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"Shanks, we seem to have angered a monster..." Looking at the super tsunami that is advancing in all directions and giving them no chance to use their ship to escape, Benn Beckman bit his cigarette that was about to burn out and said lightly.

"hmm..." Shanks nodded, then said with a serious face.

"But this situation was already under our expectation, wasn't it"

"Captain, please leave with us! the artificial protective film is about to be opened and after opening it, we can go deep into the sea for a maximum of three minutes." At this moment, a crew member with a mouth full of fangs, just like Jack, the drought ran over and said to Shanks.

"I can't go with you because that guy won't allow it." Shanks shook his head and then looked up at the sky, reflecting the fiery red color sky that still doesn't return to normal after the five meteors fall into his eyes, then the sky once again gets redder and another meteor fell, and unlike the previous five meteors that fell to the sea, this super meteor aimed at the small uninhabited island that the Red-haired pirates stay.

"There is a sixth one!!!"

"Damn, can that guy see us and hear our conversations"

"That guy's stamina isn't infinite, is it

Looking at the sixth super meteor that is about to hit them, the crew members who had already boarded or were boarding the ship, their eyes widened while their face is full of disbelief.

"Time is running out, quickly leave from here." Shanks looked at their stiff expression and then urged with a serious face.


Don't Die..." Out of trust in their own captain, the crew headed by Benn Beckman began to run towards their ship, the Red Force, but before leaving in the end Benn Beckman threw something at Shanks, that thing was a pink Bubbly Coral.

As one of the top powerhouses in the world, Benn Beckman's intelligence if not number one, is one of the best in this world.

After hearing that Shanks decided to declare war on the Flying Pirates, Benn Beckman only took two days to collect all available information on the Flying Pirates on the surface and formulated various response plans.

Not counting El and The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, there are two other members of the flying Pirates who have been offered a bounty, they are Devil Child, Nico Robin with a bounty of 100 million bellies, and Ghost Princess, Perona the user of the Hollow-Hollow Fruit and with a bounty of 120 million bellies.

Of the two people, Ghost Princess is more difficult to deal with according to the introduction of the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, however, as long as they find the other party's body, she can be easily dealt with and even if they can't find her body, they can also use their speed to avoid her ability.

Therefore, the plan they made is exclusively created for the World Destroyer and The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, to be precise, it's for the super meteor and the Rumble-Rumble Fruit that is known as the strongest Logia devil fruit.

The reason why the three emperors were cautious against the red-haired pirates and let them continue to expand and become the largest pirate group in the new world closest to the emperor level aside from El who sit on the Pirate Emperor's throne overnight.

Whether it's Kaido, BIG MOM, whitebeard, or even Gold D.

roger, no one can win against the joint efforts of two powerhouses that are almost at their level.

Even Rocks D.

Xebec, the overlord from the previous era, was defeated by the cooperation of Roger and Garp, then there's also another example, Shiki who was also defeated by the alliance between Sengoku and Garp.

If their deputy commander doesn't reach the level of the pirate emperor, whether it was Kaido, Charlotte Linlin, or even Whitebeard, they couldn't defeat Shanks and Benn Beckman combination alone.

Therefore, even if their crew is far superior to the Red Hair Pirates, they could not fight against the Red Hair Pirates, otherwise, it will be trying to steal a chicken, but only losing a handful of rice.

In the same way, even if El's combat experience gets richer and his observation haki breakthrough to another level, it's impossible to beat Shanks and Benn Beckman together until he's the strongest in world history.

If it weren't for El's method of using a meteor to attack, in Benn Beckman's eyes, he was not as threatening as Kizaru who if he doesn't want to fight, he would leave easily.

Most members of the Red-Haired Pirates are those who have no devil fruit ability or ability to continuously fly.

Even if they can fly at a low altitude with Haki or Moonwalk (Geppo), it's already too late to fly out of the attack range of the super tsunami and the low-altitude flying is only the privilege of first-class powerhouses, at the same time he nor Shanks can abandon their companions.

So after a few simulations in his head, Benn Beckman dismissed the idea of flying out of tsunami attack range, leaving him only one way out, and that was diving, just like the Whitebeard Pirates who sneaked into the Marineford by diving underwater.

Fishman Island has one thing that sells very well, and that is Bubbly Coral which ranges in different sizes, it can be so small that it can be easily held in one hand or it can be so large that it's even bigger than an ordinary human.

Some outstanding boatmen will use this special product from Fishman Island to artificially coat their ship so that even if they are not on Sabaody Archipelago or Fishman Island, they can wrap the sailboat with a protective film and sink into the sea, this method is what Benn Beckman came up with to deal with the super tsunami.

As Benn Beckman stepped through the protective film and boarded their ship, the Red force, it began to sink slowly into the water.

Then a huge dark red flying slash, in the shape of a crescent arc, suddenly rose into the sky from the small uninhabited island.

The dark red flying slash speed is very fast, the Red Force had just sunk halfway through but the dark red flying slash had already hit the meteor that was about two or three kilometers away from the ground.


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