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"Uh hehe...

Yes, we are all Nii-san crew."

Looking at Kuina, who was more than ten centimeters taller than her, Carina let out a unique laugh and introduced herself: "My name is Carina, her name is Nami, please advise."

"My name is Kuina, please advise."

Kuina responded politely and said with a puzzled look: "Did you come here from a passenger ship"

"No, we came by ourselves."

Carina first shook her head, then deliberately imitated El's proud look, and said, "The three of us are bounty hunters.

We passed through this sea area and heard on a certain island that Isshin Dojo is very famous.

so we came here specially to visit.


"You are actually bounty hunters"

Kuina widened her beautiful eyes, looking at Carina with a look of surprise.


Carina, who was looked at by Kuina, stuck her tongue out a little embarrassedly, and said honestly: "Actually, it's all thanks to Nii-san, his the real main force."

"So it is." Kuina was slightly stunned.

Looking at the boy facing his father, Kuina's beautiful eyes flashed with dazzling light.

The way he grew up was originally to fight against pirates and use the battle of life and death to improve his swordsmanship

Such courage, no wonder I was defeated by him in seconds...

Not on the same level at all!


"Young man, attack!"

Koushirou drew out an ordinary katana sword, pointing it at El with one hand, and said.

Although he failed to accept El, a rare genius in the world, it did not hinder Koushirou's appreciation for El.

Therefore, as a senior, Koushirou is ready to give him advice so that his skill can go further.


El instantly felt the aura of the Master swordsman.

In the eyes of others, Koushirou's had not changed at all.

But in El's eyes, to be precise in his perception, Koushirou's figure became incomparably tall, like a mountain that could not be crossed.

Standing in front of this mountain, El feel as small as an ant.

This is not an illusion!

In the world of pirates that can materialize aura and even turn it into a weapon, a strong man can bring down a trash with just one look.

If the psychological quality is not strong, the weak will not even have the courage to attack.

And now, Koushirou is unleashing his might as a Master swordsman to test El's courage.

In response, El did have a little cold sweat on his forehead, but he had an excited smile on his face.

Without the slightest hesitation, El instilled his consciousness into his whole body with a single thought, improving his control ability to the extreme in all directions, and then moving toward Koushirou with a sword.


With just one step, El disappeared from the sight of Kuina and the others.

The next second, El appeared in front of Koushirou at a speed like lightning.

The sword in his hand, with the power to cut off the airflow, slashed down from top to bottom.

If the blade is not blocked, then the blade will cut off the air flow and send a flying slash that will rip through the earth.

If Flying Slash succeeds, this beautiful garden will definitely become a mess.

then an equally ordinary blade suddenly hit the sword when it was about to fully cut off the airflow and twist it into a flying slash.

With the sound of metal collision, the airflow that could not form a flying slash suddenly turned into a gust of wind, roaring out from the two blades.

The wind was howling, and the first people to be affected were Kuina and the others who were standing not far away to watch the battle.

The gust of wind was like a pair of invisible hands, pushing them back a dozen steps.

The sand and dust that was blown up by the gust of wind made them have to raise their hands to block in front of them, squinting their eyes to see the two people in the gust of wind.

"I didn't expect that at your age, not only did you understand the cutting through steel of "Breath of all thing", but you also mastered flying slash.


Looking at the boy who was nearly forty centimeters shorter than him in front, Koushirou said with admiration.

Just as the haki has grades, "Breath of All Things" also has grades.

Comprehending the "breath of all things" but not being able to cut through steel is a level, being able to hear the breath of steel and cutting it is also a level, and finally cutting off the airflow and sending a long-range attack with a flying slash is also a level.

If "cutting through Steel" is the symbol of the beginner master swordsman, then the flying slash is the symbol of the senior master swordsman.

This means that El definitely did not master the "Breath of all thing" recently, he may have mastered the "Breath of all thing" for a long time.

If he can wield flying slash at the age of eight, doesn't it mean he already master the "breath of all things" at the age of six or seven

In this world, there really is such genius!

Such genius is not his own disciple.

The better El was, the more bitter Koushirou felt in his heart.

He dreamed of a son, or a disciple, to inherit his mantle.

Unfortunately, he only has one daughter, so he can only pin his hopes on Zoro.

However, although Zoro's talent is good, compared with El, there is a gap like heaven and earth.

If El had a teacher, or if he was in his teens and he had his own style of swordsmanship, Koushirou wouldn't be so sad.

But unfortunately, El is only eight years old, and he has not yet condensed his own style.

This is simply a piece of rough jade waiting to be carved by a teacher.

It's a pity that this piece of rough jade has his own ideas.

He doesn't want to be carved by others, but wants to transform himself into a beautiful jade.


the battle is over!"

Koushirou's complicated feelings were all seen by El.

Seeing this Master swordsman enduring 'heartache' and praising him calmly on the surface, El's face was a little weird.

Even El couldn't help but wonder.

If Koushirou was a few decades older, or if Kuina and the others were not around, would he be like the martial arts masters in martial arts novels who love their talents as fate, kneel down and beg El to be his teacher

However, even if Koushirou really knelt down and begged El to be a teacher, El would not agree.

Still that sentence...

Rather than staying in one place to be develop by others, El prefers to take risks while developing his talents.


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