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"This sea current...

not good!"

Just as the Red Force was crushed and everyone in the Red Hair Pirates involved with the wreckage are at unknown life and death.

Benn Beckman, who was covered in bubbles, felt the change of the sea current below and his face could not help but suddenly changed, then he quickly took out a piece of white paper from his body and when he saw that the white paper was burning, his face suddenly turned pale.

"Damn! I should have thought of that!" Benn Beckman, whose brain was running at high speed, suddenly realized what had happened, and his face became extremely ugly that he gritted his teeth while speaking.

"The devil fruit user related to vision next to that kid is not an ordinary devil fruit ability...

It can not only eavesdrop on our conversations but it can also see through their target mind."

"He has already seen through my response...

so he deliberately created a meteor to hit the sea and created a tsunami that will separate Shanks with me while also forcing the Red Force to dive deep into the sea."

"When they reach the extremely dark depths, that's where he will ambush the Red Force..."

"In the deep sea area where you can't even see your fingers...

even if you have strong observation haki, you can only perceive the fluctuation of the life force on creature around you, not the surrounding scenes, so if the ship wants to continue moving, it must open a light source."

"Once the Red Force turns on the lights, it's like telling where they are to that devil fruit user."

"We pay a great price for our rush moves as the ship was wrecked together with the whole crew being wiped out."

In the end, Benn Beckman who usually gives the impression of calmness, couldn't help showing a miserable smile.

At this moment, he can't wait to rush deep into the sea to rescue those companions who haven't lost their life yet or to find that damn mouse hiding deep in the sea, however his damn rationality kept him from taking that step because he knew very well that once he entered deep into the sea, he would enter the trap carefully prepared by the other party.

If he enters within the range of the other party's observation haki, he will definitely attack him regardless of anything, because that is the best time to kill him, but now he is still hiding deep somewhere deep in the sea that even with Yasopp amazing observation haki, he still failed to detect him.

If he ventures deep into the sea by himself, then even if his figure emerges into the darkness, the other party can know his approximate location, letting that mouse hiding deep in the sea uses his Float-Float Fruit ability to exhaust the Bubbly Coral he carries on his body.

Therefore, not only can he not enter deep into the sea, but he must also stay in a well-light area.

This kind of desperate situation where he wants to help his companion but he can't do it, makes Benn Beckman feel extremely angry at the same time full of powerlessness in his heart.

All along, he used his wisdom to crush and plot his enemy to death, now, he finally felt the feeling of those enemies, the feeling of being completely calculated, it turned out to be so miserable, but the scene that made Benn Beckman even more uncomfortable was still yet to come.

After a while, Shanks, who is also wrapped in transparent bubbles, found Benn Beckman by following his observation haki and ask him why he doesn't leave with the Red Force and escorts their companions deep into the sea.

Looking at Benn Beckman, whose face was extremely ugly and even somehow pale, Shanks clearly sensed Benn Beckman's emotional changes through observation haki.

Needless to say, Shanks realized that the situation is not good and his tone while inquiring increased while quivering without him even noticing.

In this regard, Benn Beckman was very ruthless and told Shanks what happened and his own guesses before handing over the Vivre card with only a small edge left to Shanks's hands.



Shanks, who saw this scene, completely collapsed, ever since his captain was executed more than ten years ago, no more tears flowed through his eyes, this sadness is not only because his first crew member he recruited died, but also because even Yasopp died, so will the survival rate of other people be higher

Thinking of this, Shanks immediately wants to rush deep into the sea and save those who might still be alive, but Benn Beckman, who saw this scene in advance in Future Vision, clench the Bubbly Coral in his hand and let his bubble merge with Shanks', before locking Shanks from behind and not letting him rush deep into the sea.


if you go now, then you're only going to commit suicide." Benn Beckman scolded in low voice.

"If you continue being like this, you will fall into the enemy trap."

"If, even you, die, who will take care of Yasopp's son and other family members! who will avenge their hatred!"

Shanks, whose body was locked by Benn Beckman, looked like Luffy who woke up from his coma after Ace's death, with tears streaming down his face and being unable to utter a whole sentence.

Without waiting for them to immerse themselves in the grief of losing their companions, on their observation haki range, Shanks and Benn Beckman seem to sense something, then the grief and sadness in their eyes turn completely to coldness and hatred.

Turning their gaze in one direction, their eyes are full of strong killing intent that even a supernova with a bounty of over 100 Million Belly will be frightened in front of them, making them sit on the ground by this look alone or even lose their consciousness on the spot and pass out.

At the same time, Shanks also burst out involuntarily with a large amount of conqueror haki while speaking with gritted teeth and a voice full of hatred.




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