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What's the difference between the meteor created by El and the one pulled by Fujitora from outer space The biggest difference is that the Press-Press Fruit can only make the gravity of the object heavy or light, and while it can forcibly compress the object it's not as natural as the Float-Float Fruit which can easily merge all objects together.

In addition, Fujitora is not as creative as El, he doesn't go to outer space.

Fujitora only uses his devil fruit ability combined with his observation haki to pull down a certain meteorite floating in outer space, or a group of meteorites in a small area, pulling it all down to bomb his enemy.

While El is different, he flew into outer space and used his devil fruit ability to fuse meteorites in a large area together to form a super meteorite, then he use his observation haki together with Violet's clairvoyance to calculate and lock his enemy position while controlling the super meteors to enter the earth gravity before releasing the power of his devil fruit and let it fly independently.

If the meteorite pulled down by Fujitora had the power of hundreds or thousands of cannonballs and have the ability to instantly blast one or a huge crater on the ground of the island, then one meteor made by El has the power of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of cannonballs.

The cannonballs carried by ten warships can destroy a medium-sized island-like Ohara, then speaking without exaggeration, the meteor made by El, once the energy contained in it erupts, it can destroy a large island in an instant.

Now, El dropped five asteroid-like super-meteor at once with the small uninhabited island as the center, and when the five super meteors fell at sea almost at the same time, it created five sounds of something like a torpedo exploding in all directions.

Then violent tremors spread out from the sea areas, like invisible sound waves, instantly affecting all the surrounding dozen or so islands closest to the small uninhabited island.

Making countless fell people lost their balance and fell to the ground, but the shock wave came and went away quickly.

Then, the image of world destruction reappeared in the eyes of the world again after a few months, with those islands affected by the earthquake being the most obvious to it, and the people near the coast found that the water level on their side has dropped rapidly like low tide but much faster.

Then countless seawater surged up, forming a super tsunami that covered the sky and the sun, that charged in one direction.

Even though this super tsunami is moving forward and with its back facing them, however, it still scared countless civilians, with weak psychological qualities.

Even some of the powerhouses in the New World who quickly rushed to the coast of the island became pale and sweaty.

At this moment, they all realized what those two big pirates who died in the super tsunami a few months ago felt.

In the face of this kind of natural disaster that can destroy the world, unless they have an individual strength that covers the sky and the earth, no matter how strong your team strength is, it is simply not worth mentioning.


Which bastard anger the fourth emperor!"

"The tsunami of this level, and the five meteors...

there is no doubt that demon is furious!"

"Damn it, we almost meet with those hundred thousand people!"

"No, I have to leave the new world, or I will be indirectly killed by that demon sooner or later."

"What world-destroyer, this is clearly an apocalypse bringer...

This world, sooner or later...

will be destroyed by that demon!"

Luckily escaping the catastrophe, someone with a bit of knowledge, realizes that this super tsunami was created by the fourth emperor of the sea, then those lucky people thoughts of the news that hundreds of thousands of people were directly killed by the super tsunami, all of sudden their whole body shuddered and some people due to extreme fear decided to escape from the new world, never daring to be in this sea again.

Just witnessing the super tsunami, countless people lost their courage to fight for authority and status.

On the other side, surrounded by super tsunamis on all sides that were approaching at an unknown speed, some members of the Red-Haired Pirates were frightened and under a lot of psychological pressure.

If it weren't for them being the big pirate group closest to the top with each and every one of them being powerhouses in the new world, an elite among the elites.

Just seeing the super tsunami that covers the sky and the sun on all sides while they are still being separated by an unknown number of kilometers but they can already see the outline of the super tsunami, if it's other, they have long given up their struggling and already sit on the ground while waiting for death to come.

Even so, there are a lot of new crew members who have just joined the crew not long ago and did not have any experience fighting with the Red Hair Pirates, their psychological quality was not greatly improved and they were shocked by the super tsunami charging at them in all directions.

Looking at the super tsunami that was exaggerated beyond words, even some officers on the Red-Haired Pirates who had long known for their power, could not keep their composure at this time, and they all broke out in a cold sweat.


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