benn Beckman.

After a while, in the sky, a black spot suddenly appeared, which was rapidly enlarging at a speed visible to the naked eye and as the black spot continued to enlarge, a medium-sized island suddenly appeared in Shanks and Benn Beckman's eyes.

After using Future vision and seeing something, neither Shanks nor Benn Beckman did anything.

When the medium-sized island floated one hundred meters above them, it suddenly stopped and with a flick of El's finger, the medium-sized island began to move laterally for several miles before descending slowly to the sea.

Although the descending speed of the island was very slow, however, it still set off a huge wave at a height of tens of meters high toward Shanks and Benn Beckman.

With one of his hands in his pocket, El looks at Shanks and Benn Beckman below before slowly speaking.

"As the saying goes, one's mistake will not be passed down to their family, however, if you don't dare to go to this island and run away in despair like bereaved dogs, well...

I won't hunt you down."

"But after you leave yet you still play some tricks, then don't blame me for taking action against your companion's family."

"Since you guessed that I have an innate observation haki like Redfield and a vision type devil fruit user, you should understand that finding their traces is not difficult for me at all, even if you hide them.

" As his words fell, El fly towards the medium size island.

Watching El's back flying toward the Island, Benn Beckman took out a pack of drenched cigarettes from his pocket, took out a cigarette, and put it in his mouth while waiting for Shanks's response.

"Shanks, what is your choice"

"Do you want to take revenge for our companion regardless of life and death, or choose to take on the heavy responsibility of taking care of our companion's family and let go of this hatred" Ordinary people may not understand what Benn Beckman said but Shanks did.


Yasopp's son and everyone's family, please..." Shanks, who emerged from the water, finally spoke up, his voice was hoarse but he still speak firmly.

"The reason why everyone has an accident is because of their captain's incompetence, so I decided to go to the island alone."

"Don't say such nonsense..." Benn Beckman reprimanded grimly.

"In your current state, facing that kid alone is asking for your own death."

"Haki is the power of your heart and what that kid said just now is to kill your heart and weaken your haki, so if you go to the island alone, it's no different from you're seeking your own death."

"Now you either do what the kid said and run away like a bereaved dog and go back to take care of Yasopp's son and everyone else families then pay with our entire life to repay this guilt"

"Or either go with the determination to die, go to the island with me to kill that kid and use his head to honor our dead companion."

"If you insist on leaving me alone like a bereavement dog, then pull out your sword and kill me, Come on, I don't want to be alone living this guilt, in this situation death is much better than life..."

"Beckman..." Shanks stared blankly at Benn Beckman and see his most reliant partner and friend showing a firm expression.

After his heart collapsed due to El's words, Shanks, who had lost his soul, finally recovered to his usual appearance, then the corners of his mouth rose slightly while looking at Benn Beckman.

"If that's the case, then let us join forces once again after a long time and then go back together to take care of everyone's family!"


this is the captain I'm familiar with..." After seeing Shanks recover, Benn Beckman who always had a cold expression also showed a rare smile, then the two of them looked at each other before swimming towards the medium-sized island in unison.

"This change in emotions...

It seems that he has recovered..." At this time, El, who had already landed on the medium-sized island, seemed to sense something and looked in the direction where Shanks and Benn Beckman were swimming and said with a chuckle.

"As expected of someone who has reached the peak with both his body and mind, trying to weaken his Haki with a few words...

It's not ideal."

"However...this battle on the highest level....is more meaningful this way, isn't it" In his red eyes, there's a flash of dark purple light.

At this moment, El is like the same traditional pirates as Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, Shiki, and Douglas Bullet and his aura exudes ghostly fluctuations.

Thinking of the next battle, El's body involuntarily exudes an invisible aura, and all the beasts on the medium-sized island that he captured, their eyes turned white, and they passed out with a dull expression.

As his fighting spirit boiled over, El didn't realize that his initiative to fight, let his will complete the sublimation in both body and mind that affected his devil fruit ability.


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