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Looking at the meteor that was chasing him on the left and right sides, Shanks didn't dare to hold back his strength as he did before, so at this time he swing his sword at a full blow and created a huge dark red flying slash that contains a lot of armament haki while heading toward one of the meteors.

Faced with the full blow of a powerhouse at the level of Pirate Emperor, after colliding with the dark red flying slash, there is no stalemate and it is directly cut in half.

Just like the meteorite that Fujitora pulled down in the theatrical version, Stampede, it was cut in half by Zoro using the Three Swords Style (Santōryū).

Seeing the dark red flying slash that he created with all his strength successfully cutting the meteor in half, instead of detonating it, Shanks who was using Future vision on all time breathed in a sigh of relief while his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

On his face, there is also a smile after confirming Benn Beckman's speculation is indeed correct, the advanced armament haki, internal destruction is indeed the one that stimulated the energy inside the meteor.

Although the dark red flying slash that cuts off the meteor will consume his Conqueror Haki, but as long as it does not detonate the meteor and cause additional damage, then even if the consumption of Conqueror Haki is huge, it will be extremely advantageous.

Before just resisting the shockwave after the explosion of a meteor consumed a lot of armament haki and if two meteors exploded, even if he use all his strength to defend himself, he may not be able to completely defend himself.

After all, no matter how much haki you put, it's not absolute.

Then Shanks once again wrapped his sword, Gryphon with conqueror haki, and send out another full blow, dark red flying slash to another meteor.

When the dark red flying slash passed through the eight meteors, it was also divided into two.

However, the two sliced meteors still contain very terrifying kinetic energy, so without the slightest hesitation, Shanks continued to send out a dark red flying slash to turn cut the four meteors to eight, and from eight to sixteen pieces.

After madly consuming his conqueror's haki, Shanks's forehead was covered with sweat and he could not help but gasp while breathing, then he put away his sword and took out the Bubbly Coral from his body and clench it before rushing to the whirlpool, then with the help of his haki, his figure sank quickly.

Although two meteors were cut into sixteen pieces, they still contain a terrifying amount of kinetic energy and after the sixteen pieces, meteors fell into the whirlpool with a radius of 50 kilometers, the whirlpool that should have lasted for an unknown time disappeared together with the sound of something like the explosion of the torpedo while those people who were dozen of kilometers away that is praying that no tsunami headed in their direction heard a faint sound of an explosion in their ears.

Then in the next moment, all of them saw the place where the meteor fell, an astonishing sixteen water splash that was only second to the annual Knock Up Stream on the Jaya island rise into the sky.

Sixteen Knock Up Stream, such an image, it completely shocked everyone on the surrounding islands who can clearly see it.

Seeing that the tsunami did not appear and instead it was Knock Up Stream that was like a pillar that connected heaven and earth, countless people felt relieved, then the next moment their hearts were tense once again.

Counting those two meteors, the new Pirate Emperor has already dropped eight meteors.

So, will there be a ninth or even tenth meteor!

In a short time, countless people's safety was at stake, and with their nerves loosening then tightening the next moment, they felt as if they had experienced war and survived then experience another war the next second.

Many people with poor psychological quality couldn't help but cry, in the same way, countless pirates have also made up their minds, that once they escape from this disaster, they will take off their pirate flag and disband their pirate group then go home to live the life of ordinary people, or escape back to the paradise and unless El was killed, they would never step into this hellish sea.

Perhaps the goddess of luck was also moved by the prayers of these countless people and after ten minutes, the sixteen Knock Up Stream gradually disappeared while the fiery red sky became clear again, and did not change color for a long time, in other words, there is no eighth meteor.

In response to this, countless people hugged and cried with joy while the calmer people take this opportunity to quickly escape from these islands.

There have been precedents of the seventh and eighth meteor, and no one can guarantee that there will be no ninth and tenth meteor in the next moment.

Only by taking this opportunity and quickly escaping from this dangerous place that may be affected by a meteor at any moment are they truly safe.

These people don't know, the reason why the meteor did not fall again is that it is no longer necessary.

The small uninhabited island had long since been turned into dust by the explosion of the fifth meteor and now on the surface, there is no longer a land as the battle stage.

If it weren't for the Red Force not entering deep into the sea and in order to protect the safety of his companions, Shanks would not even consume a huge amount of conqueror haki to turn the two meteors into sixteen pieces and instead, he will let them fall into the sea that will set off another two tsunamis that will destroy multiple islands, and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths again.

The reason why they were able to escape is simply this disaster is simply because the Red Hair Pirates are not safe enough.

Since there is no ninth meteor, it means that the Red-Haired Pirates are safe.

Yes, the Red-Haired Pirates are indeed safe, their souls are safe, but not their bodies.

Deep in the sea where you can't even see your fingers in front of you, a ship that is the same size as the Pegasus was cut into countless pieces with numerous corpses floating around.

So, what happened


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