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When the dark red flying slash collided with the meteor that was falling at an unknown speed, it instantly froze in mid-air, but the dark red flying slash and the meteor just remain in stalemate for a while in the air before a resounding cracking sound spreads through the sky.

However, what is broken is not the meteor but the dark red flying slash that tries to cut the falling meteor, it was directly smashed into countless particles by the high temperature and kinetic energy of the meteor and like fireworks, it blooms then spread out in the air, even some of the Conqueror Haki contained in the dark red flying slash also failed to damage the meteor.

If this meteor is just a pure stony meteorite, maybe this dark red flying slash, even if it can't cut it off, can detonate the energy inside and make the meteor explode in the sky, but as one of the strongest swordsmen in the world, El knows the best what kind of power the flying slash have if it contained conqueror Haki.

So the five meteors he throws to create a tsunami contain a relatively large proportion of stone while the meteor he throws now that targets the small uninhabited island is almost made of iron.

Falling from outer space, the iron meteor carries unparalleled high temperature and kinetic energy, making it possible for it to smash the dark red flying slash while preventing it from detonating its internal energy, let alone splitting it into two.

Seeing the dark red flying slash failed to block the meteor, Shanks was not discouraged as he has already seen it in his future vision ahead of time, so he swing his sword another time and send out another huge dark red flying slash that was no less than from his previous blow.

When the dark red flying slash rose into the sky again and collided with the meteor, another deafening loud sound spread throughout the sky that even the Red Force which had completely sunk into the sea could hear the deafening sound.

"Deputy Commander, will the Captain be okay" Even at the bottom of the sea, the loud sound could still be heard, so some of the new crew members who were previously full of confidence in Shanks suddenly became worried and they could not help but look at Benn Beckman, who reignites his cigarette while still having a serious expression in his face.

"Don't show this shameful look, and have some confidence in your captain, it's not worth mentioning, however, the reason why we look so embarrassed is mainly for your safety.


"Remember this feeling, a weak person is not even qualified to watch the battle between top powerhouse."

Hearing Ben Beckman's recrimination, except for some officers, the rest of the members bowed their heads and looked ashamed.

Just like what Ben Beckman said, they are considered elites in the new world, and in Paradise and the four seas, they are already considered at the top, however, in front of the real powerhouse, they are small as an ant.

They don't even know the location of the other party and before they can see his appearance, they already started fleeing in embarrassment because of the tsunami created by the other party.

They were only able to escape because their deputy commander collected information and prepared a countermeasure in advance.

Otherwise, their result will be the same as the two great pirate groups that suffered a disaster few months ago, their entire crew will be wiped out.

Similarly, if it weren't for them, their deputy commander whose strength was at the same level as their captain, he would stay on the ground and fight side by side with their captain.

Thinking of this, those weak crew members couldn't help but feel even more self-blame in their hearts.

"Not good!" However, even before the depressed mood began to spread, several officers like Benn Beckman suddenly have a great changed their expressions.

Especially Benn Beckman, his Future vision seemed to have seen some terrifying picture, and his cold expression actually change due to strong shock.

"What is that!"

"The tsunamis haven't approached yet, how could the whirlpool suddenly appear!"

"Such current...

it's bad...

we have been hit by a whirlpool!"

In a short moment, the expressions of all Red-haired pirates suddenly changed due to shock, and their ship, Red Force, suddenly shook violently.

Many people lost their balance due to the sudden violent shaking of the ship and after they stabilized their bodies, they saw the whirlpool rapidly spinning and forming a huge waterspout, while their ship was slowly getting closer to the waterspout.

Seeing this scene, the crew who reminded Shanks before, shout in horror.

"Don't touch that whirlpool! otherwise, the protective film of the Red Force will definitely be ruptured!"

"We have been discovered, the other party's sigh can go through water."

Benn Beckman quickly calmed down and took out a Bubbly Coral on his body before walking towards the edge of the ship while giving commands to the crew.

"I'll buy you time enough time to speed up the descending of the ship and drive it deep to the sea, where you can't even see your five fingers in front of you, otherwise, the ship will be destroyed and everyone will be killed"

After speaking, Benn Beckman did not wait for his companions to speak and he squeezed the Bubbly Coral to create a protective film that wrap around his body before passing through the protective film of the Red Force and heading toward the whirlpool that was rapidly approaching.

In the next moment, a shock wave formed by Advanced Armament Haki directly shattered the whirlpool that was rotating at high-speed.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, on the left and right sides of the Red Force, a pair of ship oars suddenly stretched out and they began to use human power to accelerate the descending of the ship to fight for a chance of survival.

However, no one knows, that their acceleration is actually accelerating their speed toward their demise.


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